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Aiyana Skyla Cartney is 21. Ordinary, and living with her sister and only brother. She's easy going and caring towards everyone eventhough her childhood was a mess, She meets the self made billionaire of Canada whose favorite pastime must be messing up people's lives... Jamal Jepherson. The 24-year-self made billionaire. He has a miserable past. He was born with a silver spoon. Certified playboy? check. Panty dropping smirk? check. Media Mogul Worldwide? check. This playboy doesn't believe in love. Typical. right? He's focused on revenge. But in the process, he discovered something on Aiyana, his little employee, that he would never in a million years, expect.

Thriller / Romance
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Berkshire Hathaway Inc


“Thank you very much ,Mr Grayson.” I told him. “Call me Travis, please.” He said and i nodded. Regardless of how formal he looks in his dark blue three piece suit set with a white shirt and black tie matching with his black Berlutti he is a good assistant.

I got out of the company and entered my purple Nissan QASHQAI and hit the road. I have been dreaming of being an employee in a luxurious company and, finally, here I am: Financial Officer of Berkshire! Boy was I lucky. By looking only at the company’s building and my office I could sense money in the air.

“Girl, you’re back early.” I heard Sasha yelling coming down stairs. Oh shit! I didn’t even realize that am already home.

“Yeah! It wasn’t a big deal, you know.” I let out a relieved sigh as I plopped on the couch.

“Really?” Nick asked sipping on his drink.

“Nick, you are back from work already?” I asked and he just stared at me.

“Don’t tell me! You’re gonna get fired, man!” I exclaimed.

He rolled his eyes in nonchalance, “If you are the one to fire me then, okay.” He busied himself on his iPad again. Yeah. It is a family disease: My brother’s so bossy. My sister... I don’t even have the words to describe her.

“If I were your boss, I would have fired you a..“Nick cut me off

“Sorry for you didn’t get the chance to boss me around.” He laughed. “And you know what the interesting thing is? The fact that I am the one to boss you!” He raised his wiggled his brows twice playfully making me roll my eyes. Being the youngest of us all is a mess! A damn mistake that I always regret!

“So... Is your boss so tough?” Sasha questioned resting her head on the sofa.

“I don’t know yet. I’ll meet him tomorrow.” With that, I stood up and headed to my room. I changed into my pyjamas and FaceTimed Ivy.

“So how did you see the company?” She asked curiously. She has been working there for a year and she is my best friend. I am glad I’ll get to spend time with her.

“It’s so amazing, bitch. So how is your CEO?”

She rolled her eyes, “Another story that I don’t want to tell!” I stared at her, confused.

“C’mon Ivyyyy! Tell me.” I pleaded rather loudly.

“He has no descriptions, Aiyana, aren’t you coming tomorrow? You’ll see for yourself and make your own description. But one thing: He. Is. A. Greek. God. You’re gonna be crushed!” She smiled excitedly at me. “Bye. No more explanations.” She hanged up. Okaaay! I get it. I took my phone and searched Canadian CEOs until I fell asleep.

Thank you very much for reading.

I would like to hear from you in the comments section.

This is my first story by the way.

I’ve been just reading but decided to have a try by sharing this story with you!!

love you,


here is Ivy Brown !Aiyana’s best friend!

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