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Chapter 13-14

He poked the barrel of his gun on her lips and mused.

“Open your mouth Daisy.”

Her lips trembled and her chin quivers in pure trepidation. She kept her mouth sealed. The mere fact that he has a gun was deadly. A shrill cry of pain escaped her lips as he yanked her hairs so harshly that burning pain erupted in her scalp. “Ahhhh-” Her scream died down when he thrusted the barrel of his gun in her mouth.

Daisy stilled, petrified out of her wits. “Suck!” He demands and all the senses left her system. Her heart was thumping so wildly that she was afraid that it might burst out of her rib cage.

When she didn’t make a move to fulfil his demand. A vicious smirk marred his face as he turned the safety off of that gun. “Suck Daisy. I don’t want to hurt you.” He mused with that psychotic glint in his eyes.

The girl was paralysed out of her wits as her quivering lips closed around the barrel of that gun. Fat tears escaped out of her eyes as she stared at his chest, afraid to even look in his eyes.

Her eyes widened when he started moving the barrel in her mouth, back and forth. “Fuck, that’s hot!” He groaned in his deep voice and Daisy closed her eyes in utter humiliation and disgust when she realised what he’s doing.

“You’re not sucking!” He growled making her whole body shudder as she immediately started to do such and he smirked in appreciation.

“Good girl!” He mused. Daisy felt the bland taste of that gun in her mouth. Her stomach churned as her morning eaten food wanted to come out but she controlled the urge to vomit all over him.

“I’m not liking it. Start bobbing your head!” He ordered making her close her eyes in humility.

“Do it Daisy because if I didn’t like it, then unfortunately I’d kill you.” He warned in his deep deadly cold voice and the girl visibly flinched and started bobbing her head up and down on the barrel like a robot.

She was so damn petrified as she knew any moment he can blow her brain out with just a slight pull on the trigger.

“Enough!” He said ever so slowly and her heart dropped to the pit of her stomach looking at his anger filled eyes. Did she not do it right? Is he going to kill her now?

She didn’t want to die!

And then she saw it coming and she closed her eyes in pure dread. He’s going to kill her. A strangled cry escaped her throat as she heard the trigger being pulled and she jolted badly on his lap.

But nothing happened!

A loud rumble of deep laughter was heard in the silent lounge as his chest vibrates. Her eyes were close shut tightly as tears continued to stain her flushed cheeks.

He took his gun out of her mouth and threw it on the couch beside him. Daisy panted as she turned her face to the side in absolute embarrassment.

He finally let go of her hairs only to wrap his calloused fingers around her dainty neck as he applied firm pressure on her neck and made her face him. Her wide fear filled eyes stared at him with dread in her heart.

“There are certain rules that you must follow at all costs...” The rough pad of his thumb rubbed on her neck harshly as he continued.

“You are mine now. You’ll do as I say and you’ll never defy me. You will fulfil each and every need of mine. And most importantly...” He gave a rough squeeze to her neck, almost choking her as the girl gasped out loudly for breath.

“Don’t even think of ever escaping me because I’ll punish you so ruthlessly that you’ll forget the meaning of escape.” He warned her in a deadly cold voice. “I won’t be merciful!” He hissed near her ear and bit on her earlobe.

“Am I clear?” He asked in a low growl and she sobbed before stuttering. “Y-Yes...” Her voice was broken and small. A wide grin appeared on his face as he let go of her neck and wrists.

His large calloused hands cupped her face making her flinch but he didn’t pay much heed to her action as he kissed the crown of her head and next thing he was carrying her bridal style as the girl let out a shrill scream.

Her arms abruptly wrapped around his neck afraid that he might throw her on the floor any moment. He laughed at her tactics and her breath hitched as she stared at the totally opposite man.

He softly placed her on the chair of the dining table and again kissed the crown of her head before he sat opposite to her on the table and served her first before serving himself.

Daisy was stunned would be an understatement, she was completely aghast as she stared at him. His aura completely changed from a killer to all sweet. There was this constant sweet smile on his face that it almost made her delusional again.

But now she knows what is hidden behind this sweet innocent mask. “Eat Daisy.” He said calmly and she flinched before she hurriedly nodded her head but then she gasped and placed her hand on her mouth in shock, he want words so she mumbled slowly. “O-okay...”

A proud smile marred his face and he smiled fondly at her. On the other hand Daisy felt a knot forming in her throat and swallowing a single morsel became the most difficult task at hand.

Daisy stared at the table filled with a variety of food. Even the cutlery in which they are eating food looks expensive.

A hope bloomed in her heart thinking that someone else could also be in this place, perhaps a maid who made all this food. Maybe that maid will help her.

