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two brother’s with a big plan, one which involves getting vonourable girls up onto stage to take part in a live crucifixion. Laila and her friends go down to the Sphinx nightclub on a Saturday night not realising that Lailah is in fact the next victim for the live crucifixion. Even though all does not go to the way that the brothers plan the act it all goes to well. Laila wakes the next morning in a flat she can’t recall as her own next to a man she doesn’t even know. Laila’s disappearance and re-appearance at the flat is soon discovered when Ging turns up at the flat telling her of their intentions. She refuses them of this pleasure only to be told that she will have no choice in doing so. A week passes and Ging finally gets what he wants Lailah up on stage for the live crucifixion. Laila soon gets involved with Hail but will all go drastically wrong in this love affair as Ging plans their next move. Laila despite of Hail’s broken promise of her freedom is blackmailed yet again into something a lot different than the stage act, but of a home movie full of blood and sex. Ging’s big idea goes drastically wrong when Laila over hears them and slips out of the flat to find the truth behind The Slasher. When Hail discovers this he is angered and shows Ging who is equally displeased with her. Laila tried to run, but Hail stops her and tries to finish what he had started,

Thriller / Horror
Emma Louise
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

It’s Saturday night and a new rockers club has just opened ‘The Sphinx.’ A new head line act were playing Crucifix a Goth band consisting of a lead guitarist, a base guitarist, a drummer and a lead vocalist. Who dressed head to toe in black, his face looking similar to that of Marylin Manson black make up spread across it, black painted nails, and biker boots.

Teenagers flocked outside the club by the hundreds, but only a few out of every hundred got let in.

They all sandwiched onto the dance floor. The lights dimmed a main beam shone on the stage across onto the band which introd. The lead vocalist entered onto the stage dressed head to toe in black. He began to sing as they revealed a six foot crucifix stood on the stage a dark haired male plastered in makeup pulled out a knife slashing the innocent girl he had got to take part in the crucifixion.

Two weeks later

People flocked outside The Sphinx night club in there hundreds but only a few out of every hundred got in.

They all sandwiched in onto the dance floor waiting for the headline act ‘CRUCIFIX’ to come on stage.

The lights dimmed a main beam shone on the stage the lead singer began to sing.

’All old in this city we live in this ghost town of ours no one lives no one dies

Capture it in your hearts capture it in your minds

This city of death silence is around us as darkness falls. Night passed the day dawns. Full of empty spaces no one knows why

But I Angel of hell angel of death taking lives

Who the hell am I? Who the hell are you?’

The lights dimmed the crowed screamed.

The drums rolled the guitars intro.


Crucifix is here to stay. Who gives a shit.

Just give us a break. Jumping down our necks. I’d rather live than die. My mind’s all screwed up

Which way shall I turn? Who knows? Who cares? Who really gives a shit

Vengeance. Crucifix

Vengeance. Destroyer. Vengeance.’

The crowed screamed.

’I lay awake in the darkened room Hoping and praying it would go away. These voices in my head screaming out Driving me crazy Splitting my head in two My mind’s fading

No screaming stop screaming

Holly shit Keep away from me Stay away from me

Cramped up in the very little brain I have

Get away Keep away Stay away


The crowed roared.

‘For my forth and final song I’d like a girl out of the audience to come on stage and help me out.’

They all stood silent.

‘Come on there’s got to be at least a hundred girls in the audience tonight scream for me.’

They all screamed.

‘I can’t hear you a little louder.’

They all screamed.

The room shuck.

‘That’s better I’ll take you.’

He pointed to a red haired girl on the dance floor surrounded by males.

‘Yes you.’

She walked slowly across the dance floor to the stage where he took her hand leading her up onto the stage

‘So what’s your name?’


‘Well Donna don’t worry this is my first time too.’

She stared at him panicking as he led her to the crucifix and tied her to it.

‘Only kidding I’ve done it a thousand times before.’

He pushed the steps away and turned to the crowed.

‘When I say what shall I do with her you shout kill her lets try it. What shall I do?’

‘Kill her!’

‘I can’t hear you a little louder what shall I do?’

‘Kill her!’

‘That’s better.’

‘The band slammed the guitars heavy and fast.’

‘She’s on the crucifix what shall I do?’

‘Kill her!’

‘She’s hung for doing wrong what shall I do?’

‘Kill her!’

