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Chapter 15

Her eyes felt extremely heavy as if a boulder of weight was placed on her lids and they refused to open up. Her mind was swirling in the depth of darkness. Her conscience was barely awake but her body refused to act. Her ears got their hearing back as she heard a presence near but then just like that her senses vanished away and she again slumped into the dept of darkness.

A groan of pain escaped her lips as slowly her eyes fluttered open and she blinked several times to adjust her sight. A searing pain shot through her foot as she cried out in pain with just a slight movement of her legs, her foot was bandaged. Daisy was utterly glad to find her foot in a normal position and still intact with her leg and not separated from her body. Her eyes sting with tears when her jaw and face felt swollen and painful to move.

Daisy blinked several times as she stared at the ceiling and slowly everything that happened last night raked her mind with full force as her breathing became frantic. Her eyes stung with tears of helplessness as she cried in pain and fear of his wrath.

How stupid of her to escape him right after when he warned her of the consequences. The mere thought that she’s on a freaking island all alone with a killer was petrifying. “Lord...p-please help me...” she sent a silent plea of her prayer to the lord as she was feeling the severe pain in her foot and whole leg.

A snickering chuckle from just within the room had her heart dropping to the pit of her stomach as sheer fear clung to her heart like a leech.

She immediately raised on her elbows and spotted him sitting on the couch in the far corner, at that exact moment she realised that she wasn’t in the room where he had kept her before. This room is a different one and is far bigger.

Daisy immediately scooted back on the bed, wincing badly in pain when her foot got moved as her back plastered against the headboard. A sob of vulnerability raked her body when she realised, she couldn’t even walk or run to hide from his wrath. He can do anything and she won’t be able to even protect herself.

“Why did you try to escape Daisy?” He asked calmly in a slow whisper; with each word her heart drummed wildly against her rib cage ready to burst out of it any second.

“I..I...I’m...s...sorry..” She stuttered badly as a sob escaped at the end of her words. Her whole body was trembling and her being a pessimist wasn’t calming her at all.

When he let out a thick puff of smoke from his mouth; she realised that he’s smoking a cigar. She can see through the moonlight that invades the room. First few buttons of his shirt were opened. The sleeves of his shirt were rolled up to his elbows as he drew a puff of his cigar. His cold eyes looked deadly as his lips were formed in a thin line.

“Let’s try again. Why. Did. You. Try. To. Escape. Me. Daisy?” He gritted each and every word out venomously.

Her lips trembled and chin quivered badly as her vision got blurred again and again with her tears and she had to wipe her tears hastily to keep her eyes fixed on him, afraid that he might pound on her like a beast.

Her throat was so clogged up with fear that no words were coming out of her mouth, even though she opened her mouth to speak but no word came out.

“DAISY, FOR FUCK SAKE START SPEAKING!” He growled so viciously that a loud sob escaped her lips and she jumped back hurting her foot in the process due to that movement.

“I...I...” She was crying loudly scared out of her wits. She didn’t want to say the truth cause she knew it’ll make him go berserk on her.

“FUCK!” He roared and stood to his feet as he threw his cigar on the floor and crushed it as his eyes stayed in contact with her petrified ones which immediately got her tongue moving on its own.

“I...I...w..wanted to go home...p-please let me go...” She cried scooting more back, if possible she wanted to evaporate in the thin air, that much scared she was. “I...want to go h..home...” Her voice trembled.

Daisy’s answer didn’t please him at all, a scowl formed on his face and his lips turned into a thin line, jaw clenched tightly that even the vein on his forehead was popping out.

“You want to go home?” He asked ever so sweetly that sheer fear gripped her heart making panic to surge in her form.

“I...I....I’m sorry...” She stuttered, shaking her head in the negative like a child. A sickening smile adored his features as his eyes shined with mirth.

With calm and powerful stride he walked towards the small bar in this lavish room. Picking up a bottle of expensive looking alcohol he threw it harshly on the floor as it crashed down into millions of pieces earning a ear piercing scream from her as she jumped in her place, staring at him with wide fearful eyes.

“She wants to go home!” He roared, more like to his own self and again slammed another bottle of alcohol on the floor and then again and again.

Daisy was muffling her cries as she placed her hand on her mouth to suppress her screams. He was looking like a possessed demon ready to kill.

