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All I see is my past, all I know is pain, and the only things I want is revenge, nothing else, nothing can break that from me because I am Olivia Benjamin, the broken girl but no one knows the fire in me, I'm just a girl, a classical normal girl with a dead mind and shattered heart. Olivia Benjamin, not your typical girl, but mysterious no one knows the thought wandering in her mind, but all her parents could see is their broken girl because of the past and who can mend her back to normal? Can Derek get to the root of her problem without being hurt? Despite his own secret. What does life have installed for Olivia after her encounter with Derek, her lecturer in school? Find out!

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1- Mission

“Hello Noredia... yes, you’ve got the info... ok.. good. Don’t fret, have got my hands on it Ok... bye.”

She hung up the phone with a clenched fist. Stroked the wall as the blood gushed out of her welt designs knuckles; she forced them close to her view, looking hard on the bleeding knuckles, feeling a flash of irritation as her lips quivered with rage.
" Promise to find you and make you pay for all you’ve done” she gritted hard to damage her teeth.

The rageful girl picked her phone, punched the unknown number on it before pressing it in her ear. “Yes, sir... I need the stuff now. It’s time.” she got off the phone before releasing a heavy sigh.


At Benjamin’s sitting room, Pamela roamed around the table as her mother chased her with a bowl of cereal. “Pamela, I’m not joking, you need to eat your food now,” Adele fumed as Pamela wasn’t fazed by what she just stated.
“Ok, I know what to do” she acknowledged as a devilish smile find its way to her lips.
“Olivia!” She called. Pamela chuckled, “Mother, she can’t come out, She is engaged with something important” she winked with a satisfied smirk.
“Mom, you called?”
Pamela jerked up at the sudden sound of her sister.” Sis, I thought you were busy” she smiles nervously, rubbing her sweaty hands with the black nicker she was putting on, she wishes for an escape plan, she needs to act on it, she started backing elsewhere, ready to flee.
“Don’t move,” Olivia commanded, her voice held much authority.
“Sweet Sis....let’s settle see.....”

“Zip it” Olivia quelled her. Pamela rolled her tiny eyeball, being aware of her sister’s capabilities, she gave up on ingratiating herself with her favor, but she knows better. Heartless sister. “I want you to shove that in your mouth now” Olivia tilted her chin to the cereal on the dining while corking her brows with her hands folded on her chest, giving her sister the daring look. Pamela whined as the cereal chucked down her throat, “I hate you, Olive.” she pouted.
“Ha-ha. Says who can’t survive without me,” Olivia smug.
“Whatever... I’m eating, so you can dive into your chamber.” Pamela bored expression was obvious to her sister as she shook her head. “You are just 8 remember, I wonder what will become of you when you’re more than this. “Olive glare at her sister as she made her way back to her their room.
Adele strolled out of the kitchen, her eyes searching for olive, Pamela, where is your sister?”
“You know where she holed herself ..... Please I’m eating” she curtly stated, upset with her mother. She’s always mad at her mother, knowing her weakness is Olive.
“I’m being serious, Pamela,” Adele sternly informed.
Pamela groaned, O Gosh... She won’t let me in peace.
“Honey Good morning” Adele sauntered to her husband, ignoring Pamela’s cheekiness
“Wow, you guys are awake, I was so exhausted last night” Bosun stated, hugging his wife with a peck on her lips.
“its ok honey, I noticed that....”

“Dad, good morning...” Pamela interrupted, boring with their couple’s chat. Adele threw daggers at her little daughter. “Pamela, I’m discussing with your father”

“Mom... That’s not even a discussion, you were both....”
“My little was your night?” Bosun butted in, aware of their discussion destination.
“Dad, I’m good until your wife has to made me shoved this” she raised her cereal spoon, eyeing it disdainfully, before proceeding with her complaints, “with her might and main” she hissed, gulping the cereal.
Bosun smiles at his family drama, he knows well by now. “Where is my baby girl?” He asked, his eyes searching for Olive around the sitting room.
“She’s in the room” Pamela pointed drably, feeling sick with her parent’s hundredth-time question.
“I expected her to be on this table. What happened?” Bosun asked, concerned laced over his face.

“I will get her honey” Adele assured her husband as she scrabbled her feet on the floor before exiting the dining room to Olivia’s room.

She cricked the door opened, revealing Olivia sitting on the bed, bending with her elbows on her knee, hands clenched forward. “Olivia” Adele whispered.

“your father is expecting you on the dinning dear,” she stated.

“I’m not eating” Olivia snapped at her mother.

“Mom... I’m just frustrated ok... just let me be,” she pointed before getting to her feet.

“where?” Adele asked, unable to hide her curiosity on what could have happened to olive. She has noticed her strange behavior, but she ignored it.

“I’m heading to the Gym. I need to punch out my problem,” she stated, shoveling her gym cloth in her backpack.

“How long will you keep punching your problem, Olive?” Adele asked with misty-eye. She has been struggling with this for ten years. She wonders if Olivia could ever change.

Olivia growled at her mother’s unwanted question.

“I have mentioned this multiple times, you learn to forgive and let go of the pas....”

Olivia pinned her mother to the wall with her hands gripping her neck as she gave her mother a death stare. “Look woman, this the last time I’m reminding you to quit your miserable preaching to me. Never say forget again!” She hissed as the tears streamed down Adele’s face. She’s not just staring at Olive now, but someone she never wants to remember, a person she never wants to see again. She’s terrified. Seeing Olive becoming the Devil himself, her eyes were fiery as apprehension fluttered through her. She hates his reflection on Olive. This is her fear and it’s happening.

“I won’t relent until I get what I want mother” Olivia stated before slamming the door on her choking mother. She left the house without a word.

Adele sauntered back to the dining, with her sheepish smile like nothing happened.

“I guessed she is in an awful condition,” she pretended.

Pamela scoffed. She fathomed on her Mother’s expression. She knows what olive is competent of doing, but the reason behind her sister’s remained riddles to her. She sought to get the root of the mystery but was in vain. Bosun stared at his wife, examining her eyes for clues. “it’s ok mom, we understand how bad she is” Pamela calm her father’s tension.

Adele nodded as she stares at her food. “It will be alright” she encouraged before discharging a deep sigh.

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