He held the microphone out to the crowd.

‘I can’t hear you!’

‘Kill her!’

He pulled a knife out of his pocket showing it to the audience

They stood shocked.

‘Child of the crucifix could do no wrong but she lost her way what shall I do?’

‘Kill her!’

‘The gods have spoken we must kill the child of the crucifix of the devil’

He turned to the red haired girl, slashing her.

‘A cross I leave on the child of the crucifix now she is dead the devil is no longer.’

The curtains dropped the lights dimmed.

Six months later

Laila, Cameo, and Delta had gone into town to the Sphinx where Crucifix were playing they had been playing there every Saturday night for the last six months, and Crucifix weren’t just the name of the band it was there stage act too.

The band were playing as the tree girls entered the club, getting drinks their music was pounding, shaking the bar.

Isn’t that crucifix?’

‘I think so.’

‘Haven’t you heard?’

‘Everyone’s been talking about them. They say that they pull a girl out of the crowed and tie her to a crucifix get the crowd going by slashing her.’

‘Don’t be gross.’

‘Its true Damon said.’

‘He’d say anything to get in you knickers.’

They laughed.

‘Jokes aside it’s the honest truth him and some of the gang came down the night this place opened he said it made him puke.’

‘It makes me fell sick just thinking about it.’

The band interlude.

‘I’ll get the drinks in.’


Laila walked across the dance floor to the bar.

An average built male with red hair and piercing green eyes was serving.

‘What can I get you?’

‘Three bottles of bud please.’


He pulled them out of the fridge and opened them placing them on the bar. She passed the barman a ten pound note

‘On me.’

‘No I’ll pay.’

‘I insist.’

‘Thanks.’ She said slipping the money back into her pocket.

‘So you enjoying so far.’

‘Yeah they’re good.’

‘Sorry where’s my manners, Ging.’

‘Funny your hair aint exactly ginger.’

‘Knick name and you?’


‘Haven’t seen you in here before.’

‘First time.’

‘Who you with.’


Ging looked over.

‘Hail over here.’

Hail walked casually over to the bar.

‘Hail I’d like you to meet Laila, Laila this is Hail lead singe of Crucifix.’

She looked over at him he was a little younger than her dark hair make up spread across his face.

‘Nice to meet you you know you look just like…’

‘Marylin Manson every one says that my music’s slightly different than his.’

‘Can say that again.’

‘So are you staying for the show?’

‘Can’t wait.’

‘Well well well wait till I tell your boyfriend he’s really going to love this.’

Laila turned facing the plump girl.

‘Oh it’s you!’ she said sarcastically.

‘Well fancy seeing you here daint think that they were the sort of people that’s in your league.’

‘And what’s that supposed to mean.’

‘Look at you you’re a blimp.’

‘Not every ones perfect try looking in the mirror, oh sorry I forgot you cant it shattered into tiny pieces.’

‘At least I can please a man.’

‘What stretch your legs out and your anybodies!’

‘I’ll take your bloke for a run.’

Laila’s fist shot across her face.

She fell to the floor.

‘Stay away from me bitch.’

‘Or what?’

Laila went for her again, Ging jumped the bar his eyes glazed.

‘Stay away from her got it!’

She nodded.

‘Come on we’ll take you somewhere you can calm down.’

Ging, Hail, and Laila walked away leaving the girl stumped.

Ging draped her arm round her and they all walked away, they took her into another room closing the door behind them.

Hail pulled her down onto the sofa, his arm placed firmly round her.

‘Where’s Laila?’

‘Don’t know’.

‘You looking for your friend?’


‘She’s with Ging some girl started on her he took her into one of the rooms to calm down.’

Ging poured Laila a brandy slipping a clear substance into it. He walked back over to the sofa and knelt down in front of Laila passing her the drink.

‘Here to steady your nerves.’


She took the drink off him.

‘So what was all that about?’


‘Pretty big nothing.’

Laila sipped the drink. Hail and Ging looked at one another.

‘Just an ex I had him she had to take him off me now she’s trying it again.’

‘If she does we’ll kill her.’

Laila choked.

‘I wish someone would.’

‘Leave it to us.’

Laila swigged the spiked brandy off, Ging placed the empty glass on the table.

Her head began to spin it felt heavy and fuzzy, She tried to pull herself to her feet her legs felt weak like jelly she dropped.

