The Mafia man

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Orlando Green is part of the English mafia looking for his queen to share his life with. Kacey Leigh is in year 11 at Hilton crescent high she catches the 20 year olds eye when she is leaving for the day. Once he approaches her her life will change for ever if she accepts him and what he stands for. “Please let me go I don’t belong in your world !” “My world is you’re world Kacey you agreed to being mine and you will stay mine through thick and thin.” “Please let me go!” “Mine!” He roared.

Thriller / Romance
Emma Louise
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‘Please let me go I don’t belong in your world !’

‘My world is you’re world Kacey. You agreed to being mine and you will stay mine through thick and thin.’
‘Please let me go!’
‘Mine!’ He roared.

She sunk back terrified what he’d do to her. She’d been living this nightmare for three years she’d finished high school and now in her third and final year of college he wanted her to join him in his world of blood, violence, illegal merchandise, drugs and god know what else. She wanted to run, she wanted to hide but no doubt in her mind he’d find her and drag her back. Why had she agreed to being his three years ago, why?

‘Kacey look at me.’

She denied it.

‘Look at me Kacey.’ He said calmly. ‘NOW!’ He roared.

She flinched. Shaking, she slowly raised her head in line with his. His crystal green eyes baring into her blue sapphires. ‘You’re mine Kacey. You knew what you were agreeing to when I approached you.’

‘No I didn’t please Orlando let me go.’

He shook his head. ‘No never you know too much. For what you know every mafia out their will kill you and shoot you dead, you’re safer with me.’

‘Am I?’

‘You know you are, so stop struggling and stop trying to run away. You are more safer with me than you will be out there. I’ll take care of you and I’ll always make sure that you are safe do yo understand?’

‘Yes.’ She cried.

‘Good girl.’ He leaned forward pressing his lips on hers kissing her passionately with tongue. She wished right now that she’d never met him. He’d been watching her for months before he approached her. Right now he wished do he’d never laid eyes on her because she wouldn’t be in the situation she was in right now. He’s waited patiently for her for three years me he was becoming intolerable and inpatient with her decisions she was not going to uni he’d made sure if that he’d made sure she had very little friends left,once she had left school and gone to college he’d managed to steer any potential friends away from her in driving in fear they’d find out who he was. Now she only had him and his men as well as his brother around. She only had one friend one she’d been friends with all through school Milly a slightly plump girl with no dress sense what so ever. But she’d seen a change in her once his brother Daniel had started to take an interest in her now she was of average build, dark blue eyes and dark brown hair with a hint of red and blonde. These men sure knew how to twist a girls arm to believing in their bulls hit she was surely taken in by it that much they were sharing a bed here in the mansion had he told her who they were and what her life was to become ? She hoped so then they could run away together no turning back.‘Please let me go I don’t belong in your world !’
‘My world is you’re world Kacey you agreed to being mine and you will stay mine through thick and thin.’
‘Please let me go!’
‘Mine!’ He roared.

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