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Chapter 19

There are times in life when your body along with your soul fall in the loop of numb darkness where there’s nothing and you don’t even know why you’re there.

Your heart would smash into tiny little pieces that even breathing becomes a difficult task at hand.

Sometimes the truth is so harsh and brutal that you pray that your mind would lose the capability of thinking and putting two and two together. Your heart would beg your mind to don’t fall for the reality cause it’s too painful, shattering and heart slicing.

Daisy lay on the bed naked still cuffed to the headboard in this extremely cold weather but that is not the thing that’s hurting her. The thing that’s killing her from inside was the betrayal.

Daisy was all on her own after her parents death. Her aunt was very kind to provide her food and shelter but that was it. She did all that for Daisy for the sake of humanity and when Daisy came back to California, she was all alone in this big city. No one was there for her and then she met Stella. She became a really good friend of her and Daisy didn’t even realise when Stella became more like a sister to her in all these years.

Stella was like a sister to Daisy which she never had. They were inseparable; best friends then how did all this happen. Where Daisy went wrong? What was her fault that Stella did this to her?

Now come to think of it. It was Stella who took Daisy to the well known psychiatrist who was none other than Tyson. Her throat clogged up thinking about that night when she was sedated and someone precisely Tyson did bad to her. Who gave him access to their apartment? It was all clear!

It was all Stella’s doings!

But why? Where did Daisy go wrong? What wrong did she do to deserve such cruelty? How could Stella betray her like this? This is so wrong on so many levels that she felt her brain will explode at all the stress and thinking.

Tyson left the room after wearing his clothes when he heard Stella’s voice. Daisy was left alone in this cold room to ponder on her thoughts and cry on such a backstabbing betrayal.

Stella knew that Daisy was inside the room. She might’ve heard her screams yet she didn’t have the urge to barge in this room and have a single glance at Daisy that what this monster is doing to her?

The irrational part of her heart was coaxing her to believe that Stella was threatened by him but the sane part of her brain was against such aloof beliefs of her.


“What the fuck are you doing here?” Tyson roared, making Stella flinch back as she tried her best to appear strong in front of this man.

“I’m here to tell you about Marcus Jade.” She mumbled in a low voice and his eyes narrowed at her.

“You could’ve told me about it on the phone. Why the fuck you came here risking my privacy!” He hissed through gritted teeth making her visibly shake in fear.

“I-I wanted confirmation that after t-today y-you will l-leave me alone.” She muttered with pure courage.

Tyson tilted his head to the side as he watched the girl with pure rage. “Alright start speaking.” Tyson spoke ever so calmly and Stella visibly relaxed.

“I somehow checked about this Marcus. He’s a rich man and lived in California all his life. His father was the CEO of their company but when he died due to heart attack Marcus has to take the business in his hands and he take the business to great success and-”

“Cut the crap and tell me what he has to do with Daisy?” Tyson snapped angrily, cutting her in. Stella flinched at his rage and gulped before continuing.

“I-I-I don’t know. From how long I know Daisy she doesn’t know this man and I’ve checked everything but there was no information how they both are connected.” She mumbled in a low voice scared.

Tyson clenched his jaw. This good for nothing piece of shit is of no use. She was useful at first but now he doesn’t need her.

“What about Wyatt?” He asked with calmness. “I made him believe that Daisy left for London when she got to know that Nick was cheating on her.” She replied and he nodded in approval.

“Leave!” He ordered and Stella stood to her feet.

“I will not tell anything to anyone please don’t hurt me and my Jacob. I did everything that you want but please now don’t hurt Jacob.” She mumbled with caution.

Tyson snickered in annoyance. He threatened her on Jacob’s life and this fool was ready to toss her best friend, bloody bitch!

“I said fucking leave!” He growled which got Stella running out of his study.

He called the nurse Dorothy on the phone. “Kill her and get rid of the boat on which she came here.” He ordered and rubbed his face in annoyance.

That fucking Marcus is getting on his nerves!

Taking out a cigarette from his drawer, he lit it up and puffed the smoke out as he walked to the terrace staring at the calming ocean ahead. Moonlight made the waves twinkle as if millions of diamonds were planted on the surface of the ocean.

His eyes twinkled as he stared at the ocean ahead for the longest of the time he stood there staring at the scene ahead with his mind gone in haze.

The vibration of his phone brought him out of his daze as he unlocked his phone and stared at the video where pieces of human body were thrown in the vast ocean as a food for the hungry wild sharks and then the broken pieces of boat were also thrown in the ocean as they sank down after a while of floating.

Placing his phone on his study table. He crushed the head of his cigarette on the ashtray and cussed at the headache trying to recall where he was just before all this bullshit.


Door to her room opened and she shuddered in her place. She was still stark naked on the bed, her back completely bare for his evil eyes.