Hail caught her.

‘Come on we better get her on stage.’

Hail lifted Laila’s lifeless body up swinging her over his shoulders.

He carried her onto the stage behind the black curtains. Hail loosed her. Her legs dropped aimlessly.

’What shit did you put in her drink?

‘Good shit.’

‘You’ll have to help me get her on to the crucifix.’


They both held Laila’s lifeless body still tying her wrists and anckles to the crucifix.


‘No probs, and don’t get screwing it up.’

‘I won’t.’

Ging leaped off the stage, the set was black, as the band took there places inro-ing,

‘Come on we better get back in its Crucifix time.’

‘What are they going on about?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘Go on girls it’s the main act not to be missed.’

‘But we haven’t found our friend yet.’

‘She’s probably still with Ging go in and enjoy yourselves.’

They looked at one another.

‘Well I suppose it wont hurt she’ll come out to us when she’s ready.’

They walked back into the crowded room it seemed to more packed than it was when they walked in. hail returned to the stage the band kicked in. the crowed screamed.

’You know what time it is? Hail said holding the microphone out into the crowed.

‘Crucifix time.’

‘I can’t hear you.’

’Crucifix time.

‘I still can’t hear you.’


’The room rumbled.

‘That’s better I’m going to do things a little differently tonight.’

‘Oh…’ the crowed sighed.

‘But… I have already chosen.’

The crowd roared.


The curtain’s levered up.

‘This is Laila she’ll be helping me tonight.’

Cameo and Delta screamed. ‘NO!’

The bouncers grabbed them.

‘Sorry about that guys.’

Laila slowly began to come round hazy faces round her. Her eardrums nearly popped as the drums rolled and the guitars kicked in and hail began to sing.

‘She’s on the crucifix what shall I do?’

‘Kill her!’

‘She’s hung for doing wrong what shall I do?’

‘Kill her!’

He held the microphone out to the crowd.

‘I can’t hear you.’

‘Kill her!’

Her friends screamed tears flooding down their faces. They’d been told about the crucifixion, but never had expected, or believed that it would happen to one of them.

He pulled a knife out of his pocket showing it to the audience, they stood shocked.

‘Child of the crucifix could do no wrong but she lost her way what shall I do?’

‘Kill her!’

‘The gods have spoken we must kill the child of the crucifix of the devil.’

Hail turned winking at Laila.

He slashed her.

Her head hung limp.

‘A cross I leave on the child of the crucifix now she is dead the devil is no longer.’

The room filled with wolf whistles.

‘Goodnight and god bless.’

The lights dimmed the curtains closed.

The crowed cheered as her friends were pulled away.

‘Will she be okay?’

‘Yeah it’s fake.’ He answered bending the knife.

‘So why’s she like that for?’

‘Fainted I guess.’

They pulled her off the crucifix he placed Laila over his shoulders.

‘I’ll take her back to the flat.’

‘I’ll see you in the morning to check everything’s okay.’

Hail slipped out the back stage door as Ging went back behind the bar.

Laila gradually woke, her head lay on a soft pillow she turned only to be faced with a beaming white tooth smile staring at her. ‘Where am I?’

Hail’s smile faded. ‘In my flat.’’

Laila’s eyes finally focused her head still a little fuzzy.


He smiled.

‘What am I doing here?’

She pulled herself up, her head spun, pains shot across her head, she squinted. She placed her hand on her head.

‘Chill Laila.’

‘How long have I been here?’

‘Since two this morning.’

‘Shit Cameo and Delta.’

‘Don’t worry about them.’

‘They’re my friends.’

‘So am I.’

‘What’s going on?’

‘Wait till Ging gets here then all will be explained.’

‘What’s there to explain? My friends are probably wondering where I am and why I left them.’

‘I doubt it they probably think you’re dead.’


‘I’ll get Ging to explain he does it so much better than me.’



He placed his finger on her lips.

‘Ging will tell you everything.’

He smiled taking his finger off her lips replacing it with his lips before she had chance to ask any more questions.

He moved away and placed his hand on her face

‘Now get some rest all your questions will be answered soon.’

She smiled vaguely.

‘Now rest’

He pulled himself up of the bed and walked away. Laila laid her head on the pillow wondering what the hell was going on, and why her friends would think that she was dead? As she gradually closed her eyes.

‘How is she?’

‘She’s got a headache, but apart from that she’s fine.’


