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Chapter 11

Daisy was in déjà vu her whole body was buzzing due to needles pricking pain on her side. She groaned and tried to turn her body, but she couldn’t. Her eyes were closed forcefully, she cannot even open them.

A painful gasp escaped her lips when someone injected something in her arm and slowly she lost her consciousness again.

Daisy felt her head heavy as if boulder of weight was placed on her head. She let out a groan and tried to touch her head, massaging her temples would ease some pain but as soon as she felt her hands to be in restrains, her eyes shot opened wide as she stared at the golden crafted ceiling.

First instinct was it’s not her room. Her eyes looked around the room afraid. She was somewhere unknown on someone else’s bed. The room was so lavish and posh, screaming money. The walls were dark gray and black, giving an intimidating dark aura. There’s a large glass wall to the left and the sunset clearly says she didn’t even sleep for the night but also for the whole damn day.

Last night memories rushed back with full force. “Why Nick? Why?” She let her tears fall. Why this has to happen to her?

She felt a cool air hitting her skin and that is when her eyes went wide and her breathing hitch. With quivering lips she looked down on her body to find herself only in her black undergarments. But this didn’t make her whole body shaking in fear but rather a large bandage starting from her abdomen to the side of her left hip and ending at her thigh.

She tried to sit abruptly but her restrains of rope didn’t let her. She moved her body and let out a whimper because of the pricking pain in the bandaged area.

Daisy can vividly recall someone offer to help her at the bar when she was completely wasted. How can she be so careless? She trusts him like a blind girl, but she was barely in her senses at that time.

Why she’s in restrains? What that man wants from her. Her head and half of her body was aching badly. She was crying and barely able to think of anything at all.

She felt so scared, alone and vulnerable. The three things she hated the most.

The door creaked opened and Daisy’s eyes snapped towards the person only to be widened in fear.

Her chin quivered as large tears formed in her eyes. “N-no!” She stuttered in disbelief. The sheer fear she felt at that moment was indescribable.

There stood the killer with his mask on in the door frame. His face tilted slightly and it sent sheer fear down her body.

She closed her eyes tightly and shook her head in negative. “T-this is not r-real....” She repeated these words like a mantra.

When she didn’t hear any voice or movement she slowly opened her eyes to find him gone but a fearful scream left her lips, and she jolted away as he was sitting on the chair just beside her.

A loud sob escaped her lips, and she was unable to stop her fearful tears anymore. She pulled at her restrains harshly only to hurt herself in the process.

His deep voice made terrifying chills to run down her body as she trembled in her place.

“Finally, you’re up Baby girl.”

Her throat felt dry when she recalled this all to familiar voice. Her head whipped towards his direction, and she stared at him horrified out of her wits as he removed his mask.

“T-this can’t b-be.” She stuttered as she laid there not moving, petrified with this bone chilling reality.

A smirk appeared on his handsome face and her stomach knotted in pure anxiety and dread.

“Don’t be so surprised Daisy.” He mused, his deep voice resonating in the silent room making her breathing even harsher.

“You were the k-killer all this time.” She said this more to herself as panic hit her with full force. She was this close to the killer all this time, and she didn’t even realize it.

“Knowing that you’re a psychology student, I thought you would’ve got it by now.” He said with disapproval in his tone as if he didn’t like the fact that she didn’t catch him by herself.

All this, is a game for him!

“Y-you killed t-that man.” She cried out closing her eyes shut in utmost fear. Her mind refused to comprehend anything at all.

Is she being delusional again! She forced herself to wake up from this nightmare but every time she opens her eyes he’s just there staring at her with his piercing blue eyes.

“This is reality Daisy. Open your eyes.” He cooed in his deep voice making her tremble to in her place.

“W-What d-did you do to me?” She asked with trembling lips. The sheer fear of his presence was to such extent that she completely forgot that she was barely clothed in the presence of this killer.

Her question brought a smirk on his face that was dangerously terrifying to her. His facial expressions say a lot about his twisted mind.

“I just claimed my territory.” He said simply with a weird shine in his eyes. Her throat became dry as her lips quivered out of fright.

“W-What?” She breathed while taking loud puffs of breath.

He didn’t answer her but just stared at her with his piercing gaze. “It w-was you that n-night in my r-room.” She said with heavy heart and blurry vision.

“Yep.” His deep voice heavy this time, and she turned her face to the side.

“W-why?” She was lowly sobbing now, her heart constricting painfully in her chest.

“Because I want you.” His words were plain and clear, there was no emotion in his voice and these mere words sent chills down her spine.

“Let me go Tyson p-please. I-I will not t-tell anyone.” She pleaded desperately with her heart in her throat.

“It’s too late Daisy. My demons don’t want to let you go!” He rasped.

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