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Chapter 4

Next few days Daisy didn’t go to her bakery at all and Wyatt was the one who take care of everything. She didn’t tell about that occurrence to anyone. Only Nick knew what she said, but then she was proven wrong when they visited her bakery.

“You’re being delusional!”

Nick has said when there was no evidence of what she sprouted out.

Is she being delusional?

Daisy is a psychology student. She knows such stuff better than many.

A Delusion, in psychology, a rigid system of beliefs with which a person is preoccupied and to which the person firmly holds, despite the logical absurdity of the beliefs and a lack of supporting evidence.

The things she saw and felt were realistic to extreme heights. She has seen with her own eyes, how that masked person has killed that guy but then why was her bakery seemed untouched. No trace of blood or anything. Her phone was placed perfectly on the counter and the note which that killer has written was also gone along with the dead body.

Daisy is not crazy. She was grown up perfectly, she’s aware of the fact that people who are being delusional are suffering from old memories or things that triggers their worst past, mostly cases of being delusional were because of abusive past or addict parents etc.

Come to think of it, she was not even a person who’ll get scared of horror movies, even tho she always preferred to watch horror movies then why she’ll be scared to death that night? Nothing makes sense!

From past few days, Nick will visit her every day. He’ll talk about random things and will try to cheer her up, but she can clearly see it in his eyes that he considers her not well.

That night when they got back home, she requested him to stay with her for the night, but he was too pissed off after her behavior because there was no evidence which can prove that she’s telling the truth.

She stayed that night all alone at her apartment, scared to death. Next morning when Stella came back, Daisy got a little nap in relief, knowing that someone is home.

Her phone dinged and she saw the message of Stella. “Get ready Daisy, we are going to university and I’m not taking your no as an answer!”

Daisy sighed before throwing her phone on the bed. She’s behaving like a sick person from past few days, not going to university or bakery and staying inside the sanctuary of her apartment. But how long will she ponder on that incident and waste time.

She just needs to forget about it, think like it never happened and move on. That’s the only option that appears suitable. With determination and stretching, she gets out of the comfy bed and went into the restroom. After shower, she wore ripped jeans with crop top, wore her sneakers and bag, got out of her room.

Stella was in the kitchen all ready. Looking at Daisy she gave her a bright grin. “Finally, you decided you come.” Stella mused and placed a plate of Nutella sandwich on the slab and both the girls sat on the kitchen bar stools and ate their breakfast.

“Are you ready to tell me what happened between you and Nick that night?” Stella asked softly and Daisy looked down at her plate. Basically Stella thinks that her mood is like this because something happened between her and Nick, and Daisy didn’t want to tell her the truth either, she didn’t want to make a fool out of herself again.

“Nothing happened Stella, it’s just I wasn’t feeling well last few days.” She repeated the same answer she was giving her from last few days.

“I’m your best friend Daisy, so better keep your lies for someone else. If you don’t want to tell then no worries, just know I’m always here for you.” Stella spoke with cheery voice and a soft smile appeared on Daisy’s face. She’s blessed to have a friend like Stella.

Both the girls took the bus to their university. Daisy felt alert being out after all these days. They reached their university and then parted ways because their timetable was different.

Daisy went to her locker as soon as she opened it a horrified scream escaped her lips as she stumbled back in pure dread.

A rumble of laughter has her head snapping towards the group of boys and her widened eyes stared them in shock.

Her crystal blue wide eyes again landed in her locker and her throat felt dry. There in her locker was hanging a mask, the same type of mask that killer was wearing. Her heart was drumming in her ears.

“Are you scared princess?” Came the amused voice of Jayden. Daisy closed her eyes in extreme anger but didn’t say a word.

Jayden is the Prince of her university. He’s super rich, a captain of their football team, excellent at sports, outstanding at dancing, superb in arts but a complete douche bag in nature because he always bully her. Girls swoon over his muscular body and his good looks. Girls die to get his one glance, and he used them like crayons.

In the first starting days of her university she saved the girl of her class who was bullied by him and from that day onward, she unfortunately came under his radar, and he will bully her. One year passed of all this bullying, and he still bully her like as if torturing her is his oxygen and if by any chance he’ll forget to bully her, he’ll die.

Clenching her jaw, she grabbed that mask from her locker and threw it at his chest, that mask hit his chest and fell down. Daisy didn’t say anything to him, she just picked her books from the locker and shut it, walking away but how is it possible for Jayden to let her go so easily.

“Not so fast princess.” He mused as he came in front of her blocking her way.

“Why you look so pale princess? It’s just a mask.” He mused while wiggling that mask in front of her face. Daisy involuntarily took a step back and gulped as all those scenes came back.

Why Jayden would scare her with that same exact mask?

No, Daisy! You’re being delusional again! She told herself.

“Move aside!” She said sternly but Jayden gave her a devilish smirk. “Princess is in hurry?” He asked amused. Daisy gritted her teeth, she wants to kill him for always disturbing her.

“I said move aside Jayden!” Her voice was louder this time and Jayden clenched his jaw. “Of course princess.” He gritted and moved aside.

Daisy glared at him and walked past but very next second he tangled his foot with hers making her fall on the floor.

A roar of laughter occurs, and she closed her eyes shut in frustration. Jayden winked at her and then walked away with his goons.

Daisy picked up her books and dusted her clothes, cussing at Jayden in her mind she went to her class.

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