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Chapter 18

“This one is my favourite clip of them all.” He mused.

Her throat clogged up as she looked away unable to see the craziness of this man. All that time when she felt being watched wasn’t her delusion. It was all real.

How did she end up here?

“You’re ethereal.” He mused and when her eyes met his, she took a sharp breath by his piercing gaze, his eyes were filled with an emotion that was unfamiliar to her. It was dark and hungry.

She scooted back on the bed, her back touching the headboard as she clutched the sheets tightly to her front.

“W-What d-do you want f-from me?” She stuttered trembling but not because of the cold but because of the fear that he’s instilling in her.

A sardonic smile appeared on his face. “I want to possess you.” He mused as if it’s absolutely normal.

Her breathing became frantic as his words raked in her mind. This man is crazy! She needs to escape otherwise he’ll kill her with his mental and physical torture.

“I’m not a t-thing! I’m h-human!” She tried to sound confident and angry but it was clear that he wasn’t affected one bit by her words.

“My human!” He muttered in a low whisper.

He turned the LED off and threw the remote on the couch as he faced her completely.

“P-please let me go...” She whispered in pure anguish, making his jaw clench in anger.

“You’re my entertainment in this boring world! How the fuck you expect me to let you go?” He snickered with bitterness in his voice making her flinch back.

“Let me make love to you.” He rasped, making her eyes broaden in fear.

She can’t deal with this man in a normal way. He’s not right in the head! He will hurt her, would do wrong to her and that mere thought scared her.

“I-I’m in p-pain.” She tried the other way. Though she isn’t lying. Her feet hurt, her clavicle and whole back along with shoulders hurt like hell. Just last night he broke her bone and today he wants to make love to her? Bastard!

His brows furrowed as he stared at her with his intense eyes. “But I need you.” He rasped and took steps towards her. Her heart dropped down in the pit of her stomach as she stared at his approaching form.

“P-please! I’m hurt!” She cried out scooting to the other side but he was fast as he held her ankle and pulled her in the middle of the bed under him earning a scream from her.

“I’ll make the pain go away.” He murmured as Daisy punched at his chest, shoulder, face with her tiny fist not caring that she’s hurting herself in the process.

“Daisy...Daisy...Daisy!” He rasped and with that he slammed her wrists on either side of her head earning a sharp cry from her as her shoulder got stretched and pain shot in her clavicle.

“Shhh...I’ll take away the pain.” He rasped and slammed his lips on hers harshly as he kissed her roughly eating her lips like a caveman. He licked her lips with his tongue for an entrance and when she kept her lips sealed. He abruptly took both of her wrists in his one hand above her head which made her clavicle stretch and another scream escaped her lips. He took advantage and devoured her mouth and abruptly broke the kiss.

His free calloused hand grabbed her left bosom from above the sheet as he gave a rough painful squeeze to it earning a cry from her as her body jolted.

“If you bite my tongue again, I’ll pierce your pink beautiful nipples and the piercings that you’ll wear on your breasts will be of my name!” He sneered at her face pinching her nipple making her whole body go numb at that terrifyingly vicious threat.

He won’t do that!

He thrusted his tongue in her mouth and devoured her mercilessly; stroking her tongue with his as he sucked her tongue and violated her mouth. He was aggressive and rough as he squeezed the nipple of her left bosom earning a muffled whimper from her as she cried silently.

Her head started feeling dizzy due to the lack of oxygen before he finally broke the kiss and his wet hungry mouth latched on her neck kissing and nibbling on it.

Daisy’s breathing ragged as she lay under him helpless. A cry escaped her lips when he bit on her neck harshly marking her pale skin. “Fuck your skin is so soft!” He rasped as his hand left her bosom and went down.

A sharp gasp escaped her lips when he abruptly pulled the sheets up. She was just in her panties and he didn’t waste a single second to tore her panties away making her scream in horror.

“PLEASE! Stop!” She screamed at him to stop but it has no effect on him and her whole body jolted badly when his cold calloused hand cupped her sex.

“FUCK!” He cussed feeling her slick softness. “You’re so fucking soft!” He rasped, rubbing her harshly earning a whimper from her as she trembled badly under him.

“S-stop!” She cried out as tears poured out of her eyes continuously.

“Ahhhggg!” A scream escaped her lips when he inserted one of his his large finger in her core, stretching her and she closed her eyes in pain as he started fingering her.

“Fuck! You’re so tight!” He cussed and started fingering her slowly making her whimper. His lips landed on her jaw as he gave feathery kisses all the way to her neck and bit her on the curve of her neck and shoulder earning a hiss from her as he nibbled that area.

His pace became faster as he thrusted her more roughly and with force making her sob. She was only feeling pain and nothing else but within a few seconds she felt something building inside her as she came on his finger trembling.

He chuckled at her shuddering body and a wave of humiliation passed her body but it was shortly lived as he abruptly let go of her and got out of the bed going towards the closet.

Daisy flinched when she moved but she immediately got off the bed on shaky feet as she wrapped sheets tightly around herself and limped towards the door as fast as she can but her feet weren’t helping and probably she wasn’t fast enough cause next thing she was in his arms as he carried her bridal style.

Daisy was hysterical by now as she screamed and cried on top of her lungs, hitting and clawing at him but he was like a stone as he harshly threw her on the bed. It was so sudden that the oxygen was knocked out of her lungs for a second. Before Daisy could gather her bearings he was on top of her like a predator.

“No! S-stop!” She screamed and punched him but he won’t stop. “Ahhhh!” A sharp cry left her lips when he jerked her hands up and handcuffed both of her wrists on the headboard.

Her heart dropped down to the pit of her stomach knowing where this is going as she stared at him with wide fearful eyes..

Now as she was completely helpless and vulnerable in front of him. He ripped the sheets away from her body. Daisy flinched and pulled her legs up to hide herself but it was no use.

She was completely naked with only a bandage around her shoulder and clavicle. The black inked tattoo stood out proudly on her pale skin. And looking at his name printed on her skin made him all more crazy for her.

“You’re so beautiful Daisy and only mine!” He rasped as he got rid of his clothes one by one as his eyes kept lingering on her like a vicious wolf. Dark and hungry!

Daisy closed her eyes when she heard his zipper going down. She started pulling at the cuffs slicing her skin in the process but she didn’t care. She wants to be away from this psycho. She wants to hide away from him.

She was scared!

Utterly terrified!

She felt the bed dip down and her heart thud wildly ready to burst out of her rib cage.

Daisy felt his hands wrapping around her ankles and he jerked her body down, roughly straightening her up as she screamed and kicked her legs in the air but she was abruptly turned around as her face and front was on the bed.

A horrified gasp escaped her lips when he spanked her buttock. He spanked her rear again and then gave a rough squeeze to it. She cried out loudly but her body jolted badly when she felt him straddling her thighs.

His hands spread her buttocks as he poked her behind making sheer fear to grip her form.

“No! No! Please don’t!” She cried horrified when he slapped his rod on her ass cheek making disgust to swarm in her form.

“I’ll fuck you so hard from behind that you won’t be able to walk for days!” He growled and inserted his finger in her behind. She was dry and it caused a painful sharp scream to escape her lips as he stretched her.

“Please STOP!” She screamed on top of her lungs and fear grip her form with full force.

A loud knock on the door had him cursing loudly as she prayed with all her might that lord save her.

Knock got louder and he cussed before getting off from her. “Who the fuck it is?” He roared making her flinch as she cried silently.

“Stella!” Came Stella’s voice which made Daisy freeze in her place.

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