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The Cured

By NikkiVale All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Mystery

Chapter 1

I smile to myself as my hands whisper across the peeling paint of the damp walls while I feel my way blindly down the halls. I hear the incessant drip dropping of water and smell the mold and mildew stench of the place assuaging my nostrils. I’m getting closer.

I can smell his fear as he waits whimpering in the darkness.No worries, I shall bring him out of the darkness soon and into the all-consuming light.All dark deeds shall have their day in the sun and his will come soon, but not today.Today is a time for learning, a time for change.We are as a teacher to student or as a parent to child and I will correct his behavior accordingly.

I reach up pulling the chain overhead turning on the one light in the room where he is held captive, illuminating the slimy green moss covered brick walls of his personal hell. His pupils turn to pinpoints and he huddles as deep as he can into the iron chair he’s bound to.I feel a surge of power course through me at the fear reflected in his eyes.

I grab his cheeks roughly between my fingers causing his lips to purse and stare into his red-rimmed eyes. Yes, you thought you were going to defile me.To control me, but it is you who will become the defiled, the damaged and tormented; begging for my mercy, I think to myself, but say nothing.

I slowly pull the scalpel from my leather jacket and hold it up to his right eye. He really does have lovely striking blue eyes. A fat lot of good that will do him here.I run the edge of the blade swiftly over the top of his eyelid. I quickly do the same to the other lid, removing them both within seconds before he even has time to register what has happened.I smile in pride at my accomplishment.I really have become quite adept at this.

The man begins squirming and screaming around the black ball-gag in his mouth as realization sets in. His wrists are bleeding from the handcuffs biting into his skin as he fights against them.I shake my head and click my tongue at him in disappointment.

“Now, now Harold. Save your energy for later.This is only the beginning,” I warn him in a low voice next to his face.I turn and lick a stream of salty tears mingled with his blood from his cheeks.I straighten and remove a small bottle of vinegar from my jacket along with some cotton balls and apply it to his severed eyelids.

“Hold still,” I command, grabbing him by his hair. “I’m doing you a favor.I need to slow down the bleeding.You need to see or else what’s the point?” I ask rhetorically, shrugging my shoulders.

Tears are steadily running down his ruddy cheeks, but that’s to be expected from someone with no eyelids to blink them away. I pat his cheek with my black leather-gloved hand and kiss him lightly on the forehead.He is my child after all and after every punishment comes a little clemency.

I walk over to the flat screen T.V. and DVD player, brought down and set up just for special occasions like this. I put in the DVD and press play setting it to continually restart once it ends.

“Enjoy the show, Harold.I’ll be back for more fun later,” I tell him.I whistle my favorite tune as I turn off the light and find my way out of the darkness of Harold’s personal hell and into the light from above.

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