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Fire Me! BOOK 1

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WARNING! This is a dark romance novel, either a twist. It contains scenes of bullying and rape as well as the use of a dare rape drug better known as roofies. Please care this in mind as you read this novel. In no way shape or form do I condone sing of these and if any of guess have affected you please do not read this novel ‘Can’t you just do one thing I ask of you for once in you’re life? God damn it Layla your really testing my patience.’ ‘Fire me.’ He threw her across the room he she landed on the bed. His hands couched around her wrist. He looked coldly at her. ‘You will never leave you are mine ], mine to what I like with. You’ll never leave this company never.’ ‘Let me go Aubrey. You’ve had your fun let me go find someone else.’ ‘Never you are mine Layla mine. He growled. Aubrey Tanner is the most feared business man and the CEO of Manhattan industries. Layla Hampshire has been employed at the firm for three years and had yet to meet her boss, that was until today when he sends for her. She comes face to face with the devil himself her high school bully his will she react seeing him for the first time in five years she’s been studying hard to gain her qualifications in business enterprise and hoped one day to be running a company liked his. But will Aubrey tanner let her go and let the past beeen them go too?

Thriller / Romance
Emma Louise
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She knocked his door nervously she’d never been this close to him or his office before today. He and asked for her personality to go to his office. She hoped he wasn’t going to fire her she was still paying her graduation fees. She’d never been up to this level of the building before and had never seen him either. He had a private elevator to his office. It was a cold ora around the top level of the building. She could feel the presence of power up here every inch of it, the building reeked richness, most of it was painted with plain colours with a hint of gold leaf. She knocked the door. ‘Enter.’

She swallowed opening the door stepping in.

‘Close the door.’

She shut it behind her. ‘You wanted to speak to me sir.’

‘I do.’ He paused. ‘Where do you see yourself in five years Miss. Hampshire?’

She’d been asked at the interview why was he asking her he surely knew.

‘Answer me!!’

She jumped her heart racing faster. ‘In five years sir, I’d like to think I have more experience in this company and join others working my way up the ladder to a higher position in the company. And to gain more experience.’

He nodded. ‘And after you have gained that experience what will you do with it?’

She swallowed hard again. Should she answer and tell him she wanted to have her own company one day.

‘Answer me!! I don’t like being ignored.’

‘I ..I.’ Her words got stuck.

‘I am not a monster Miss. Hampshire so answer the god damn fucking question. I won’t get mad at your answer.’

‘I’d like my own company sir.’

She hadn’t even seen him get up. ‘It’s all I’ve ever wanted. This a good experience for me to understand the business world and how it works sir.’

His breath hit her neck she shuddered. ‘I have a proposition for you.’ He leaned on closer. ‘Layla.’

She looked at him. Oh shit this was not happening not a fucking gain. ‘Aubrey.’ She said short of breaths.

He smiled slimy like he has always done. ‘I don’t do this very often, but I’d like you to come and work for me up here. With me so you can say learn the ropes as we call it. You’ll get to know every thing about the business, so you’ll have a true insight on how things are done in the business world.’

“I’m sorry I can’t.’

‘There’s no such word as can’t.’

She knew that all too well with what happened in high school.


‘Settled. You come here at eight on the morning. I’ll teach you everything I know. You’ll be coming to meetings with me, recording minutes, taking notes and interjecting in the meetings once you get used to it.’

‘So I’m your P.A?’

‘Of some sorts.’

She gulped.

‘Sounds good?’

‘I guess.’

‘Perrrfect.’ He purred. Leaning further in. ‘Welcome to my world Miss. Hampshire.’ He said kissing her cheek.

What the hell did this guy want? She hadn’t seen him in eight years since they all left high school and she hoped she never would after everything he had done to her.

‘I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning. I’ll get someone to get your stuff off your desk so you feel more at home. How does that sound?’

‘G..good.’ I stuttered.

‘There is no need to be nervous Miss. Hampshire if it wasn’t for you I’d never be where I am today.’ His breath tickling her face. Why did he have to be so close?

‘I’ll have the contract drawn up and I’ll go through it with you okay.’

‘Okay.’ I said short of breath.

He smiled kissing my cheek. ‘You may go. You have a lot of work to finish before you start your new job tomorrow.’

I nodded and opened the door. I began to walk away. ‘Oh I forgot to mention from tomorrow we share lunch together, so no getting making plans because all of them will be with me from now on are we clear.’

‘Yes sir.’

He smiled closing the door. I walked nervously back to the elevator getting in pressing the number 4 to my now old office. I walked in everyone watching me. They all knew I had been to see the big boss man what they did not expect was me to continue working. They all had thought he fired me. I just wished that was the case then I wouldn’t have to see his arrogant face again. Start writing here…

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