“Oh just for your information, this food is all delivered here on special means. There’s no one except you and me at this place Daisy.” He spoke calmly.

Daisy felt creepy chills swarm in her blood as he read her like an open book. The trepidation towards this man was so extreme that she was feeling panic surging in her veins.

The way he said ‘special means’ didn’t go unnoticed by her.

She was barely eating anything, only taking small bites of that food which he was eating as well because she didn’t want to get drugged because of her stupidity. If he’s eating that then that’s not drugged. That’s what she told herself.

Daisy peered at him below her lashes. His form exudes perfection and control as he ate so elegantly that her mind screamed, ‘so lady like.’

She was in constant fear. The cloud of death was grumbling on top of her like a vicious predator. Daisy looked at the main gate once in a while and then looked around to find something of her use but nothing was helping when a ticking bomb was sitting in front of her.

Her cheeks were still red because of the humiliation he made her go through just a few minutes ago, that metallic taste was still on her taste buds. She knew exactly what he made her do and it made her eyes to moisten again.

She needs to escape this psycho no matter what. Her legs were still trembling because of the nearly faced death onslaught.

Making her face death is just a play of power and fun for him. Lord knows what he would do next. She was sweating out of fear in this cold winter season. Her hands were trembling which made the spoon to clatter with the plate getting his attention.

“Daisy.” His deep voice was calm and full of humour as her teary eyes met his cold ones with hesitance. She bit on her lower lip to stop her sobs.

“Relax.” He mused as his eyes shined with mirth. This man is not right in the head, the way he was looking at her is like a child would look at his new toy before tearing it apart.

Daisy drank a few gulps of water to calm herself down but nothing worked.

When he was done eating, he stood up and the girl did the same. Tyson started to walk towards her room and in anxiety lacing her form, she followed him quietly.

He opened the door for her and motioned her to get in. Her feet were rooted to the ground, she felt as if he’s asking her to walk towards her own grave. But a slight narrowing of his eyes had her body moving as she hastily walked past him in the room.

A loud gasp escaped her lips when he held her wrist and pulled her to him. Her hands landed on his chest and she abruptly moved back as if burned.

Tyson yet again, ignored her action!

He placed a soft kiss on her cheek and then let her go. The girl was frozen in her place as he closed the door and then she heard the click sound. He locked the door from outside.

Finally, she let out a loud breath she was holding and a wave of adrenaline rushed through her body with full force.

Without wasting a single second she walked up to the window with slow and steady steps. Opening it, she stared at the massive height, if she fell from here, she’d surely break her bones.

Everything is acceptable if it’ll help her to get away from the killer.

She did the only thing that came in her mind and the next thing she was climbing down the window with the help of the bedsheets which she tied to the bed foot. The bed creaked and she thought she’d fall but she got saved once but when that bed creaked again. The sheets slipped from her hands and the girl fell down on the grass with a loud thud.

A groan of pain escaped her lips and her eyes stinged with painful tears. Raising her hand she placed it in her mouth to stop her screams of pain. The pain was so much that it shot from her ankle and hurt all over her body.

Daisy tried to stand but she again dug her teeth in her fist to keep her screams at bay. With utmost difficulty and bearing an excruciating pain, she stood and took her first step.

Her ankle got dislocated but she didn’t give up. She started to limp away from his territory. All she prayed and wished was to come across a highway.

With each and every step, she gazed hauntingly behind, cautious and alert. Afraid to find him coming hot on her tail.

Daisy limply ran in a broken way but she continued to run limply, with every step a painful scream came to her throat but she swallowed all the pain away. The moon was shining brightly as if it wanted to help the girl escape. Crisp fallen leaves crushing under her feet were the only sound.

The coldness increased ten times more and then her ears perked up as she heard certain sounds.

Sounds of waves hitting the shore to be exact.

With a few more steps she came in an opening. There in front of her was a vast ocean. She ran towards the sea like a crazed woman, and when she turned to stare at the place she was running from, her heart dropped into the pit of her stomach when sudden petrifying realisation dawned on her.

She’s not in her city, nor in her country.

This is an Island!

Loud clapping was heard and she abruptly fell back twisting her injured ankle even more. A shrill cry of sheer pain escaped her lips as she heard his deadly calm voice.


The girl looked down only to whimper in horror. Her foot was twisted in an unimaginable angle and a horrified cry escaped her lips just by looking at the angle in which her foot was twisted in.

And when her teary eyes hastily looked up, a harsh smack on her face knocked her brutally out of her senses and she engulfed darkness whole heartedly.

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