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Chapter 17

“Is Marcus Jade related to Wyatt?” Asked Tyson in a cold calculated voice.

“No, Marcus is Nick’s boss and Wyatt worked with Daisy in her bakery. They both never knew each other.” Came the answer and he closed his eyes in anger.

“Then why are they looking for my Daisy?” He muttered under his breath.

“B-because Wyatt was a really good friend of Daisy but I’ve no clue why Marcus was looking for her.” Came the reply.

“Get me information regarding this Marcus Jade.” He said coldly.

“B-but h-how will I do that? You said you’ll not bother me after having Daisy!” Came the angry voice.

“You want to die?” Tyson asked in a chilling voice which was enough for that person to shut their mouth.

“What about Nick?” Tyson asked with venom in his voice.

“He never showed up.” Was the plain reply as Tyson cut the call and stared at the wall in front.

His tongue still hurts after the stunt his vixen pulled on him. He didn’t want to hurt her but she made him.

He thought he had taught her a lesson a month ago and she won’t escape again and this girl didn’t even get her feet working properly and she denied him a pure kiss.

His insides roared in anger thinking of the scenarios that she can make happen if he would make love to her.

She should consider herself lucky that he wants her but she’s being ungrateful!

Shaking his head he drew a puff from his cigarette as he walked to the room where she’s kept. At this time he knows she’ll be fast asleep, he’s well aware of her schedule after all he had stalked her for long enough.

Twisting the doorknob he opened the door but didn’t walk in as he placed his arm on the doorframe and stared at her in a leaning position.

There in the bed was the beauty in deep slumber, unaware of the evils surrounding her.

Her face slightly swollen because of his slap, there were fingerprints on her face. There was a bandage around her left shoulder. He sighed, last night in rage when he threw her on the wall she got clavicle broken, though it was a slight crack in the bone, she’ll be fine.

Her peaceful face looked ethereal in the moon light and he was taken aback to the day when he first saw her in her bakery.

She was there just like a frightened angel when she confronted the devil. She looked so pure, small, fragile and most importantly scared. The thing that intrigues him most were the changing expressions on her face. It was phenomenal, the way horror will strike her and the way determination will enter her eyes. He would’ve killed her that night but he didn’t.

The voice inside his head didn’t let him kill her!

He can’t let her free either so he kept her under his watch and that changed something drastically. She did tell a man about the incident but the poor girl was proven wrong.

He became so accustomed to stalking her that he started having this urge to have her in front of his eyes, so he can touch her, feel her.

He stared becoming angry of that fucking bastard of a boyfriend she had. He wants to kill him but that fucker was cheating on her back which makes the things all more easier for him.

That day when she went to the bakery after a month of witnessing that killing scene. Tyson got cameras installed in her apartment, her room and even her restroom.

He’s crazy!

And he’s proud of it!

After that he went crazy for her. He would watch her on the screen all the time. He would watch her dancing, cooking, changing and even showering! He watched her as if she’s his drug and the urge to have her became stronger.

With all that watching the need to have her on his bed underneath him writhing in pleasure became stronger. The crazy passion to be deep inside her became his need.

He was getting frustrated with his own self. He didn’t want stupid girl to ruin his peaceful life because he knew if he indulge more into her he won’t get time to go on huntings and killing, then how will he control the fucking demonic voice in his head?

But what shocked him is that voice wants her!

His demonic side has developed an infatuation towards Daisy.

His demonic side! This is what he calls to the evil that resides in him. He considers or believes that there’s this other person in his head that makes him do everything evil but he enjoys it too but he will never accept the fact that he’s evil. No! He’s a gentleman in his perspective! A well known psychiatrist!

Whatever wrong he does, he blames it on his demonic side though he enjoyed it equally and feels happy while shedding blood but as a psychiatrist or a patient he is, his mind didn’t let him think in a normal way; rather put all the blame on that voice.

Or perhaps there’s something major illicit in him! He himself is unaware of.

Walking up to the sleeping girl, he sat down on the bed beside her and hovered over her sleeping form as he puffed his smoke on her face. The things that his demonic side was telling him to do sounds pleasing to him but now is not the right time for that.

