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Chapter 9

“He’s trying Stella.” Daisy mumbled softly while changing the channels on LED.

“You’re fooling yourself Daisy. I can understand if you can’t see his actions because you love him but I can clearly see his behavior. He is so detached from you from the time you disagree to be physical with him before marriage. I can only say he wants your body and don’t love you at all.” Stella didn’t hesitate one bit to put forward the things going inside her brain.

“But he’s really trying this time. He even called in the morning to inform me about the party of his boss tonight. He wants me to accompany him.” Daisy said in smooth voice trying to change Nick’s perception in Stella’s eyes.

Stella sighed and took a long pause before speaking again. “Fine! I’ll do your makeover tonight.” She mused and Daisy let out a small chuckle.

This girl just loves to do makeovers of everyone. Often time Daisy would suggest her to start her own saloon or something like that.

Things are going normal luckily. A month has passed after that delusion or incident, she didn’t care much about it.

She’s visiting her psychiatrist almost every three days in a week. He’s a wonderful psychiatrist. Daisy didn’t know if it’s his therapy of listening to her everyday routine and the things going inside her head or him believing her is the reason that she’s calmer and at peace these days.

His therapy is really soothing, when there would be nothing to talk he would suggest her to discuss her goals and stuff. She wasn’t only getting herself treated but on the other hand it was kind of her internship.

It’s not a witty move but more like intelligent one. Just after one week of her counseling she was feeling all good and normal. He even suggested if she’s feeling normal they can end the therapy but it was her who insisted on continuing it because she was getting experience from a professional psychiatrist that too for free.

Daisy has coped up with her brain. The things that happened a month ago was hidden far away in her brain. She didn’t think about it anymore and didn’t ponder on it much. She has come to the terms, if it happened then it happened and if it was her delusion then let it be her delusion. She didn’t want to stay rooted at that stage of her life and live in circles.

The best thing Daisy could come up with is to let go of it. The things that aren’t in your control must be put aside and let it be, this is the only way she could proceed in life and that is what she did.

Jayden has changed drastically in this month. He didn’t bully her in the university anymore. She would often found chocolates and roses in her locker. Jayden didn’t confront her after that night, but she knows it’s his doing. He’s behaving like her secret admirer leaving love cards in her locker which are from “J.” Like whom could be this “J” person who’ll be her secret admirer. High chances are it’s Jayden but often times when she’ll found such gifts in her bag or things in her locker, she would eventually found Jacob staring at her from around somewhere.

Jacob literally gives her creeps. Stella is blindly in love with him, but he like always flirts around. Luckily he didn’t dare to flirt with her but that didn’t mean he won’t stare at her like a creep. He often gives her the vibes of a person with hidden motives behind. She avoids him at all costs.

“You look stunning.” Stella complimented and Daisy just gave a twirl for her friend. She was looking gorgeous in her red dress. Stella has done an excellent work on her. Daisy’s makeup was on point, soft just like she wanted. Her thick black locks were covering her back in wavy curls.

“Nick will be whipped.” Stella chirped and Daisy just chuckled at her enthusiasm. Someone rings the bell, and they know Nick is here to pick her up.

Giving herself one last glance. She walked out of her apartment. Nick was looking at her with wide eyes. “You look gorgeous.” He complimented and she just gave him a shy smile.

She and Nick met in university. He was her senior and once juniors were given an assignment which needed seniors as partners. She finds him really descent at that time, so she approached him for the assignment, and they became good friends. She got really attached to him and just after couple of months Nick proposed to her. She was the happiest, it’s her first relationship. After few days of their relation Nick took her on a date, and they had their first kiss, he wanted to proceed the make out session, but she didn’t let it proceed any further. His mood became sour and that beautiful date literally ended up disastrous.

Nick booked a cab, and they reached the mansion like place within minutes. She was looking at that huge place in awe. It was gigantic and beautiful.

They walked in, hand in hand. Daisy felt extremely out of place. The whole place was screaming money. Not only that even the people around were wearing extremely expensive and branded clothes, women were adorned in diamonds.

She didn’t like it here, as all the men were giving them glances making her feel more awkward.

Nick took her along with him towards the group of people, who were hanging out near the bar. They were his colleagues. He introduced her to them. “You didn’t wear any jewelry.” A blond girl named Alicia remarked in a taunting way.

Daisy would’ve understood her remark if Alicia was rich but knowing that she also belongs to same level as hers and still Alicia taunting her didn’t set well with Daisy. Why so much hate? Daisy decided to ignore her, which got a chuckle from few of the men in that group.

“I hope y’all are having good time.” Came the unknown voice.

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