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Chapter 16

Days passed like a blur but pain never went away. A whole month passed after that brutal punishment of hers. Yet Daisy wasn’t able to walk on her feet properly.

She was back in the room where she was kept in the starting and the same room from where she tried to escape. The only thing changed was there were bars on the window this time. She was caged!

That day still haunts her when she woke up the very next morning of that punishment. Her body was in so much pain and she was unable to feel her bandaged feet at all. There were small bandages all over her front and the side of her face. Her knees were also bandaged as tears rolled-out of her eyes.

After a few days when the bandages were removed; she was aghast to see herself in the mirror. There were so many scars all over her that she lost it and fell unconscious on the bathroom floor.

After that day she stopped looking at herself in the mirror. He didn’t come to see her during this whole month, it was as if he disappeared after punishing her. There was this nurse who looked after her. She looks so crude and angry all the time. The thought of even asking her for help was asking for death alone.

Daisy was still bedridden because her feet didn’t cooperate with her. He made her disabled; snatched away the small of her freedom as to walk on her own feet.

She was numb!

Life is being so cruel on her.

Why her?

Even though she had no family there looking for her; waiting for her. Yet she wants to go back to her cozy apartment, away from this psycho.

She was utterly glad that he wasn’t here anymore but for how long? He’ll surely come one day and this peace will be snatched from her again, even though she can breath now knowing he’s not going to hurt her any moment but he’ll be back and that thought alone was heart wrenching for her.

What did she ever do?

Why does fate have to be so cruel towards her?

What was her fault?

The only people she missed truly were Wyatt and Stella. They were her only family. Oftentimes Daisy wondered if they might be looking for her? And this mere thought made her more emotional and broken.

She hated Nick from deep within her heart. If not for him cheating her, she would’ve never gotten drunk and ended up being kidnapped by this killer.

Frequently she wondered what got Tyson to come after a simple and plain girl like her. She wasn’t anything extraordinary. Come to think of it, he’s extremely handsome and by judging this island she can say he’s wealthy rich; aside from being a well known psychiatrist. He could’ve easily manipulated any girl into his charms then why her?


How could her life come to this? Everything was going perfectly fine. A large part of her heart blames Nick for her misery.

After Tyson’s so-called punishment she was terrified out of her wits. Escaping was out of her thoughts for a while but she can’t live in constant fear knowing that any day he will come back and do something horrible to her.

For now she was desperately waiting for her feet to start working again so she could walk again and most probably run again but there was a haunting voice in her head that kept on saying; Tyson is only waiting for her to get better so he could pound on her like a beast.

And this thought made her ironically wish that she would never get better at all.

It was late at night; Daisy was sleeping soundly like a curled ball on the large king sized bed. Moonlight was falling on her face making her look ethereal.

Tyson walked in with slow steps as he stood just in front of her on the side of the bed. His calloused fingers ever so slowly caressed her cheek as he felt electrifying sparks at such a mere touch.

His hands softly caressed her thick black locks away from her face and neck as he crouched down to the floor so he could be face to face with her.

“I missed you.” His deep voice was like a whisper.

His fingers suddenly wrapped around her throat and he applied pressure on her delicate neck.

He saw with pure joy and fascination how her face morphed into pain; when he applied more pressure her eyes shot opened wide. “Damn! I missed these eyes.” He rasped still squeezing her neck.

Daisy jolted back as such sheer fear clutched her form making her lungs to stop functioning as her heart thudded so wildly that she was sure she’s going to have a myocardial infarction.

His eyes were dark and demonic. ‘No lord please! This is a nightmare!’ She closed her eyes shut praying profusely in her heart for it to be a nightmare but as soon as his grip on her neck tightened, her hands shot up to stop the pressure and Alas! She realised it wasn’t a nightmare but a terrific reality.

He’s here!

He’s finally here!

He will punish her again!

“Open your eyes Daisy.” And her eyes shot opened. Blue fear filled eyes against cold dark ones.

“You missed me?” He asked ever so softly making fear to crawl in every pore of her skin. Her mind was screaming at her to run for her life but her body was numb in absolute fear.

“P-please...” She stuttered trying to loosen his deadly hold on her neck but her words only infuriated him as he made a tsk sound and with a rough squeeze to her throat almost crushing her bone, he let her go abruptly.

A loud gasp escaped her lips as she breathed heavily. Her widened eyes gazed at him in full alert. Her throat felt dry and burning because of his ruthless assault on it.

