Known Yet, Unknown?

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A Mistake

Your knocking becomes more rapid & angry until eventually Aaron appears with only a towel around his waist. His muscles look more defined than ever & beads of water are slowly slipping their way down his body. His blonde hair, which has been slightly towel dried has grown & Aaron looks more like a man rather than the pathetic boy that you remember. You open your mouth to speak, but you turn dumb.

Aaron- Well, well, what do we have here? I can't actually believe my eyes. How can I help you Hayley?

You try to speak again, but are at a loss of words. You back away slowly. This was such a stupid idea. Your memory flicks back to how much control he had over you. You spin around & head back to your car when he holds your arm.

Aaron- Hayley? Are you okay? What's going on?

Hayley- I'm fine. I'm sorry. I've made a mistake. I have to go..

Aaron- Hayley I haven't seen you in over a year. You show up out of the blue looking upset, & I'm supposed to believe you're fine?

You sigh & shakeyou ur arm out of his grasp. His eyes are piercing you. Feelings emerge & you start to remember how hard it was to leave him. You adjust your stance & stare him down.

Hayley- Where were you this morning Aaron?

He looks at you genuinely confused.

Aaron- I haven't been up long Hayley. Not that it's any of your business, but I haven't been anywhere. Why?

Your confidence is coming back. You walk right up to his face. You remember the games he used to play.

Hayley- You like playing games. Don't you Aaron?

You look at him with a rage building up in you & he just looks even more confused. He steps back & puts his hands in the air, as if to surrender.

Aaron- Look, I'm not really sure what is going on here Hayley. You seem upset, but I assure you I have been here all morning. I don't even have my car, it's in the garage getting repaired. Why don't we talk inside?

Hayley- Oh sure it's in the garage. No! I won't, that's just what you want isn't it? Why are you starting again after all this time?

You realize you're quite fiercely shouting now. Aaron sheepishly looks around as if to remind you that you're in the middle of the street. He leans in & whispers to you.

Aaron- Hayley?? Have you been drinking??

Hayley- Don't you dare turn this around on me Aaron. I know you put this in my locker.

You throw the folded up paper towards him. He makes a few attempts to catch it before it hits the ground. He opens it up & his eyes grow concerned. He walks towards you & puts his hand on your shoulder.

Aaron- Hayley, I promise you I have been here all morning. I have not sent this to you. Do you hear me? Have you told the police?

Hayley- Not yet, I have come straight here. Seriously Aaron, don't fuck with me. You really didn't put this in my locker?

Aaron- Hand on heart, I didn't. God, I know I did some stupid shit when we were together, but I'm not a stalker Hayley. I was upset that I had messed up our relationship, but you know me, I wouldn't go this far.

You look deep into his eyes. Shit. You believe him. You're thinking a little more clearly. How would he get back home without a car before you & have already showered? You soften your stance & instantly feel like a complete fool.

Hayley- Shit. I'm sorry Aaron. Can we pretend that this just didn't happen?

Aaron- We can forget, if you come inside for a cup of tea?

Hayley- You got anything stronger?

Aaron sniggers & you laugh along with him. You follow him into his house. Christ you vowed you would never come back here & yet here you are.

Hayley- I'm sorry I showed up here Aaron. I just don't understand why someone would leave that note. I shouldn't have just assumed it was you.

Aaron- It's okay sweetheart. I will let you off.

You flush when he calls you sweet heart & realize you actually missed the sweet version of Aaron. Unfortunately, he has two different sides. The other one is a jealous, arrogant & a selfish guy. You sit down on the bar stool at his kitchen counter as he flicks on the kettle.

Aaron- I'm serious about the police though. You need to tell them. I don't like that note.

Hayley- My boss was already ringing them when I left. I'm sure they will find out who it was. Maybe I overreacted. Someone might of been playing a joke.

Aaron- Well, it's not very funny.

He looks angry. You clear your throat & try to change the conversation.

