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Chapter 12

It’s been four days since she was laying on the same bed, in restraints as she stared out of the window, sun was setting as it’s rays appeared a soft hew of orange.

She was wearing a satin gown which he provided her with. She was only let out of the restraints and from the bed when she had to use the restroom.

The bandage just got removed in the morning and to say she was horrified would be an understatement. She was aghast as she peered at the dark ink that marked her white skin. Her face was priceless as she stared at that beautiful tattoo with dark blue diamond like craft in the middle of the design. But what got her throat to clog up was his name exquisitely crafted with the outline.

She felt violated and humiliated. How could he do such thing. The way his name stand out on her white skin clearly indicates his forced claim on her. He reduced her into a property, his territory!

She was crying since morning as she lay on the bed in restraints. And eventually as the hours passed her tears dried up. In morning-when she woke up the bandages were gone which simply meant he removed them while she was asleep.

Her mind was too much occupied with what’s happening to her. She was being kept here against her will and her captor is none other than a killer. It was all real, she wasn’t in any sort of delusion when she was blamed to be delusional and crazy. Everything was real, she’s sane and there’s no denying that.

Daisy didn’t even know if she should be happy knowing that she wasn’t delusional months back, or she should cry as she was kidnapped by the killer himself.

Come to think of it, she never realized or even thought for a second that her psychiatrist could be a killer. The mere thought of him sends chills down her spine.

In all these days, he never talked to her once, and she was way too petrified to even say a word. Oftentimes he would come in this room and sit on the wooden rocking chair in the corner and would stare at her like a creep.

With what she has seen slightly through the window, she can say that there’s no population around, and they’re in the middle of nowhere.

From last four days only one thought was running inside her head, she needs to escape from him. She wasn’t the least bit curious to know what does he want from her. Because what he did to her that night in her room was clear indication what he wants her for.

By now she was sure that all the times, she felt someone watching her, it was undoubtedly him. He’s a stalker and deep down the psychological part of her brain is confirming that he has developed an unkindly infatuation towards her.

This tattoo of his name on her body is screaming this thing only. She has calculated that he didn’t touch her yet and neither talked to her. He will come in her room with the food and make her eat. Once she’ll be done eating, he’ll restrain her again. Her whole body was stiff with being in one position for so long.

Maybe he was waiting for her to get better and now he’ll surely try something on her and before that, she must escape at all costs.

Her thoughts were broken as her whole body tensed when she heard the door opening and then closing once again. She flinched when he placed a shopping bag on the bed beside her. Her eyes hesitatingly met his cold blue ones, and she gulped immediately looking away.

A normal person would’ve thrown a tantrum of hysteria after being kidnapped, but she ain’t stupid. This man who is her captor is far more from a normal person and for that she has to keep her mind clear and think in different way.

According to her studies she knew that those people who are psychologically unstable likes dominance, their authority and control over everything. Let it be their things or the people they want.

So she’s being docile from past four days. Clearly giving him the aura that she’s scared of him and will submit easily. She didn’t know if he bought it or not, but she can only try.

“Wear this after shower and come out in 20 minutes.” His voice so deep as he said those words. He undid the ropes around her wrists and left the room.

Daisy let out a shuddering breath that she was holding in for so long. Standing up her legs felt wobbly for not being used for so long. Walking to the window she stared out to find herself on the second floor. She unlocked the window and it easily opened.

She was breathing heavily as she softly closed the window back locking it. Daisy can’t take the risk of running right after getting out of those restraints. She needs a solid plan. If she runs now, he’ll easily catch up to her and then her chances at escape will become minimum to none.

She hurriedly showered because she was needing a shower so much. It felt so good to shower after so many days. She brushed her teeth with the new set of brushes and then wore that dress. It was turtleneck twist knitted long dress that reached below her knees. Her feet were bare, so she wore the socks that was also in the shopping bag, she was glad for the warm clothes in this winter season. Her hairs were wet and cheeks looked pale.

Daisy should be afraid, but she did well counseling on herself to think otherwise. For a time being she made herself to think that he’s only her psychiatrist who kidnapped her and not the killer, it somehow helped with the fear, but she’s still scared out of her wits but then again, she needs to be strong internally and docile externally to trick him and then escape.

If he’s letting her out now, maybe he’ll start believing her, and she’ll escape using his trust because he’ll consider that she’s submitting, and he will be less alert than, which she’ll use to her advantage.

Only if she knew what she’s dealing with!

The dress was clinging to her body like a second skin as she slowly walked out of her room. There was a long corridor which stairs are going down. Daisy gulped as she stared at the expensive looking paintings that litter the wall.

