Known Yet, Unknown?

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Maybe you're wrong, maybe you're just being paranoid that you're twisting things, but you know you just need to go home.

You feel so uneasy in the taxi ride, the last few days are really starting to weigh you down, you're not sure what to think. In your gut you don't really think it's Carl, but can it be a coincidence that he turns up right when things started happening?

You try to close your eyes, trying hard not to cry. You tell the taxi guy to take you to your house first before your dad's so that you can pick some more clothes. As you pull up you recognize a familiar figure standing on your doorstep, you whisper to yourself.

Hayley- For fuck's sake.

You ask the taxi driver to leave, you can just walk to your dad's later. You turn to your front door & approach your ex, Aaron.

Hayley- Aaron, what the hell are you doing here?

Aaron- Hayley please I just want to talk to you.

Hayley- Can we do this another time? I'm really not in the mood.

Aaron- No, we fucking can't wait. I've been standing here for over an hour.

Hayley- Don't you dare shout at me. Why on earth have you been standing here for so long?

You walk right up to him fuming. How dare he turn up here & dictate things to you?

Aaron- I'm sorry. Look, just let me in, please? I need to talk to you about what happened. I'm no cheater Hayley but I would pick you any day over anyone.

Hayley- I don't care that you cheated on your girlfriend. Stop trying to justify yourself. We tried to work things out for years but unfortunately we don't work. Let's just not try to rehash things again.

Aaron- I've grown through Hayley, I swear I'm a different person now. I know you still have feelings for me, yesterday proved that. Why can't we try again?

Just then a car pulls up outside your flat. You immediately turn around & your stomach sinks. It's Carl. Frigging Carl. He gets out of the car & strides towards you. Right now you just want the ground to swallow you up.

Carl- Hayley..

He looks quizzically at Aaron, who in turn looks back & forward between you & Carl. He lets out a little chuckle, he whispers to you,

Aaron- Ah, see.. I'm not the only cheat here. Am I?

Hayley- Shut the hell up Aaron. Just go home.

You speak firmly & cross your arms, staring him down.

Carl- Hayley, Is this guy bothering you?

Aaron- Bothering her? Who the fuck are you?

Aaron squares up to Carl & you feel your face flush. You're not entirely sure who you trust more right now & want them both to leave. You stand in between them sensing something could go down. Carl reaches to you & grabs your arm to get your attention & that's when Aaron flips. He rushes towards him & pins him against the wall by the scruff of his neck.. His voice is stern as he hisses to him again..

Aaron- I said, Who the fuck are you?

Your breathing intensifies as you try to reason with Aaron.

Hayley- Aaron, stop! Please leave him alone!!

You try to pry Aaron off Carl & he manages to escape his hold. In one quick move his face connects with Aaron's face.

Aaron- Shit!!!

Aaron staggers backwards & his hand fly up to his lips. He wipes off some blood & spits on the ground.

Aaron- Ah. You want to play. Do you? You've no idea who you're messing with mate.

Aaron lunges at Carl & hits him hard on his jaw. You manage to stand between them, you hold up your hand up to Carl, who is about to take another swing at Carl.

Hayley- Carl, please don't. Please stop. This is ridiculous!

You look up towards him with a pleading look in your eyes. Carl sighs. He looks straight at you.

Carl- Who is he Hayley?

Hayley- It's just my ex. I'm sorry. We've not been together in over two years.

You find yourself in defense, you know exactly why he's here, but you don't want Carl to think badly of you. Aaron scoffs & looks furious.

Aaron- I'm just an ex?? Just an ex Hayley??

You whip around to look at him, you stare at him, your eyes burning through his, urging him to shut the fuck up. He takes the hint & walks back towards the door.

Aaron- Fine, I'll wait over here!

You walk towards Carl & pull at his arm directing him towards his car.

Hayley- Why did you come here Carl?

Carl- I didn't realize you would have company.

He scoffs looking at Aaron. You can tell he is not impressed.

Hayley- It's not what it looks like, I swear. But, I do need to sort some stuff out with him. I stormed into his house the other day cause I thought he was the one leaving me notes.

Carl- I see, now you think the stalker is me?

You shake your head & look into his eyes with an apologetic look.

