Known Yet, Unknown?

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Guess Who?

As you reach your car, you slump into the seat & let out a high pitched, frustrated scream as you hit your hands on the wheel. You have always been impulsive. It's just part of your personality, but you tried hard these past couple of years to show restraint, to think with your head rather than your desires. Before heading home, you take out your phone & text Theo. You need to see your best friend.

Hayley- Hey Theo, Are you free? Could really do with seeing you.

She replies almost instantly.

Theo- Hi, where are you? I thought you were at work? I'm in a lecture at the moment.

Most of your colleagues working at Claytons are working there to put themselves at the university. Theo is studying Law.

Hayley- I'm sitting in my car outside Aaron's house. It's a pretty long story.

Theo- How in the world did you end up there? I will meet you at Toscano in half an hour. I haven't pulled a sick day in a while. Ha-ha.

Hayley- You sure? I don't want you to get in trouble.

Theo- Yes, I'm sure. See you soon.

You sigh, thankful that you have such a great friend to confide in. Toscano is the cozy pub near the university. You look at Aaron's house before you put the car in first gear & drive off.
When you get to the pub, Theo's waiting in a little at the back, behind the bar. She already has drinks for you both, you rush over & sit down.

Theo- Your late. What happened?

Hayley- So sorry, I had to quickly nip home to change.

She looks at you, her eyes full of questions.

Theo- Right. Start from the beginning.

She plants half a pint of lager & lime in front of you, & nestles into her seat. You relay the whole story to Theo, not leaving out any details. Theo hangs off your every word, occasionally gasping & shifting in her seat. When you're done, you take a huge gulp of your drink & wait for her response.

Theo- Whoa.. That is one hell of a morning. Are you okay? Who do think left that note?

Hayley- I don't know. It may be a strange prank, but it definitely wasn't Aaron. He seemed different Aria. I felt like I did when we first met.

Theo- You can't go back there. Do you remember crying for weeks after you left him? Remember how jealous he was when you would want to go out with your friends?

Hayley- I know. He has a girlfriend now & it's kinda pointless thinking about it.

Theo- Do you think Liam may have left the note?

Hayley- I thought about it, but no, it's not really possible since he doesn't know where I really work.

Theo- You never told him? You sure?

Hayley- I'm completely myself with him, but I change key details of my life. He thinks I work in a pub, I gave him a fake home address, etc. I've never met him. I would never give anyone over the internet my details like that.

Theo- That's sensible. I've no clue, then hon. I will ask some of the boys at work if they know of anyone playing a prank on you.

Hayley- Thank you. Thank you for today. You're truly a great friend. Now tell me about your date with Tyler, how was it?

You continue to chat for a couple of hours. Theo tells you about her date. It went well & she likes this one. Although she says that about most of her dates. As long as she's happy. She has to leave at around 3pm as she has a shift later in the evening. You hug her tight, say your goodbyes & make your way home.
You arrive at your door & instantly panic sets in. Your door is slightly ajar. Your mind goes into overdrive. Did you accidentally leave it open? Should you call someone? You decide to push it open fully & take a quick look around. Your flat is quiet small & you can't see anything out of place. You slowly make your way inside trying to pace your breath.
You turn around the corner of your living room & walk into your kitchen. Nothing. You let out a sigh of relief. You go to your bedroom silently creeping. You check your wardrobe, bracing yourself before you open each one. Again, nothing. You sit on your bed angry that someone is making you paranoid. You pull out your pyjamas & head to the bathroom. And there it is. The thing you were dreading. You run to grab your phone.
You dial 911 & walk back into the bathroom.

911 Advisor- 911 what's your emergency?

Hayley- I need the police please?

911 Advisor- What is the problem?

Hayley- I think someone's stalking me. Someone broke into my house.

911 Advisor- Are you in danger now Ma'am?

Hayley- No, I don't think so. They've just left a message.

911 Advisor- Okay, we will send someone right away. We require your address please?

You set down your phone after giving your address to the officer & stare at the scene in your bathroom. There on the side of the sink is a lipstick that was taken from your locker. With it, someone has written on your bathroom mirror,



You feel sick. This was no prank. You must have royally pissed off someone. Someone dangerous. But who? That was the question that would plague your thoughts. Who?

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