‘She’s been asking questions.’

‘What sort of questions?’

‘Like the why she’s here and the what for type of questions.’

‘Did you tell her anything?’

‘No I told her I’d let you explain.’

Laila slowly woke.


Ging looked at Hail angrily.

‘Sorry habit.’

Laila pulled herself up looking directly at Ging.

‘What’s going on?’

‘Geese daint take you long to ask that question.’

‘Well!’ She snapped.

Ging and Hail walked over to her. Ging sat on the bed taking her hands in his, Hail staring angrily at them.

‘Look it’s a thing we do every Saturday to get the cowed going.’

‘What the crucifix thing?’


‘So you’re telling me slashing a girl to pieces half to death amuses people?’

‘Well yeah.’

‘You’re sick.’

He smiled

‘Well it gets people in don’t it?’

She stared at him she would’ve admitted it was true but how could she when she’d never saw it.

‘So who was you victim last night?’


‘But I thought someone was picked form out of the audience?’

‘Rules can be changed.’

‘So last night was all just an act to get me up on stage?’

‘Well not how we planned it.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I picked you long before we were introduced’

‘You’re sick.’

They smiled.

‘So how come I’m still here? Why aren’t I dead? What do you want from me?’

‘Whowh one question at a time.’

‘Just answer me!’

‘Well one you’re still here because the act was fake and two is the same as one, and three is that we want you to be part of the act every Saturday Hail will choose you from the crowed for you to die on the crucifix every Saturday for say mmh six months.’

‘You’re crazy you’re seriously tapped in the head what if I say no?’

‘Then we will kill you.’

‘What if I say yes what happens then?’

‘Not sure we’ll decide when the time comes.’

‘What about my friends and my boyfriend?’

‘They’ll see you sooner or later, but for now we will let them think you are dead.’

‘You’re crazy.’

‘Well you in or not?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘You’ve got till the end of the week then you go on stage understood!’


Ging loosed her hands pulling himself up off the bed.

‘I’ll see you Saturday try and get her to change her mind.’

‘I will.’

Ging looked at Laila.

‘Choose wisely the wrong answer might cost you your life.’

He turned to Hail. ‘Saturday.’

Hail smiled, Ging closed the flat door behind him. Hail locked it three bolts in all.

‘Why are you locking it?’

‘Just encase.’

Hail walked over the room sand sat on the bed looking at her.

‘What gives anyway how come he gets to tell you what to do?’

‘It’s the way it’s always been.’

‘What you his shadow?’

‘No his brother.’

Laila looked at Hail.

‘So how come he can get away with this shit?’

‘He is the owner of Sphinx.’

‘But he’s just a barman.’

‘That’s what he wants people to think.’

‘How many times have you done this before?’

‘A few.’

‘So why me? Why not any other girl?’

‘Because I like you.’


Laila fell silent stuck for words. She looked at him. ‘But.’


He placed his lips on hers kissing her, she foolishly returned his kiss.

Laila woke with Hail’s arm draped lifelessly over her. What had happened? She had no idea, only Hail could answer that question. She pulled her self up, he suddenly woke.

‘Where are you going?’

‘Bathroom, you going to follow me there to?’


He looked at her.

‘What’s up with you this morning?’


‘Don’t sound like it’.

‘What happened last night?’

‘Nothing why?’

‘So you didn’t? We didn’t?’

‘Not unless you want me to.’

He pulled himself up.

He placed his lips on hers kissing her.

He pulled away.

‘You better go.’

She smiled as his arm dropped from round her she pulled herself out of bed and to her feet.

‘Where is it?’

‘The second door.’

Laila walked wearily out of the room pushing the second door open walking aimlessly into the bathroom. She fresh end up, and looked in the mirror tears rolling down her face. What had she got herself into? Her friends thought she was dead. She wiped her tears of her face splashing it with water noticing a mark on her neck. ‘Wha!’ She said staring closer into the mirror.

She moved away, opened the door and walked out of the bathroom angrily back into the living area.

‘Alright babe?’

‘What’s this?’

‘What’s what?’

‘The love bite on my neck.’

‘Sorry I got a little carried away it will be gone by Saturday nothing to worry yourself over.’

‘I told you I’m with someone.’

‘That didn’t stop you kissing me last night. ’

‘That was a mistake I’m with someone.’