Tyson walked to the couch ever so slowly as he sat down on it, with legs spread wide. His head tilted to the side as he mused. “Come here Daisy.” He said ever so slowly and the room almost became deadly frozen for her as the aura surrounding them became dark and gloomy.

Utter trepidation crawled on her skin as she recalled the whole scenario immensely similar to the last time when he punished her. Tears welled up in her eyes as she stared at her feet helplessly.

She can’t walk!

And he knows this!

Yet he wants to hurt her!

“P-please...I-I...can’t...” She stuttered and scared out her mind. A scowl etched his face which made her all more scared.

“Does it look like I care?” He snapped angrily making her flinch in her place. “Come here Daisy, I don’t want to hurt you.” The calmness that his voice held was bone chilling for her as she immediately put her legs down the bed and tried to stand.

A hiss escaped her lips and she fell down on the bed in a sitting position. Tears stung in her eyes. Even though the stitches were removed from her feet it still hurts and her right foot is still healing and it’ll take more time for her feet to bear her body weight.

“I..I...I...” She stuttered feeling utterly helpless. But his next words shocked her to the core.

“Crawl to me.” His deep voice rang in the room and her brain seized to move. So this is what he wants? He wants her to crawl to him! He wants to humiliate her. He wants to show what her place is in front of him. He wants to degrade her!

A blazing fury arose in her heart and she bit her lower lip hard as she stood to her feet. She stumbled a little but held the wall while limping.

Her blazing eyes met his and for the first time she saw it.


He was shocked, he wasn’t expecting her to walk instead of being in so much pain. He wants her to be submissive and stay in her place but she astonished him.

He didn’t like it!

After looking at that expression on his face, a certain type of satisfaction washed over her form. He wants to see her broken and submissive. That is what she concluded just now and she was determined that she’ll be anything but submissive and broken in front of this killer.

A hiss escaped her lips when more pressure came on her broken foot but she bears it with utmost difficulty. The satisfaction of shocking him and doing something that he wasn’t expecting gave her more energy and determination to walk all the way to him.

But her inner happiness didn’t last much as he grasped her wrist in a steel like grip and yanked her to him.

A loud gasp escaped her lips and she was on him but Tyson was fast as he immediately held her legs and spread them making her straddle him.

A scared cry escaped from her lips as she tried to push at his shoulder and get off him but he twisted both of her wrists behind her back with his one hand making her chest to arch up into him. His fingers threaded into her thick locks as pulled her hair harshly making her face up as a scream escaped her lips.

“I didn’t like that!” He snickered and next thing he slammed his rough lips on her taking her off guard.

Daisy stayed still as a statue. Her heart thudded wildly but her body was numb. She came out of her numbness when he bit on her lower lip hard earning a painful scream from her which died down in her mouth as he shoved his tongue inside her mouth.

Her eyes protruded out of her sockets when the reality dawned on her. He’s kissing her! No! He’s punishing her!

Daisy started squirming wildly in his hold. He grunted and tightened his hold on her hairs pulling more harshly and angled her head in a way to have better access.

Her eyes were wide open and his were closed. Daisy jolted on top of him when she felt his tongue caressing hers roughly.

He abruptly broke the kiss and Daisy took in a large gulp of breath. “Fucking kiss me back!” Tyson roared and kissed her again not letting her breath properly but this time she sealed her mouth shut and hid her lips in her mouth.

Tyson yanked at her hair so viciously that a scream erupted from her mouth and he thrusted his tongue in her mouth devouring her mercilessly.

Bitter tears formed in her eyes but along with that severe wave of humiliation and disgust waved her emotions and she did the first thing that came in her mind. She bit on his tongue hard.

A thunderous growl erupted from his throat and next thing Daisy was on the floor with a loud thud as a numbing sensation was felt on her left cheek and the voice of his brutal slap resonated in the room.

“FUCK!” He cussed loudly as he wiped the blood from his lips and stared at his bloodied hands agitated.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” He growled so viciously and yanked her up through her hair, earning a loud scream from her and next thing he roughly threw her on the wall so brutally that she heard the crack of her bone but there was so much pain in every pore of her body that she didn’t realise which bone of her got broken.

She was on the floor unmoving when he walked to her with predatory steps. Yanking her hair he made her face him. The side of her face was swelling because of the hit on the wall.

“You dared to hurt me again and you would see the worst side of me!” He snickered at her face which was dangling in the air with his harsh hold on her hairs.

“You haven’t even seen my demonic side yet! Pray that you won’t get to see it either because then you won’t be able to breath anymore, Daisy!” He sneered at her face.

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