Her whole body shook in terror when his cold piercing gaze met hers and she forgot to breath with the amount of trepidation that raked her form.

He marched towards her like a predator and before she could come out of her revive of fear. Her hairs were yanked so harshly that her neck jerked violently, ripping a painful scream from her throat. “Stand up!” He yanked her hairs more pulling her up and off the bed as her hands shot up to his that was ripping her hair from her scalp so viciously.

As soon as she was on her feet, he made her walk to the foot of the bed, a lightweight got on her injured foot and a shrill scream escaped her lips, she was about to fall but his brutal pulling of her hair didn’t let her.

Daisy could feel her hair coming out her scalp at his vicious grip. And then abruptly he let go of her hairs and moved away from her.

Daisy sobbed as she balanced herself on one foot and stared at him with wide fear filled eyes. He walked all the way to that bar, broken glass pieces crushing under his foot. Pouring himself a glass of wine, he sat down on the couch with his legs spread wide.

Tyson drank a sip of his wine and took out his gun from his gun holster.

“You dared to escape me. ME!” He growled and shot the lamp that was on the bed just beside her, earning a horrified scream from her as she clutched her hands together on her chest and trembled like a leaf.

“I told you that I’ll punish you, if you tried to escape me.” He spoke ever so calmly as he pointed his gun towards her and moved it up and down in the direction of her body contemplating where to shoot her.

Her blurry vision wasn’t letting her see him properly as her whole body trembled violently. The fear was so much that she prayed to pass out.

“Walk to me and I’ll forgive you.” He says ever so calmly and she stays confused for a second but as soon as his words register in her mind. Her eyes gazed down at the floor that was now filled with millions of glass splinters staring at her like a haunting death.

Daisy’s terrified crystal teary eyes met his cold ones and the corner of his lips twitched up in a smirk.

“Earn your forgiveness Daisy...” He cooed as he toyed with the gun in his hand and stared at her like a hawk.

“I...I...p-please...I’m..s-Sorry.” She stuttered as her soul yearned to shut down, not being able to do what he wanted.

Why should she apologize in the first place. Was escaping a psycho is a crime for which he’s going to punish her.

“Sad you don’t want to earn my forgiveness...there’s another method to make you walk.” He spoke so joyously that she wished to die at that moment.

Tyson picked up a remote and all of a sudden the large LED lit up but what she saw on the screen almost stopped her heart from beating.

Stella was tied to the chair and a man was standing behind her holding a knife at Stella’s neck, she was crying as she stared at the camera, her lips were shut with a duck tape and she was tied to a chair.

“No..p...please!” Daisy cried out as she shook her hand in negative towards the LED as if they would see her. A deep throaty chuckle was heard from Tyson. “Your sweet friend will die all because of you if you don’t start walking in next minute.”

Her whole body became numb at his words as she stared at her helpless friend. She saw from her peripheral vision as Tyson called someone and the next thing that guy on the screen got ready to kill Stella.

“NO!!!” Daisy screamed on top of her lungs as she placed her normal foot on the shards of glasses that pierced the soft skin of her sole. The poor girl’s whole weight was on that foot in which shards pierced deeply. And then she felt it, deep burning of alcohol on the cuts where the glass was in her foot.

She saw through her teary eyes that man moved away from Stella on the screen as Tyson put his phone down and then that person hit the back of his gun on Stella’s head as she went unconscious and that man left. The screen shut down.

“Walk Daisy...” He cooed and she put her injured foot forward only to let out a painful scream, her injured foot was unable to take her weight which caused her other foot to come forward and a scream escaped her lips as new shards of glass pierced her skin tearing her deeply because her whole body weight was on that foot. Alcohol that’s also on the floor burned her torn flesh so badly that she couldn’t stop her screams.

“You need forgiveness Daisy...keep walking...” He mused drinking his wine ever so slowly as he saw her bloodied foot that left a trail behind her.

At the fourth step she wasn’t even able to feel her feet anymore and her body gave up and she fell on her knees. Another scream left through her body when those shards of glass pierced her knees followed by the burning sensation of alcohol.

And just like that black dots danced in front of her eyes as she fell on that floor filled with glass shards; the side of her face first and consciousness left her body not before hearing his deadly words.

“How will you escape now Daisy?”

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