I Stupidly Fell For A Serial killer

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She is a hero to everyone but when she needs saving will there be anyone there for her?

Thriller / Action
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Him: “I like you. Even though you have put me behind bars. When I get out of here I will shag you till your pussy says all my clan names.”
Me: “eww and if not when you get out. Not that I will have sex with you. In your wildest dream Dumakude.”
Him: “you really think these walls can contain me? Wow here I was thinking you’re the smartest cop in Mzansi.” He said sarcastically and rolled his eyes. “I don’t like confined spaces. I suffocate and relapse.”
Me: “so tell about your victims.” His face changed into a frown but he quickly masked it with his annoying smirk.

Him: “I kill bitches who abandon their babies. Women like those don’t deserve to live. Why not abort in the first place if you know you will abandon the kid later? Or why not condomise or use contraceptives?”

Me: “but it’s not your place to ‘avenge’ for those kids. What if some of them want to have relationships with their mothers at a later stage in life? What if some of these mothers regret their decisions and want to reconcile with their children but you cut their lives short?”

Him: “well detective I don’t care. I like to play hero and bring these bastard moms to justice. They don’t deserve a second chance or amnesty. Anyways you have receives too much information for one day. GUARD!” he stands up and signals the guard to take him back to his cell).

I have been trying to understand his motive behind the killings and where it all started. I think I am closer to the finish line. I am more worried about him telling me in the face that he will escape. I will have to speak to the warden here to strengthen the security. This is one psychotic motherfucker like the ones I have dealt with before.

I head back to the station and find other detectives chilling in the cafeteria. I buy a sandwich with juice, sit down and start eating.

Detective Black: “how did it go with Dumakude?”
Me: “you won’t believe that psycho. He told me in the face that he is going to escape and when he does he is going to fuck me until my pussy sings all his clan names.” Everybody laughs.
Detective Zondo: “but I am worried about him telling you in advance that he is going to escape. You will never know how the brains of these serial killers work. You may think you have won kanti they are planning something huge. Be careful Chiliza.”

Detective Nkosi: “anyways enough about these criminals. We need to celebrate our arrests guys. 6 powerful criminals behind bars. I have made reservations for us at Velar’s Lounge and all you asses are going to be there. Even if I have to drag your asses there but we are going.”

Nkosi has always been a party animal. Usually cops are drunkards but she is worse. Every weekend she is in and out of clubs. But what I like most about her is that she excels at her job and doesn’t care if people thinks she is an alcoholic or what.

The following week same day I returned to chat with Dumakude. He was brought to the private room and his face lit up when he saw me.

Me: “how are you today Dumakude?”
Him: “surviving.” He kept quiet and stared at the table between us. “My birth mother and father were dating. They had me when they were both 18 years. They were going to keep me and raise me. After giving birth to me I was sleeping in my cot. My dad was in the ward with my birth mom. She said she was going to get some fresh air from outside, she went out and never came back. Dad waited for her but when the sunset came he knew that she wasn’t coming back. My dad struggled but he raised me with the help of the neighbors. He told me the truth about my birth mother and gave me pictures of her.” He takes a deep breath. Wow I never thought it was this deep.

“I hated women who abandoned their kids ever since I could remember. I fell in love with a very beautiful woman when I was 26 years. Things between us became serious. I proposed and she accepted my proposal. We decided that our parents should meet so her mom and dad came to my house and dad was there with his wife. I saw that my fiancé’s mom’s face was familiar but I rubbed it off. When dad asked her ‘why did she leave me so young’ I knew that this was my birth mother. She cost me a lot, a fiancé, a child because my fiancé miscarried that night because of shock. She ruined my life so I ended hers and ended the lives of all those undeserving hoes out there. She lived her life freely and had kids and totally forgot me. She didn’t deserve to live.” A tear fell from his eye and he quickly wiped it.

Me: “I am truly sorry for what your mom did.”
Him: “it’s fine. I am over it. I guess you have gathered all the information you needed. Good bye detective.” That was the last time I saw him.
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