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Chapter 10

“I hope y’all are having good time.” Came the unknown voice.

They all straightened up hearing that voice. With small greetings they all scurried away. Daisy’s brows furrowed as she turns around to face a very good-looking man in tux. No doubt he was extremely charming.

“Sir, thank you so much for inviting us in you success party.” Nick said with respect dripping from his voice and that is when Grace realized that it was none other than his boss.

“And who is this pretty lady?” The boss asked as he not once looked away from Daisy. The way he was looking at her shocked her to the core. There was familiarity in his eyes, as if he knows her.

“This is my girlfriend Daisy Kace. And Daisy this my boss Marcus Jade.” Nick introduced them.

Marcus took Daisy’s hand and gave a soft kiss on it in a gentleman manner. “You’re looking lovely Miss. Kace.” Marcus said and all she did was stare at him deadly.

She knows him! But from where?

“Nick, talk to Miss. Carol regarding the investors meeting tomorrow.” Marcus said to Nick who with a happy nod left Daisy with this unknown boss of his.

“Would you like to have a drink Daisy?” Daisy’s eyes literally doubled in size at the flip of his behavior, just in front of Nick he was being so formal and now he’s being way too casual with her. Why?

She felt uneasy all of a sudden. That weird feeling of being watched returned with full force. Her crystal blue eyes briskly looked around in panic but nothing seems suspicious or out of place.

“Daisy?” His calm voice brought her out of her trance. “Huh?” She breathed still in her trance. “Are you alright?” He asks softly and she nodded her head. Sweat formed on her forehead. “I-I’m fine thank you.” She mumbled softly and took the glass of water as she drinks it softly.

“You grew up into a beautiful woman Daisy.” Marcus mumbled softly, his eyes having a faraway look with the smile on his face made her confused.

“Do I know you?” She asked softly still trying her very best to recall who this man is. He’s talking to her as if he knows everything about her whereas she’s oblivious of who he is.

“It’s not the right time.” He mumbled under his breath and her brows furrowed. Is he playing a prank on her because it’s creeping her out right now.

“What do you mean?” She demanded rather coldly this time, which earned a chuckle from him as he arched his brow at her.

“Nothing, Daisy.” He abruptly moved forward, holding her head from behind he kissed her temple intensely making her flinch as she was taken off guard by his sudden bold act.

Letting go of her, he walked away not before muttering. “We’ll meet again, real soon.” His words held deep emotions which she was unable to decipher.

Daisy stood there dumbfounded. Nick was nowhere in sight, and she felt all alone in this unknown place. Her eyes landed on the food presented in a buffet style. Picking up a plate she served herself some delicious looking food which she never tasted before.

Sitting on a sofa in the corner she ate her food silently. There was this heavy feeling on her heart, she needs to see her psychiatrist first thing in the morning.

Even her food got finished yet there was no sight of Nick anywhere. A waiter approached her. “Ma’am sir Nick is calling you on second floor first room.” With that said he just left, leaving a confused Daisy behind.

Why would Nick call her in some unknown room. Her gut feeling was saying to not go there but her brain was curious enough to check.

She hesitantly walked up the stairs to the second floor and stood near the first door. Her brows shot up when a loud moan was heard from that room.

Her heart started beating erratically as millions of thoughts roamed her head. She was just about to leave but a loud manly voice had her steps halting.

With shaky hands she turned the knob and it wasn’t locked. Her heart dropped to the pit of her stomach as she stared at Nick fucking Alicia. She was moaning loudly as he was grunting.

A sob escaped her lips, and she didn’t wait for them to see her pathetic tears as she shut the door with a loud bang and ran out of that place.

She was running on the streets in her dress as tears poured out of her eyes freely. She just ran, her heart was aching badly.

Daisy saw a club nearby so without much of a thought she went in their and started drinking like crazy. She was crying and drinking, her throat burned, but she didn’t stop. Loud music just became like a buzzing sound to her numb form.

She was drinking, so she could get rid of the ache in her heart but it wasn’t going away. Just because she didn’t give him her body he decided to cheat on her.

Bartender was giving her a pity look which she was hating so much at the moment, he even asked her to give someone’s number, so he could call them for her help, but she just ignored him and continued to drink.

After few glasses she was all tipsy and barely in her senses. Everything including people appears two in her sight of vision. A man who was sitting beside her all this while motioned at the bartender to stop pouring her more drink but Daisy wasn’t in her senses anymore.

She started crying and the bartender has to pour her yet another drink, she was completely wasted.

Daisy felt a strong calloused hand on her waist as someone hailed her up and supported her in a walk. She was barely conscious to know who was taking her and to God knows where.

She heard his words loud and clear before darkness consumed her senses.

“You’re finally mine, Daisy.”

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