Known Yet, Unknown?

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The police arrive about 10 minutes after you call. A male detective introduces himself as Sargent, Thomas & is with a female police woman, who asks you to call her Hannah. You explain to them about what happened at work & show them the bathroom. Hannah looks concerned & Thomas makes notes the whole time you speak. He puts his pen aside & turns to you.

Sargent, Thomas- You did a right thing calling us. Someone is clearly trying to scare you. Can you think of anyone who might have a vendetta towards you; an old boyfriend, current boyfriend or a friend?

Hayley- I've been speaking to someone online for a couple of years, I've never met him, but he did get angry on a message the other day. But he doesn't know where I live or anything.

You tell Sargent the details you know about Liam. You go on to talk about Aaron, but assure the officers that he had nothing to do with it.

Sargent, Thomas- Great. Thank you. Tomorrow we will go to Claytons & have a look at the CCTV footage & investigate further about this.

Hannah chimes in.

Hannah- Anywhere you can stay tonight sweetie?

You look up to her shocked. They think you're in danger. What else can this mad man do? You clear your throat.

Hayley- Yeah, my dad lives really close, I will go there.

After the officers take down your contact number, they promise to call you with an update as soon as they have one. You see them out, thank them & begin to pack a bag.
You arrive at your dad's around 7pm. You rang him on your way to check if it was okay & he sounded ecstatic. You walk up to the door, before you can knock he opens it & pulls you into his arms.

Dad- Sweetie, I'm so glad you're here. I've fixed you some porridge & your beds all made up.

You instantly relax. Being back at home makes you feel like a child again. Your dad has always doted on you.

Hayley- Hey dad, thank you. I'm starving.

Dad- So which boy has broke my little girl's heart this time?

You let out a snort & playfully hit his arm.

Hayley- Dad, there's no, I just wanted to spend a couple of days here with you.

Dad- You only come to stay here when you're upset Hayley. You sure there's no one I need to give a good talking to? I still have a gun hidden. You know?

You scoff staring at him.

Hayley- Dad, that's ridiculous & illegal. I promise there's no boy.

Just then you get a text message. You look down. Shit. You totally forgot.

Carl- You were supposed to get back to me, Miss Evans. I'm going to take your silence as your compliance & I'll see you tom at 3pm.

Ah.. Carl's BBQ..

You didn't sleep well, which is to be as expected, giving the fact that someone's stalking you.
Your dad made amazing pancakes for breakfast this morning & you're currently putting on a short denim skirt with a pretty pink blouse. Carl has messaged you twice this morning & you can tell he's getting irritated by your silence.

Carl- Hey, did you receive my message with my address? Hope to see you this afternoon.

You were so looking forward to seeing again, but you can't get yesterday out of your mind; not just the terror of an intruder in your home but also Aaron. He has a girlfriend & you need to get him out of his head. You know that there is no point in trying to go back to a relationship that doesn't work. You pick up your phone & hit reply.

Hayley- See you soon Mr Kingsley.

Sent. There. Not so hard. You look at yourself in the mirror, you can't let yesterday's event stop your life. You make your way towards the shopping center trying to spot Theo or Nate. You spot Theo from behind, standing outside her favorite little boutique. You can see her beautiful purple hair from a mile off. As you approach, she starts waving frantically.

Theo- Hayley? Hayley? Over here.

You giggle at her enthusiasm. She loves it when you go shopping together. You wrap your arms around her & sink into her hug.

Hayley- Hey. Where's Nate?

Theo- He couldn't make it. His dad has taken another bad turn, they're at the hospital now.

Hayley- Ah. Is there anything we can do?

Theo- I thought we could buy him his favorite chocolate & drop them off later?

Hayley- Oh, Umm.. I can't today. I'm sorry. I'm going to that BBQ at Carl's house. What about tomorrow after our shift?

Theo- Carl eh?

She looks at you with a smirk.

Theo- Trying to get Aaron out of your head eh?

Hayley- I thought we agreed to never bring up my moment of madness again.

You shake your head in your hands. Theo wraps her hand around your shoulder.

Theo- Right. It's time to shop & we need to get you something hot for your date.

You can't help but smile at Theo. You decide not to tell her about the intrusion in your home. The police are handling it & you don't want to scare her. You follow her through the crowds & into Primark.

After what it feels like a lifetime of shopping, you finally decide to call it a day. You say your goodbyes to Theo & flag down a taxi outside the center. You open the text from Carl & tell the taxi driver his address. You take a deep breath.

You pull up outside his address & gasp, the taxi driver speaks to you, but it goes in one ear & out the other, you are too transfixed at Carl's house. Well, mansion. It's beautiful & huge. Now you feel overwhelmed & underdressed.

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