‘Not now you aint you’re here with me so deal with it.’

‘And how long are you keeping me a prisoner for?’

‘You’re not a prisoner you can come and go as you please.’

‘So I’ll go right now shall I?’

Hail shrugged his shoulders.

Laila headed towards the door. Hail sprung to his feet and across the room she placed her hand on the door handle pushing it down opening it. Hail quickly closed it.


‘I thought you said I wasn’t a prisoner? I thought you said I could come and go as I pleased?’

‘Its not me its Ging if he finds out I’ve let you out he’ll kill us both.’

‘What you scared I might give the game away?’

‘Please Laila stay.’

‘And if I say no?’

‘Just stay we need to sort things out.’

‘Like what?’

‘Whether or not you’re in on our scam?’

‘I told Ging and I’m telling you I don’t know.’

‘Just consider it for me.’

‘What’s in it for me?’

‘I promise when the six months are over you’re free to go.’

‘Can you keep your promise?’



He smiled, placing his lips on hers kissing her.

He moved away.

‘Come on I’ll get us something to eat.’

He took her hand leading her over to the sofa.

‘Sit down and I’ll grab us something to eat.’

She smiled and sat down he loosed her hand and walked out of the living space into the kitchen banging doors.

He returned an hour later with two plates.

‘Will beans on toast do? I couldn’t find nothing else.’

‘As long as it’s not poisoned.’

‘Don’t be ridiculous.’

He passed her the plate, she took it off him, and he sat besides her. She stared at the beans on toast.

’What’s up?

She looked at Hail.

‘How did I get up on stage? Cause I know I wouldn’t do it for all the money in the world.’

‘Well.’ He coughed.

‘Ging spiked my drink didn’t he?’

‘It was the only way.’

‘Did you drug the other girls?’

‘No, they were all up for it.’

‘So why drug me?’

’I knew that we’d have trouble one night. I looked into your eyes then I knew that you wouldn’t be up for it.

‘So how did Ging know?’

‘Ging knows everything. ’


‘Cut the questions and eat.’

‘What if you’ve drugged that too so you can screw me.’

’If I wanted to screw you I would, I don’t need no drug to do it now eat! (He said angrily)

She dug her fork in scooping up the beans into her mouth, accompanied by the toast.

‘They okay?’


She took more scoops then polished it off the.

‘So why are we sleeping in the same bed?’

‘I’ll sleep on the sofa if you prefer, just thought it would be nice for you to wake up to someone lying next to you.’

‘It makes a change.’

‘So, your boyfriend don’t sleep over?’

‘Not really my flat mate don’t like him.’


Laila shrugged her shoulders.

‘Who knows she’s weird.’


‘You got any lemonade?’

‘Yeah hang on.’ He paused. ‘Finished?’

Laila passed him the empty plate, he took it off her.

He pulled himself up walking away and into the kitchen he placed the empty plates in the sink found out two glasses then filled them with lemonade.

He walked back into the living space and passed Laila a glass of lemonade before he sat down besides her.

‘So you a virgin?’

‘That’s a bit personal.’

‘Well are you?’

‘No. Just cause he don’t stop over don’t mean to say that we haven’t screwed each other.’

‘That told me.’

‘Sure did.’

‘So had many boyfriends?’

‘Not really.’

‘Was he your first?’

‘What’s with all the questions?’

‘I want to get to know you.’

‘Why? You don’t need to. You only want me here for you stupid publicity stunt.’

‘No I don’t. I’ve already told you, I like you.’

‘Yeah what – ever!’

He placed his hand under her chin, turning her to face him. ‘I do. I don’t care what you look like, and as for as that slag goes who’d look at her twice? I know I wouldn’t. I want you, and if it takes six months to get you then so be it.’


He placed his lips on hers kissing her. He moved away.

She yawned



‘Lye down.’

Laila placed the glass on the floor, and pulled herself up onto the sofa lying her head across his lap. He glided his hand down her face she slowly closed her eyes.

Laila slowly opened her eyes to find her head firmly resting on a pillow. Hail wasn’t there and he was supposed to be where was he? He wasn’t supposed to let her out of his sight.

Hail walked back into the living space from the kitchen.

‘Oh you’re awake.’


‘Shift your legs.’

Laila pulled her legs up, Hail sat next to her she lay her legs over him. He placed his arms over them.

‘Where have you been?’

