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Chapter 2

She was so utterly terrified that she even forgot how to breath as she stared at that man not moving.

The masked man abruptly stopped rattling with the knob as he slammed his gloved hand on the Glass door so forcefully that she thought the glass will break. He stood immobile staring inside as he continued to poke the knife at the glass.

The terrifying cry of that bloodied man brought her out of her extreme trepidation.

She immediately grabbed her phone and called the helpline. Her eyes momentarily landed on the door to keep him in check but her heart literally jumped when she saw him moving around the bakery through the see through curtains.

Her eyes bulged out of their sockets when she realized something and made a run for the back door. Just as she locked the door, she saw that masked face at the circular window of the door and the fierce rattling of the knob had her shrieking in fear as she falls back in utmost fear.

She stared at the mask as she can feel his eyes on her sending deadly chills down her spine and then abruptly he let go of the knob and moved back.

That is when she took a sharp breath and again ran towards the front. Her heart literally dropped when she saw that wounded man opening the door and making a run outside.

“No! Stop!” She screamed but her throat clogged up when that wounded guy’s path was blocked by that masked man. He didn’t even let him get two steps out of the bakery.

Her heart slammed wildly in her chest when that masked man placed the tip of his knife on that wounded man’s chest and applied pressure which caused the wounded man to take steps back in the bakery. Once inside that masked man closed the door shut and pulled curtains on it.

The wounded man stumbled back by that time. Sweat formed on Daisy’s forehead, she was barely breathing. Her crystal blue eyes opened widely as she stared at that masked man’s every move.

He casually leaned on the Glass door and moved his blood stained knife in circular motion. “P-please I beg y-you. Don’t kill me please.” That wounded man cried the desperate tears of helplessness.

Daisy was silent, she can even hear her own heartbeats in her ears. The masked man was facing her, and she can feel his intense gaze on her. Is he going to kill her?

She tried her best to appear strong and not moving, her eyes briskly took a glance of her phone that was on the floor.

When her eyes due to instinct landed on him, she let out a horrified gasp because he wasn’t there but rather standing really close to the counter.

His whole body was facing that wounded man with his hands behind his back in a gentleman manner but his masked face was towards her.

Her breathing was low, she was barely breathing, hands shaking as she clutched her dress to keep her trembling at bay.

Sweat dripping from her temple down to her neck in this freezing season. She was utterly petrified. Not even moving her eyes away from him.

He kept on staring at her, and she didn’t dare to look away afraid that he’ll do something, she was scared to even blink. But her eyes swiftly landed on the wounded man who was again trying to run away.

Her scream died down in her throat as her eyes broadened in utmost fear and horror. That masked man threw his knife at that wounded man and it digs in his back.

Daisy’s eyes rapidly landed on that creepy man who was still facing her. The creepy smiling mask on his face was petrifying that she involuntarily took a step back. Her this action got a tilt of that masked man’s head.

The loud painful wails of that wounded man resonated in the whole bakery.

That masked man ever so slowly tiled his head and then started walking towards that wounded man.

Holding him from his neck, he roughly took out the knife from his back and turned the crying man around.

Now masked man was holding wounded man, and they both were facing her. The horror in that man’s eyes reflected hers.

Daisy let out a shrill terrific scream when that masked man slashed his throat and blood spurted out all on the floor. That man’s body trembled a little and became limp as life left his body, and he fell on the floor with a loud thud.

Every cell in her body was screaming at her to run for her life but her legs were numb because of tremendous amount of fear.

That killer was now staring at her and as soon as he took a step forward she tried to run from there but again a petrified scream escaped her lips when he threw the knife aiming just near her head as the knife got stuck behind in the wood.

She covered her mouth with her trembling hands as large tears escaped out of her crystal doe eyes as she stared at that knife.

She flinched and moved back when that killer walked with slow steps all the way to her counter.

He slowly placed his both hands on the counter and then moved the fingers of his both hands in a rhythm as he tapped on the counter. She can feel his intense gaze on her, and he abruptly moved back which got her to whimper in fear.

Is she next?

Is he going to slit her throat as well?

He slowly walked all the way to the corner and ever so slowly picked up the pen placed there and wrote something on the paper.

All the while Daisy was staring at him with wide teary and fear filled eyes.

He tore that paper and slammed it on the glass counter making her flinch. Ever so slowly he pushed that paper with his finger towards her and then took four steps backwards.

Daisy stared at him and then briskly at the paper. With trembling hands she holds it and read it.

“Don’t tell anyone!
Not for me but for yourself!
It’s all a delusion in the end!”

Her hands trembled as her eyes shot up only to found no one there. A sob escaped her lips as she dashed out of her bakery from the back door, not even closing the bakery or looking at the bleeding dead body.

She just ran!

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