Split Personalities: Understanding

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Let the games begin

As I sat in the chair, I tried to take slow breathes and gather myself as I continued to look at my surroundings. I noticed Doctor Angus standing in the corner. His hands seemed to twitch, and he had a smile slowly growing on his face. Then I looked over to the man in the gas mask. He started to grab a tool from his kit. It looked like a wrench.

I felt a cool breeze wash over me. I felt frozen. This was really how it was going to end. I was going to be tortured to death and not even have the chance of getting out of this prison and living my own life. I haven’t been outside this hospital’s grounds and all I wish to do is see the flowers, eat regular food, enjoy a warm shower, and not worrying about whether or not I’m going to survive. But it seems like that has been my future from the start. I barely survived my dad’s beatings let alone the “treatments”. Maybe I’m just destined to die and this was my punishment for being alive.

Wow, you are depressing. You know we can help you out right?”, said Trevor.

I was so caught up, ready to give up, that I didn’t even notice Devon and Trevor standing in the opposite corner from Doctor Angus. Trevor, as always, looked cool, calm, and collected. However, with Devon, he was still as a statue and he just stared at the man in the gas mask. He clenched his fists so tight that I could see the blood dripping from his hands. Before I could even say anything, he looked at me.

“If you want our help, you have to get yourself free. Only way to do that is cutting yourself out of those zip-ties.”, said Devon.

“How am I supposed to do that?!”

“Let me handle it. Just say the word.”

I didn’t know if I wanted Devon to help, but at this point the man in the mask has pulled out so many tools that I lost count. There were needles, pins, scalpels, knifes, screwdrivers, drills, nails, and the list goes on. If I didn’t allow either of them to help me, then I’m good as dead. But if I did, what does that mean for the Doctor and this other guy? Would they be killed by my hand? Would that make me a murder even though it wasn’t really my doing? Could I live with making the choice of taking someone’s life, even if it meant saving my own?

In a sense I didn’t really have a choice, so I did what any other person would do in my situation. I gave him the word.


After a while, I woke up on the floor. I looked around and I saw Doctor Angus head in my lap. I backup up so fast, trying my hardest not to throw up. His eyes stared right into my soul. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. This all felt so surreal. I was scared to look around because I knew that I would witness something much worse.

I just sat there, with my back against the wall. Just staring blankly, trying to figure out what happened. I looked at my hands and they were stained in blood. I was missing some nails and my arms and legs were covered in gashes. How am I supposed to go back upstairs like this? What am I supposed to do about the bodies or what’s left of it? I still have three years left until I leave and if they see me like this, who knows if I will ever get out of here.

I stumbled my way to the door, looking to see if anybody heard anything or was headed down this way. It seemed as if the coast was clear, but something felt off. I turned around and the man in the mask was still alive. His legs were cut off and he only had one arm left. His eyes scratched out and he was missing his left ear. I could barely look at him. I felt sorry for him, that I did this to him.


“I’m sorry”, I said while crying.

“They…..willl…fin…d……you….”, said the man as he took his last breath.

They will find you. Who is they? I started to pace around the room, trying to gather my thoughts. Trying to process what just happened. Trying to understand why this is even happening. Why am I a target? It just doesn’t make any sense.

“We need to get out of here. Now.”, said Devon.

“That’s easy for you to say. There is NOWHERE TO GO!”

“Listen to my man Devon. We either stay here and get caught or get up outta here and do our own thing.”, said Trevor.

“Do our own thing?! Where am I supposed to go without being noticed, hmm? Explain that! There is open space for miles before we would even reach the fence. There are guards everywhere. Plus, there are patients roaming around all the time and if they see me, I’m done for. So, unless you have a better plan, I’m staying down here.”

Did you even bother to look at the room?”, asked Devon.

Look at the room? I guess that would be a good idea. So, I started to scan the area. It was kind of hard since the light was relatively dim, but I noticed something different in the wall pattern. It had a different outline compared to the rest. I pushed it and then it clicked. The wall opened and revealed a secret passageway.

I was skeptical at first, going into a dark tunnel after being in a room that has corpses, but I didn’t really have any other choice. It may be a few years early before I had to leave this prison, but it was better than having to explain this situation to anyone who finds it. I took my first steps to freedom and I was finally going to be able to start a new life.

I couldn’t wait to see the flowers, breathe the fresh air. All I could think about was finding some new clothes and taking a warm shower. The thought just gave me such a rush of adrenaline that I didn’t even notice myself running. I was going so fast that I couldn’t stop myself, until I reached then end of the tunnel. It led out to an alley way in some town I didn’t recognize and before I could stop myself I ran into a girl on the side walk.

Well, dang. That jus made things a lil complicated.

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