First Daisy needs to accept her fate.

He’ll do anything to keep her! To make her his after all he’s intrigued by her. She fascinates him in this boring world.

“Wake up Daisy...” he whispered slowly closer to her ear as he pecked her temple. The girl stirred in her sleep as slowly her eyes shot opened; she blinked once, twice and when her eyes adjusted to the sight.

A strangled breath escaped her lips as she flinched back on the bed. Her blood turned cold in fright.

“Daisy.” He cooed in a hushed deep voice as he drew another puff of smoke and blew it on her face making her cough and lower back, fear gripping her form.

And there he saw it, those exciting changes of expressions on her face from shocked to frightened to alert to bravery. He loved it.

“Who is Wyatt?” He asked ever so calmly still hovering over her. Her mind that was numb for a while started working again as she registered his question and her heart sank thinking of Wyatt. Is he going to hurt him?

“An e-employee i-in my b-bakery.” She stuttered without breathing at all.

“And?” Tyson said coldly and she realised he already knew. “H-he’s a f-friend a-as well.” She replied as tears formed in her eyes. If he’s inquiring about Wyatt after so many days of her being his captive then that simply means Wyatt is looking for her and it made her heart constrict painfully in her chest.

“Oh, I’ll take care of him just like we took care of Stella.” He mused and he controlled his grin as he saw her eyes widening and utter trepidation hitting her form.

“ s-said you w-won’t h-hurt her!” Daisy cried out completely hysterically as she tried to push him. “DAISY!” One growl from his side was enough for her to still, in her place.

“I didn’t hurt her...yet...but it all depends on your behaviour!” He warned with amusement in his eyes. “Who’s Marcus Jade?” He asked calmly and her brows furrowed as she sniffed and tried to clear her mind.

“I d-don’t know.” She answered truthfully. He clicked his tongue as narrowing on her. “Your ex’s boss, did it ring a bell?” He muttered the word ex venomously and her heart literally shook in her chest realising that he knows so much about her.

And just like that she recalled that she met Marcus Jade in the party where Nick cheated on her. “Y-Yes he was h-his boss. I j-just met him at the party.” She told him truthfully.

Tyson tilted his head as he stared at her knowing that she’s telling the truth and he moved back and she breathed a little.

But as if he recalled something bitter, he punched the pillow beside her head viciously and faced her again. His eyes dark and murderous, her whole body started trembling, contemplating what she did wrong now.

“You like that Jayden?” He inquired in a low hiss. Her throat dried up all of a sudden as it became difficult for her to breath in his presence.

He knows everything!


And it was creeping her out.

“N-no!” She stuttered but told truthfully. A grin appeared on his face. “Good that fucker left the country otherwise he would’ve been six feet under. Dare of that bastard to like what’s mine!” Tyson growled as if talking to himself, making her more scared than ever.

He then ever so slowly lowered down to her neck and kissed on it. Her eyes broadened in utter fear as he gave soft feathery kisses all over her neck and his kisses lowered to her collarbone and on her bandage making her wince in pain.

He further proceeded to lower the sheets but she clutched on them tightly. “P-please d-don’t.” She stuttered holding her breath.

“What?” He gritted annoyed.

“P-please.” She begged with teary eyes.

“It’s not like I’ve not seen anything.” He muttered.

But she kept on clutching the sheets tightly to her chest. “Fuck!” He cussed and got off of her. Turning to the LED, he linked it with his phone and played the video on it whereas Daisy watched him in confusion, fear and anxiety; thinking that he’s going to blackmail her again with Stella but as soon as the video started playing on the screen, her lungs stopped the process of respiration and the blood in her veins became cold as ice.

There in the video was her placing a bottle of vine and glass near the bathtub as she discarded her clothes one by one and got in the tub. After a while she came under shower as water cascaded down her body.

She stared at the screen in trance as her whole body felt needles prickling in her flesh, her mouth slightly open and wide eyes filled with tears whereas he was completely satisfied with the terrifying expressions on her face.

“This one is my favourite clip of them all.” He mused.

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