Her steps were steady and cautious as her eyes hungrily took in each and every information that she can collect.

Daisy walked down the stairs and with her each and every step she felt a heavy boulder weighing her down. She was scared to face him, there’s no denying in that.

Stairs lead her to a huge lounge and it was far from anything normal. It was freaking lavish with a beautiful crystal chandelier in the middle of the ceiling. The whole place screamed money.

Her hands became sweaty when her eyes landed on the large main gate which can be her escape.

Daisy jumped in her place as she placed her hand on her heart to calm herself down. “You’re late!” Came his deep voice, and she pursed her lips tightly together.

His brown orbs stared at her from head to toe sending terrific chills to rundown her spine.

Tyson was sitting on the large comfy settee as his eyes were fixed on her. “Come here.” He ordered, but she stayed rooted to her spot not moving an inch. He arched his brow at her, as if daring her to defy him. Her heart was thudding wildly in her rib cage as she forced herself to move towards him and stopped two feet away from him.

“Sit down.” He ordered, and she gulped her anger down at his ridiculous orders. She quietly sat down and stared at her fidgeting fingers on her lap.

“How are you feeling?” He asked calmly, his voice giving nothing away, and she didn’t have the courage to look him in the eyes neither her tongue was cooperating with her. She simply nodded her head.

“WORDS!” Came his roaring voice, and she jumped in her place as a whimper escaped her lips. Her eyes immediately became teary as she stared at his calm face.

“F-fi-Fine.” She stuttered badly and her answer made him nod his head in affirmation.

“Come here.” He said as he patted his lap and all the blood drained out of her system as she stared at his hand that was patting his lap and then back at his face.

“I..I...” She stuttered with no words getting out of her lips. All the act of her bravery went flying out of the window when her eyes met his dark evil ones.

Ever so slowly a razor sharp smirk adorned his face which creeped her out as she involuntarily moved back in the sofa.

“Come here, Daisy. Don’t make me get you.” Tyson warned, his voice was deadly low: just like a whisper of the devil.

“P-please...” She stuttered not knowing what she’s asking for, because this man isn’t aware of what mercy is.

“Tch!” He twisted his head in a circular motion and then his cold eyes met her moistened ones, her heart drops down in the pit of her stomach as she stared at the killer.

Next thing she was yanked from her seat by her wrist and landed on his lap. He grabbed her rear and made her sit properly. She let out a loud cry as she pushed at his shoulder, but he abruptly twisted both of her wrists behind her back with his one hand making her chest to arch out.

“Daisy...Daisy....Daisy...” He sings with disappointment laced in his deep voice which made her whole body to tremble. His hot breath hit her chest through the fabric.

She squirmed in his hold only to let out a loud horrified gasp when she felt his hardness on the side of her thigh. Her vision blurred more with tears.

“P-please...let me g-go...” She stuttered, her eyes were closed shut because she was too afraid to look in his eyes.

A painful scream escaped her lips when his fingers threaded in her wet locks, and he pulled her hairs back roughly. Her widened eyes stared at the ceiling as the mere act of breathing became difficult for her.

Daisy felt his lips on her jaw as he gave her a peck there but then her whole body jolted badly and a hiss escaped her lips when he bit her just below her jaw and the starting of her neck.

“When I order you to do something, you’ll do it!” He snickered near her ear making her to shiver and her whole body shook. Her body was twisted to an odd level which caused pain to shoot up in her back.

Daisy didn’t answer him, she was too occupied with the pain to even hear what he was saying. “Ahhh!” She screamed again when he pulled at her hairs with more force this time.

“Am I clear?” He cooed as if he’s loving her, “y-yes...” she breathed with difficulty, and he slowly let go of her hairs only to caresses her cheek making her flinch as her whole face was red as tears leaked out of her eyes profusely.

Her eyes were closed which he didn’t like so he took out something from his back. “Open your eyes Daisy.” He cooed as something cold touched her skin making her eyes to shot open wide in utter fear.

Her fear filled crystal blue eyes met his dark ones making her throat all dry. The bone chilling expressions on his face was enough to make her run for the hills.

His thick brows were knitted together in anger and his eyes held anger as well but his lips were opened into a wide grin, at that exact moment she felt dread creep in her veins.

The gun barrel that was poking at her cheek was less scary as compared to the deranged expression on his face.

Her breath hitch, and she stopped breathing when the barrel of his gun caressed her lips making her whimper as she sealed her lips in a thin line.

He poked the barrel of his gun on her lips and mused.

“Open your mouth Daisy.”

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