Mafia King

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Daniele, Gianni, Armani, Santino Robustelli are the sons of Valerio Robustelli A well known business man in Italy with many contacts Gianni is set to take over his fathers business with his at enty o the only catch is he has to find a wife. He has just the girl in mind Alora Benson who he met almost eight years ago when they moved to the U.K. they were good friends well a lot more than good friends she was his first love but due to family circumstances his family had to leave and move back to Italy. Now he’s back in the U.K to find her and take her back to Italy with him for their wedding. He has no idea of his Italian life of what his family were they were ordinary people to her, will she realise that he is intact the Mafia king and their marriage will seal a lot of business deals within the Mafia circle.

Thriller / Romance
Emma Louise
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Part 1 - Alora

Alora walked alone to her final class of the day she’d got three months left at uni before she earned her degree. She was meeting Liana later to go to the most exquisite club in the city starlight; Liana had got them VIP seen as her brother: Castillo Adesso owned the club. They ran a shit load of clubs here in the U.K. and many more in Italy they were well known for their dealings with the Italian Mafia. He was hot and he knew it, he prayed on girls that knew he was and Italian sex god. Most of the Adesso family worked in the clubs across the U.K. and Italy. Alora didn’t know much about their background, but she knew enough not to get involved Liana kept herself to herself. They’d become friends at college and six years on they were still friends. She just wished Gianni was still around; he’d have loved it at Uni, he was a real popular guy that only had eyes for her.

They’d met in the last two years of high school and had hit it off right away. She knew he had three other brothers and his father was a well outed business man, what she didn’t know was his family and Liana’s family were connected to each other. Castillo had promised he’d watch over her; she was like a sister to him. She’d spent most weekends at their six bedroom house Liana and Alora were joined at the hip. He was now in the U.K. and he was going to take her home, his home. Castillo has called him a week ago letting him know that both her and liana were going to be at starlight the evening of the 21st He’d given them VIP passes to go into the VIP lounge he said once Gianni had arrived he’d be waiting for him to take him to her. He

also said that Alora was staying at there’s the weekend. Gianni has told him to pack some bags cause he and Liana were joining him in Italy for the holidays. He agreed and disconnected.

Liana had met Alora after her class had finished and they headed back to her house to have dinner, shower. Get ready and plaster themselves in makeup. Both of them were wearing short dresses, one black and a violet colour matching clutch bags and high heeled shoes, their makeup not too extravagant but enough to get noticed. They linked arms going out of the house. Liana locked you, making sure that the alarm was active.

They slipped onto the stretch limo sliding across the leathers seats the music pumping. The door closed and the driver got in pulling away.

‘I can’t wait Til we get there.’

‘How the hell you manage VIP Lia?’

‘My Bro. You know he owns the club.’

‘I do.’

‘It’s your birthday Alora. I know you like to live it up like you did last year.’

‘Don’t remind me I was shit faced.’

‘We were drunk Alora and you will be tonight. We will be totally wrecked. Your 21st was a blast this one will be better. We’ll be with the stars and not like last year. Castillo tried to get them last year, but they were all gone not this year ug- ugh he made sure he got them.’

‘Thanks for all this.’

‘My pleasure hun you’re like a sister to me and I know Castillo feels the same.’

She smiled. Liana poured them some champagne. ‘To us and all of our memories and making new ones in the future. Happy birthday babe.’

They clinked glasses drinking their champagne, two bottles later they’d arrived at the club and tipsy. The driver opened the door and they got out Liana tipped the driver before we walked over to the club entrance. Castillo stood by the door waving them in. The line to get in was huge and many unhappy faces stared at them as Liana waved the VIP’S in front of their faces, smiling.

‘You’re evil Lia.’

‘I know.’ She Chucked. ‘They’re just jealous that we are VIP and they’re not.’

‘Follow me it’s up the stairs.’

They followed Castillo through the corridor which was pre lit with red lights the music thumping louder as they walked further down. They came here the same time last year and had queue for two hours before Castillo finally called them in and apologised for their wait. Not tonight they were VIP and they got a free pass allowing them in before the gathered line going past the car park it was going to be a busy night tonight.

He opened the door at the top of the stairs. ‘Welcome to the VIP ladies. Keep your tags around your necks at all times or you won’t be aloud back in.’

‘Thanks bro.’

‘Thanks Castillo.’

‘My pleasure. And happy birthday Alora.’ He said kissing her on the cheek.


‘Enjoy your evening.’ He closed the door as he left.

The two friends linked arms ‘This is it Alora, are you ready to do this?’

‘As ready as I’ll ever be Lia.’

We took a deep breath. We could still hear the music pumping as we entered the VIP room. It was almost a mirror of downstairs, but more luxurious with the leather sofas spread across the back of the room, the bar the other. Many Celebrities gathered and groupies. This was going to be fun. ‘Come on let’s get a drink.’

We walked over to the bar ordering cocktails. The room soon became full. He stood at the bar. He looked at Alora and Lana. ‘So what can I get you girls?’

‘Sorry were not interested we don’t know you.’

‘How rude of me I’m Raven, my band is over their the misfits.’

‘Holy crap we’re sorry.’

He smiled. ‘So what can I get you lovely ladies?’

‘Sex on the beech.’

‘Coming up.’ He smiled calling the waiter over. We waited as he made the cocktails and placed them down with the scotch in the rocks.’


‘My pleasure.’ He studied both of us. ‘So how come I haven’t seen you in here before?’

‘Lia’s brother got us the VIP’s for tonight.’

‘Must be an important night.’

Liana spoke this time. ‘It is its Alora’ s birthday.’

‘So how old are you Alora?’

‘I’m twenty two.’

He leaned forward pressing his lips on hers kissing her she felt faint. ‘Happy birthday.’


He smiled trying not to laugh. ‘You know you two are really different than the other girls here, you don’t fall over yourselves to get to know me or my band. What’s your secret?’

‘We don’t have one.’

‘I’m sure that’s not true.’

‘It is.’

‘She’s right you may be hot, but we don’t class ourselves as low as your groupies. We enjoy your music. And we never fall over celebs. It’s so degrading.’

‘I like your honesty. Here some VIP tickets to our next gig.’ He said holding them out.

‘Are you sure?’

‘I am please take them.’


They took the tickets and they both looked at them. ‘This is in Italy.’

‘Not a problem is it?’

‘We’re at uni.’

‘You have passports right?’

‘Yeah Bu..’

‘I’d like it if you were there . They include backstage passes too. We’re on for three nights; these are for the last night. I don’t give them away, likely I’d like your company after the show so whatever it takes be there.’


They looked at each other and how the hell were they going to get to Italy the gig was in a few days.

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