Tears formed in her eyes thinking that he’s here to do the deed. He’s here to destroy her; to continue from where he left and this thought alone made her body to tremble as a whimper escaped her lips when he got closer to the bed.

She flinched badly when he moved closer and Daisy closed her eyes on instinct bracing herself for his vile touch but it never came.

What got her eyes opening wide like saucers was he putting a sheet on her naked form to cover her nudity.

Her lips trembled at this unpredictable behaviour of his as he slowly removed her handcuffs and she immediately cocooned herself in a ball like position.

She was trying her best to control her sobs that were threatening to come out. “Get up Daisy.” Came his calm voice and Daisy trembled as her voice broke in pure fear. “P-please.” She begged for the lord to know what.

“Sit straight Daisy. I’m not gonna hurt you.” His voice came out so soft that it had her peeking at him through her lashes. Daisy sniffed before straightening up as she clutched the sheet to her chest.

Tyson sat down on the bed near her and before she could scoot back in dread he grabbed one of her bleeding wrists. She gasped horrified but he stayed calm and started applying ointment on her wrist.

Daisy stared at him stunned, her eyes wide and filled with shock. Only one thing registered in her mind at that time.

Bipolar disorder!

“I’m sorry.” He blurted out in a small whisper and if she wouldn’t be sitting so close to him, she could’ve never heard it. “I’m messed up!” He gritted through his teeth and she inhaled sharply observing every tiny detail. He was really precautious while applying the ointment.

“I’ll try to control myself!” He mumbled and Daisy knew he was talking about his other personality, the demonic one.

He needs psychological help!

She wondered what caused him to be like this?

“W-why did you h-hurt me?” She was unable to stop herself before these words left her mouth.

“I don’t want to.” His answer was instant as he glanced at her once and then immediately looked down. “I try my best to control him.” He mumbled softly and she gulped feeling fear creep in.

“Him?” She asked hesitatingly. He glanced at her and then looked down again not making any eye contact. “Tyson.” His reply was short and almost fearful.

Daisy gasped when it hit her like a thunderbolt. The person who’s in front of her right now is the other personality of him. “W-who are y-you?” She stuttered and she saw a small faint smile on his face.

“No one ever asked me my name.” He mumbled softly even though his voice was deep and dominating like his but there was softness in his voice which was new.

“Well I’m Kim.” He mumbled and bandaged her wrist and let her hand go. Daisy deep in thought clutched the sheets with her bandaged hand and forward her other hand towards him so he could apply the ointment.

“You are the first person to believe in me.” He mumbled shyly and Daisy gazed at him with millions of thoughts swirling in her head.

“When Tyson will be back, Kim?” She inquired softly. Her head ran like a marathon as she was thinking thousands of scenarios at a time.

“I don’t know. He doesn’t let me out much but it’s all up to him. I’m sorry.” He mumbled softly as he bandaged her wrist and stood up. Daisy gaped as he walked differently like a scared normal man, not like how Tyson walked like a dominant king.

He came out of the closet with a large hoodie in his hand as he gave it to her not looking at her for once. “I’ll stand outside, you wear it and call me then.” He mumbled and walked out of the room closing it behind.

Daisy immediately discarded that sheet away and wore that large hoodie. By the smell of it she knows it’s his.

Daisy took in three deep breaths as she calmed herself down and thought about what she just witnessed.

This is not bipolar disorder, nor borderline personality disorder.

It’s DID!

Dissociative identity disorder!

It’s mainly caused by certain types of childhood traumas or something like that in accordance to her studies.

This disorder simply means there’s more than one personality in a particular person and someone close to that person can easily distinguish the changes in the personalities of the same person like what she just witnessed.

Kim just appears like a scared little child who’s afraid of his own self and is trapped with the monster what Tyson has become.

She jumped in her place when the door was knocked. “Can I come in Daisy?” Came his hesitant voice and she controlled herself before answering.

“Yes.” She said and came inside walking in that shy manner as he came and stood beside her.

“Are you hungry?” He asked softly with one of his hands tucking the hook of the jeans where belts were supposed to be placed and his other hand was twirling the strand of his hair as he looked down at her feet.

“You know me?” She asked softly with precaution.

“Y-yes. I know you are someone he’s keeping as captive. I saw you a month and a few days ago in one morning when your foot was bleeding and there were so many glasses in your flesh and whole body. It w-was me who treated you and then nurse Dorothy came cause Tyson had asked her earlier to come and treat you and when she saw it’s me Kim. She locked me in the basement for the whole month and then Tyson came and I don’t remember anything.” He mumbled like a scared pigeon and she was gobsmacked by this new information.

Her face has lost its colours as she took in his words with wide eyes.

Then suddenly it hit her and her mind went rampant.

“Kim, I need your help.” She mumbled with determination swirling in her blue orbs and her dull eyes retained their shine and hope.

“In what?” He asked, confused.

“Help me escape.”

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