Hayley- How you doing Aaron? I can't believe I would ever say this, but it's actually good to see you. Also, are you going to put some clothes on at some point?

You giggle, but the air becomes tense & you begin to shuffle on your seat. He looks at you quizzically before he lets out a chuckle. He comes towards you with two cups of tea, as he passes you yours, your hands don't quite grip it right & the whole thing spills over you.

Hayley- Shit.. Ow.. Ow.. Ow..

You shoot up from your seat.

Aaron- Fuck, I'll get a towel.

As Aaron dashes back around the counter to grab a tea towel you run into one of the bedrooms & whip off your top in one quick move. You turn around to see if you can find a bathrobe, but you glance up to see Aaron staring at you.

Hayley- I'm sorry, it was burning.

Your face turns up red as you wrap your arms around yourself in an effort to cover your inner after realizing what you just did & try to walk off from there but,

Aaron- Hayley..

Aaron drops the towel instantly & paces towards you with desire, causing you to take a few steps back. Before you can do anything he wraps his arms around you tightly & presses his mouth on yours. You begin to kiss him back. The kiss turns desperate & wild. Your tongues are dancing with each other rapidly & it feels comfortably familiar. He roughly lifts you up so your legs are wrapped around him, he paces forward with ease until your back cracks up against the kitchen wall.

You moan as he plants kisses along your neck & ask yourself What the hell are you even thinking Hayley?

Aaron- Shit Hayley I've missed you so much. I've never been able to resist you.

Your body is begging him to continue yet you feel it's wrong. You have a battle running in your head. You push him back & he looks confused & starts apologizing for the past mistakes & tries to kiss you again. You're about to respond when a sudden bang on the door stop you. You look at Aaron, who instantly turns a shade of white. Then you hear her voice.

Rose- Babe? I forgot my bag. Let me in.

Without thinking a wave of anger overcomes you, you turn to Aaron & deliver a sharp slap on his right cheek. You turn your voice to a whisper.

Hayley- Wth?

Aaron- Hayley please i will explain later, but you have to go.

Hayley- Where the hell would you like me to go? Out to the front door?

Aaron- Shh.. No.. Shit. Go out the back, I'll let you in soon.

Hayley- Are you kidding?

He wasn't. More bangs to the door make you promptly begin to move.

Rose- Aaron?? What are you even doing???

More knocks.

Aaron- Two minutes babe.

You stare at him with disgust while quickly picking up your top. Aaron tries to wrap a towel around you & you snatch it off him. He ushers you back to the back door practically showing you out. You creep down in the back garden, under the window with a towel wrapped around you. Well, this was a new low. You watch Aaron disappear, then watch him as he goes back to the front door with a fresh towel around his waist. You try to peak through the window.
You see a woman who must be a few years older than you. A slim figure, thick long black hair with a bright pair of glasses that suit her face. All you can hear is a muffled conversation. It feels like you've been outside for a lifetime before Aaron finally opens the door.

Aaron- Hayley, I'm so sorry about that. Please let me explain.

You brush past him, almost knocking him over as you enter the kitchen. As you put on your top you speak, urging yourself to stay calm.

Hayley- It's fine Aaron. Of course you have a girlfriend. We haven't been together for two years, I expected you would move on. If you want to cheat on her, that's your prerogative. I however won't be a part of it.

Aaron- It's not like that Hayley. I'm no cheat. You were the last person I expected to see at my door this morning. I never wanted our relationship to end. I loved you. Then here you are standing half naked in my room. Do you blame me?

Hayley- Right, let's just move on & pretend this never happened.

Aaron- Wait. What if I don't want to? Please, just stay & let's talk about this.

Hayley- I've had a bad morning Aaron. I need to leave.

With that you turn on your heels & head towards the door. You can't deny your feelings sparked up the minute he touched you again. But he has a girlfriend & it will be easier this way. He just stands still in the kitchen & watches you leave. You can't bear to look back. You only feel shame.

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