‘Just to get some stuff.’


’Don’t worry Laila I wasn’t gone that long you were fast asleep when I left this morning.

‘You stayed on the sofa all night?’

‘Most of it.’


‘I didn’t want to disturb you.’

‘Oh right.’

‘Have you decided if you’re going to help us or not?’

‘Geese give it a rest that’s all I’ve heard for the last two days.’

‘I know but Ging is coming over Saturday and he expects an answer’

‘I said I’d think about it, and I am okay! Just don’t keep bringing it up okay!’

‘Okay.’ He paused. ‘I didn’t think living with you would be this hard.’ He muttered.

‘What did you say?’


‘Yes you did what did you say?’

‘I said I didn’t think living with you would be this hard.’

‘I didn’t ask for this. All I want is for you to shut up about your scam for one day.’


‘Thanks.’ She paused then added. ‘So why did you choose me?’

‘I thought you didn’t want to talk about it.’

‘I don’t. I’d just like to know why you chose me there must’ve been a hundred girls out there that night better than me.’

‘There were other girls, but you were the only one that I wanted. The only one that caught my eye, the one I wanted for the finally.’

‘But I’m not that pretty. I’m not picture perfect, and I’m defiantly not thin.’

‘Stop putting yourself down you’re beautiful your weight is no issue, you’re perfectly structured.’

‘You’re just saying that to get inside me.’

Hail placed his hand under her chin turning her to his direction so that she was looking into his eyes. ‘Don’t you trust me?’

‘I don’t trust anyone especially those who kidnap me and expect me to do as they say or die.’

‘You’re beautiful you’ve just got to believe that.’

‘What if he goes off with her?’

‘Then he don’t love you does he?’

‘I guess not’

‘Look only a fool would go with her, only a fool would loose you without putting up a fight first.’


‘No buts.’

He leaned forward, she sat their nervously as he placed his lips on hers kissing her

He moved away. ‘Now stop putting yourself down you’re really attractive I think so, so does Ging if he didn’t you wouldn’t have lived so long.’

‘What is he some kind of psycho?’

‘No. Just he like what he sees and he likes you, and so do I.’

‘Is that why you chose me?’

‘We needed a girl with balls and attitude and you’ve got them.’

‘I wouldn’t say that.’

‘We both saw you with that girl and the way you went for her like you didn’t give a shit.’

‘She’d been asking for it for a long time she wound me up.’

‘Look we knew you’d be perfect it’s like a team the three of us.’

‘Where is he now?’

‘He’ll be back come Saturday when it all kicks off he’ll be here almost every night of the week.’

‘Great two psychos’.

‘Hey! I’m not that bad.’

‘You can’t say that your act is normal cause it aint.’

‘It’s just an act Laila just to get the crowed going after a night of mosh.’

‘You’re seriously demented.’

‘Just remember you made yourself the target.’


‘You spoke to Ging.’

‘It would’ve still happened if I hadn’t.’

‘I guess, but I wanted it to be you and no one else, we’d planned it for weeks. Waiting for the right girl to come along, but they never did. Not until you, it had to work we didn’t expect you to get yourself into a fight, your drink was supposed to be spiked at the bar while we spoke, but it had to be changed, everything had to be changed. Neither of us expected you to be out cold for the whole of the performance you were supposed to scream for you mercy, but nothing, but the show had to go on no matter what.’

‘I did wake up I saw you winking at me.’

‘You were supposed to wake before then. I’m not getting any of that shit again. I thought it was weird how your head flopped when I used a toy knife. I used food colouring to make it look like I slashed you to your death no one noticed it was fake they were to busty cheering me on to realise that’s how good I was.’

‘I hate knives I’ve got a phobia I usually pass out as soon as I see one.’

‘You’ll have to try not to cause if Ging catches on he’ll flip a mental.’

Who said I was going to help you?’

‘Please Laila, you’re the best girl for it. Just think about it for me.’

‘Okay, just don’t bug me about it okay.’

Hail smiled.

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Dea Spears: Best book I've ever read. If you have some great stories like this one, you can publish it on NovelStar.

Sayhan: A great read so far. Good build up of suspense. My issue would be about Kazumi's and Sayaka's relationship, which is not very obvious.Characterwise, Yuko and Minami were obviously the most likeable characters so far and their connection was clearly stronger than the relationship Minami has with b...

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