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Chapter 5

Her classes finished late, as Daisy walked all the way towards bus stop, she was having this bizarre feeling of being watched. She would eventually look behind to found no one staring at her. Shaking her head she stood at the stop in between crowd.

Stella’s got off earlier, so she went to her work straight. Daisy went home, ate chicken sandwich for lunch and went to bakery. She was tensed going their but now that scenario is just a nightmare for her. She has made her mind and thought herself to believe that it was just the mirage of hers.

Thinking that it was a delusional ordeal that never happened appears far better than being looked upon as crazy.

She stared at the Glass door, it was clean. With deep breath she walked inside and homely scent invaded her senses. Lord! How much she missed her bakery.

Wyatt who was working near the counter with full concentration but got startled when she got inside. A hundred Walt smile appears on his face and next thing Daisy was taken in a tight bear hug.

“Gosh Daisy! I missed you a lot. Are you fine now. I was really worried after reading your message, thank God your fever left you alone.” Wyatt rambled on and Daisy has to mutter.

“I c-can’t breath Wyatt.” Her voice was grumbled because he was literally squishing her. “Oh! I’m sorry.” He hurriedly breaks the hug but kept his hands on her shoulders.

“I’m fine now, don’t worry.” She said with a soft smile and walked behind the counter. Going in the backside kitchen she wore her apron and tied her hair in a messy bun.

Wyatt was preparing a birthday cake as their tonight’s order so Daisy helped him with it. Few clients came and bought donuts, cupcakes and pastries. She served them happily with a smile on her face.

She didn’t keep her bakery opened till late night, she just windup her work till evening and both Wyatt and her walked to bus stop together. She felt safe walking along Wyatt.

Gladly her bus came first, she waved him bye. Once she reached her stop, she hopped down and walked on foot from there because her apartment was two streets away.

The darkness on the sky was appearing way too swiftly. Her steps were fast, and she was glad that there’s people on the streets.

Once she reached her building, she gave a rapid glance behind her to find no one there. Letting out a breath of relief she got inside and to her apartment and locked the door shut behind.

Daisy was breathing heavily and her heart was erratic. She cannot drop the feeling of being watched and it was creeping her out.

Going in her room, she rushed towards her window, pulling the curtain slightly aside she stared down at the road, trying to locate lord knows what but there was nothing suspicious.

“You’re being delusional!”

Nick’s words rang in her head like a mantra and now she was feeling anger and frustration towards her own self.

That note of the killer said the same thing!Is Nick? NO! She’s just being delusional, yeah!

Her gut feeling was saying that she’s being watched even in her own room. Hurrying towards the door she turned on the lights and stared at her room with alert eyes, there was no one except her then why this feeling was budging her with full force.

Holding her head she massaged her palm. “Stop this Daisy! Stop it! You’re not crazy!” She tried to calm herself down.

With deep breath she played music on loud voice and that helped. Drinking a glass of water that was on the bed side table, she went into the restroom to prepare a bath for herself.

Coming out she went to kitchen and took out Stella’s wine along with a single glass as she placed it near the bathtub.

She then removed her clothes one by one as they dropped on the floor. She walked in the restroom all naked and slowly sat inside the tub filled with warm water. A sigh of bliss escaped her lips. She lowered down more and placed her legs crossed on the tub’s edge.

She slowly massaged her neck and poured herself some wine. Placing it closer to her lips, she drowned that burning liquor in one go and her face grimaced as it burned her throat.

She literally made a vomiting face and cuss lowly while glaring at the glass.

This is first time she’s drinking, and she’s not drinking it ever again because it tastes unpleasant.

Placing the glass aside, she drowned herself more in the water and washed her hair, after some time she got out and go under the shower, washing away all the soap.

Wrapping a towel around her naked body, she went to her room and changed into a loose shirt and shorts.

Swaying her hips she turned up the volume and went into the kitchen to make dinner. She danced and prepared pasta for herself and Stella.

She heard rattling of the knob and knew Stella is here. Stella came in and a wide grin appears on her face as she smelled the delicious food. “You know I really love you Daisy when you cook food like this.” Stella yelled from the lounge and Daisy let out a chuckle.

“Yeah! Yeah! Stop buttering. Go freshen up and I’ll set the table.” Daisy said. Stella hurriedly went to her room to freshen up as Daisy set the table.

Both the girls sat down on the small four chair dining tables in their kitchen. Daisy was telling Stella how she tried to drink today but ends up vowing never to drink again and Stella laughed out loud. Daisy was having good time after so long.

“You feel something different?” Daisy asked out of the blue and Stella’s brows furrowed. “Like what?” She asked casually while munching on her food.

“Like we’re being watched.” Daisy said softly. Stella gave her a bored look.

“Stop Daisy! Don’t you dare try to scare me. You know how much I’m scared of all those horror movies which you love to watch. So don’t scare me and I’m not feeling like that. We are both alone here.” Stella said with the roll of her eyes.

“If you say so!” Daisy mumbled softly as Stella started talking about some random guy who’s after her at her restaurant.


Someone caressed his thumb on the screen of LED where Daisy was sitting with Stella as they were laughing.

That person brought that thumb to his lips and kissed it.


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