Hayley- I'm so sorry Carl. It's just that this is scaring me a little too much & turning me into this crazy paranoid person.

You gently touch his arm.

Hayley- I'm so sorry about earlier. When you said those words, I jumped to conclusions.

He pulls you into his arms & you nestle into his chest. You hear Aaron grunt behind you.

Aaron- Hayley, it's bloody cold up here. Could you hurry up?

You pull out of Carl's embrace & shoot a dirty look to Aaron. Then turn back towards Carl.

Hayley- Can you forgive me? I really did have a great time today & would love to do it again. You know if you still want to?

There's something about Carl that you can't help but be drawn to. He's charming & you both seem to fit. You don't want to let your paranoia spoil something that has potential.

Carl- Of course, I want to see you again. I also want to help you with whoever is stalking you. Do you think it's safe to stay here?

Hayley- I'm staying at my dad's, I was just picking a few things up on my way. I'll be fine. Don't worry. I'll call you tomorrow.

Carl- Are you safe with him?

He looks over to Aaron & you begin to nod.

Hayley- He won't hurt me. It's not him. I'm sorry he's here, but I do need to speak to him.

Carl- Okay, I'll leave you it. I will look forward to your call tomorrow, by the way my friends & sister loved you.

You can't help but smile, you rise up onto your toes & gently kiss his lips, which incurs more scoffs from Aaron. Carl gets into his car & you turn to Aaron. Let the showdown begin.
As soon as you're in your flat & the door is closed you turn to him.

Hayley- Who do you think you are attacking him like that? And you say you've changed? You still seem the same to me..

Aaron- Did you fucking kiss him in front of me on purpose Hayley?

Hayley- You have a girlfriend Aaron. Whatever I do is none of your business.

Aaron- Is he your boyfriend?

Hayley- No, not yet.

You're both shouting pretty loud & Aaron is pacing around your sitting room getting more & more worked up. He lunges towards you & smashes you back into the wall holding both your arms above your head. You begin to pant.

Aaron- I'm here because of yesterday. You seemed like you enjoyed what happened & I fucking love you, I always have. You think you can pass that off as a goodbye?

You squirm trying to get out of his hold.

Hayley- Aaron let me go.

Aaron- I will if you say it, say that you never want to see me again. Tell me you feel nothing & I'll leave you.

You stand frozen, staring into his eyes. You can't say it. It took you months of trying to leave him & you always went back. It wasn't until he broke some guy's jaw in a bar that you finally enough. But the way he makes you feel is still like no one else. He has so much power over you & you long to be dominated by him, you always have. You hate yourself for knocking on his god damn door. He whispers into your ear..

Aaron- Say it Hayley & I'll leave.

You can't. You don't utter a word.

Aaron- Hmm.. Thought so, I'm going to Rose's house.

He backs off & lets you go.

Aaron- I need to end things with Rose & she deserves an explanation.

Hayley- End things with her? What are you talking about?

Aaron- Well, yeah. What do you think? That I would want to be with two women?

Hayley- End things with her? What are you talking about? I don't know how to say this.. But..

You can see by his expression that he knows exactly what you're going to say.

Aaron- You don't want to be with me?

He looks beyond hurt. The truth is you have no clue what you want. You need time to process everything so you can think straight.

Hayley- No, Yes, I mean God. I don't know Aaron, this is all happening so fast. I need some time. I don't know what I want.

Aaron- Don't know what you want or Don't know who you want?

His question drops like a bomb. You try to answer, but you can't. He's right. You don't know whether to see how things go with Carl & also scared to be with Aaron again. It was too painful last time.

Hayley- I don't know what to do Aaron, I feel like this would be a huge step back. Do you really want to replay history?

Aaron- If you even have to think about it Hayley then you don't feel the same way about me like the way I do for you.

With that, he leaves your house, slamming the door. You go rushing after him

Hayley- Aaron, Aaron please don't be like that. Just give me some time.

He stops dead spinning on his heels.

Aaron- Time to do what Hayley? Ah, I see. You want me to wait around like an idiot while you go out with your new boyfriend just in case he might be better than me?

Hayley- No, just time to clear my head. I just don't want to jump back into something.

Aaron- Goodbye Hayley. I hope Carl is worth this.

You watch him walk out the door, wondering if you've made a terrible mistake.

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