Split Personalities: Understanding

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The Dead Rises Again

It’s been two years since my run in with Nicole, and I’ve been living with her in her apartment ever since. We just started our freshman year in high school, but I haven’t made any progress in my investigation. Everything I tried just lead to dead ends. First, I tried to get back in contact with my mom, but she was nowhere to be found. Second, I asked Nicole if she could get me in contact with her mom, but she lost all connection with her. Last thing I tried was trying to contact my dad. The thing is I got a location on him.

After I got his location, I was a little skeptical to go hunt him down. All my life he’s either been absent, doing his so-called work, or being abusive to both me an my mother. I didn’t start tracking him until after one year passed. He did the same exact thing every single day. He left his apartment, went to the grocery store to pick up his breakfast, catch a cab, then disappear. I tried to look him up on all the job-related websites to see where he worked or if he had some type of profile out there, but it was a waste of time. The only way I was able to find his location was because someone left a review on the gas station he goes to regularly, and it fit his description.

That’s the only lead I have been able to dig up after two years, and now that I am about to start high school, I don’t know how I’m going to be able to balance being a detective, student, and crazy person all at once.

“You ready for your first day of high school?”, asked Nicole.

“I don’t know. I never really went to school at all. Don’t you think I’ll be behind?”, I asked.

“Don’t worry about it, I can help you out if you need help with anything.”

Now that I think about it. I never really had a childhood and they childhood I did have wasn’t a great one either. Who knows, maybe high school can help fill that void and replace all those bad memories with good ones.


After Nicole helped me enroll into my classes, I was able to take my first class in Algebra as a high school freshman. It’s a weird feeling, sitting at a desk and looking at what the teacher is writing on the board. It was almost nauseating because some aspects of the classroom reminded me of my room back at the hospital, but I tried my best to dismiss that feeling and really try to understand what the teacher was saying. I don’t understand how math has letters in it. Are they trying to teach us a different language or something?

As class was concluding, I began to pack up my stuff and get ready to go to social studies. On my way to my next class, some huge dude bumped right into me.

“Watch were you’re going”, said the kid.

I don’t know if he was on steroids or if he just hit puberty a little bit too early, but I could’ve sworn that he was some type of man child. He literally had a stubble and muscles that were probably the same size of my face. I don’t know if he got held back twenty years or something, but I definitely did not want to get on his bad side.

As the day went on, I finally finished all my classes, and I was ready to take a nap. Who knew taking seven classes could be so draining and the lunch was absolutely awful. They serve better meals at the hospital if you ask me. Even so, I grabbed my backpack and walked over to where Nicole was. She said to meet here in the back parking lot after school so we could walk home. However, as I was heading to the parking lot, I saw that same man child talking to her.

I was debating whether I should even walk over there, but I didn’t want to leave Nicole by herself with him. So, I made my way over to her.

“Oh, excuse me Ty. Hey! Kerion! Over here!”, yelled Nicole.

She just had to make a scene.

“You know this kid?”, asked Ty.

“Yeah, he’s my friend.”, said Nicole.

“Well, jus see if you can tutor me some other time then”, said Ty.

Tutor? I’m pretty sure he’s gotten all the help he needs. It seems like he’s been in high school long enough to know all the curriculum.

“Ok cool! Let’s go Kerion.”, said Nicole.

After the small little encounter, Nicole and I stopped at the gas station to buy a few snacks. She didn’t know this was the same gas station my dad went to. I still try to distance her from my personal affairs because I still don’t know if I can tell her everything yet.

I wanted to see if my dad would come here in the afternoon. If he did and he saw me, I wonder if he would still recognize me. But just like every other day, no luck. As Nicole and I were walking on our way back to the apartment, I tried to think of another way to see if I can get into contact with him. Stopping at the gas station afterschool for snacks wasn’t working so I needed a different approach.

Maybe it’s because I’m waiting too long to find him. I could possibly catch him in the morning, but then that would mean I would miss my classes. However, in my case, this serves a higher priority, right? It’s not like I have a future for myself.

“There you go again”, said Nicole.

“What do you mean?”

“You always get lost in your thoughts. Is there something you want to talk about?”

“Nah, I was just….thinking about that Ty dude”

“oooooh so you’re jealous, I see”

There’s nothing for me to be jealous about. I swear, since I’ve been living with Nicole, I’ve been starting to notice how confident she is in herself. It’s not bad to be confident but when you act like that all the time, it starts to get a little annoying.

“I wouldn’t say that”

“Haha, I’m just messing with you. How were your classes today?”

“Terrible. I suck at everything”

“Well when we get back, I’ll help you with your homework”

Once we finally got to the apartment, I went to the bathroom to unwind and went to the kitchen, so Nicole could help me with my assignments. Before school started, I debated whether I would want to get enrolled since I don’t think it would be smart to put myself in such a vulnerable position, but my mom always told me that knowledge trumps strength. I just didn’t like the idea of becoming such a dead weight on Nicole shoulders. Ever since I stepped foot into this apartment I just feel like a burden and part of myself feels selfish for focusing so much on myself and my personal affairs.

But with all that aside, it’s nice to have a mental break from my past. So, I was able to finish my homework, and Nicole left to go to bed. I stayed up in the kitchen to do some research on something that’s been bothering me for a while. The thing about Nicole, as open as she is, she never talks about her family, especially her mother. I feel like her mom might lead me to something crucial in my investigation for the person who is out there looking for me.

I opened my laptop and typed in Nicole Bevins and just like that I saw her brother pop up right next to her. I only knew what her brother looks like because she has one picture hanging up on the fridge. He definitely looks like he is in his late twenties, and he has vitiligo in his face and hands. His hair was braided back in the picture, and not to be rude, but he looks like he could’ve been to jail a couple times.

After finding her brother on the internet, I decided to do some digging on him. I found out he was a barber in Cali, and he does have a criminal record. He was charged with assault and battery and attempted murder. So, I was definitely right about him being a little crazy. However, there was something that did catch my attention. It was a news article and it said:

The Belvins Family died due to terrible circumstances. Their next-door neighbor explains, as they were eyewitnesses, that a person walked up to their front door and placed a package on the front porch and left. He then saw the man described to be Sherwin Belvins open the door and bring the package in the house. A few moments later the whole living area was in flames and the house collapsed. There were no reports of a body, and the investigation is closed due to the belief that the bodies were burned to a crisp and turned to instant ashes. It is hard to believe and sad for it to be a reality to lose such a loving family who played such a big impact in their community.”

So, this whole time, Nicole, Sherwin, and her mom were supposed to be dead. Why are they still alive, who planted the bomb to go off, why in the world is my family in contact with them, and is Nicole who she really says she is?

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