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Chapter 6

“I don’t want to go Stella.” Daisy grumbled annoyed. Currently Stella is going to a party which Jacob has thrown at his place and Stella was dead set on taking her along.

“Say whatever you want girl but you’re going with me!” Stella muttered while ironing her dress in utmost concentration.

“I’m not! I’ve to watch my series.” Daisy tried to convince Stella but the glare on Stella’s face was a clear indication that Daisy has no way out.

Huffing she stomped to the restroom and Stella giggled behind. Daisy showered and wore an extremely revealing dress that was forced on her by Stella. The dress was extremely gorgeous in black but there’s a beautiful design at the back which caused her whole back to be bare. Dress was clinging to her body like a second skin and was showing almost everything leaving nothing to imagination.

As soon as she got out of the restroom, Stella’s eyes broadened, and she did a weird whistle on her. “All the men will want to get you tonight. Damn! You’re looking sexy!” Stella complimented which made Daisy frown.

She’s never a person of wearing such revealing dresses but as she stared at herself in the mirror she does look sexy and hot.

“It’s too much.” She said softly while staring at her rear in the mirror.

“Shut up and get ready we only have thirty minutes.” Stella mumbled and both the girls got ready. Daisy did soft makeup and let her hair loose so it could cover her back but Stella make Daisy’s hair in a ponytail while mumbling that’s how you do your hair with backless dress like Daisy is unaware of it, huh!

Stella was looking gorgeous in her dark blue strapless fitted dress that reached her mid thighs.

They took a cab to Jacob’s place. They reached his two story rich looking house, that was blasting with music.

Walking in they were met with club atmosphere. Boys and girls were everywhere, some were dancing while others were just enjoying while talking.

Holding Daisy’s hand Stella walked all the way towards the kitchen where Jacob was standing with his mates as they all were laughing and drinking.

Yes, Nick is also Jacob’s friend. They became friends in school, but they got admissions in different high schools so parted ways but their friendship never faded away.

“Babe.” Stella chirped and kissed Jacob who kissed back, whereas Nick stared at Daisy with wide eyes. Daisy gave him a soft smile with a kiss on his cheek. Nickkissed the corner of her mouth, Daisy felt someone staring at her, and she finds Jacob’s smoldering gaze which made her uncomfortable.

She didn’t like him!

“Hey Daisy.” He mused and nodded at her, she gave a forced smile and nodded back.

Daisy felt sad that Nick was coming at this party, yet he didn’t call or texted her to come along, if not for Stella Daisy would’ve never knew that Nick came to this party. It feels weird that they are in relationship yet so far from each other.

They walked towards the lounge where the people were dancing like crazy, drinks were being served and loud music was blasting. Stella and Jacob started dancing with the other people and Nick asked her to go with him dancing when he knows very well that she didn’t like such stuff.

Rolling his eyes, he just left and disappeared in the sea of bodies all dancing to the music. Daisy stayed there for a while looking at people dancing like crazy. Her head starts to hurt, and she decided to get some place secluded. Kitchen sounds appealing but a couple was making out in there, and she felt highly flustered and embarrassed.

Quietly moving out of their she went towards the backside garden. Luckily it was completely empty. Sighing in bliss and peace she rubbed her arms. It was cold outside but far better than those lust filled gazes as if she’s a piece of meat.

Daisy walked a little further and sat on the chair, staring at the sky. She should have brought her coat here. She was sitting there for a while, and then she tensed, hair on the back of her neck raised when she that creepy feeling of being watched again.

Clenching her jaw, she felt angry at herself. Her eyes briskly looked around to find nothing suspicious no one was practically there. She didn’t know why, but she stood and abruptly her eyes landed on the roof top at her back. Her breath hitched and she stumbled back aghast.

The killer was there on the roof!

She blinked and then there was nothing. Gasping she placed her hands on her mouth in shock. She stayed there staring at the roof unblinking for few minutes which felt like hours.

“What are staring at Princess?” A voice whispered just beside her ear. She screamed in horror and her back collided with someone. Her scream got muffled when that person placed a hand on her mouth shutting her up.

“Calm down, it’s just me Jayden. Why the fuck are you behaving as if you’ve seen a ghost.” His voice held amusement as if seeing her in panic delighted him.

She harshly removed his hand from her mouth and turned around, taking steps away from him and glaring his way. She gave a quick look towards the roof to find no one there. Her eyes landed on Jayden who was also looking at the roof but there was a smirk on his face.

She should’ve known that he’ll be here. Jacob is their senior and is also in football team whose captain is Jayden. So Jayden coming to this party was a must.

Without another word, she tried to walk past him, but he didn’t let her as his hand grabbed her wrist and yanked her to him. She gasped moving back, but he wrapped his arm around her waist and his lips hungrily landed on her jaw and neck.

Her face ashen as she started thrashing violently in his hold. “Let go of me Jayden!” She screamed but he was drunk. “You look so fucking hot, I can’t play hide-and-seek anymore!” He hissed kissing on her earlobe making her cringe badly, tears forming in her eyes.

“I want you Princess!” He rasped and her blood turns cold. “NO! Let go!” She screamed, but he was not in his senses, before he could cause further damage. His body was ripped away from hers.

She panted heavily and watched with her blurred vision as a guy was growling and punched Jayden. A sob escaped her lips and that man stiffened.

Turning around his eyes met her disheveled form, and he embraced her in a warm hug. “Are you alright Daisy?” He asked and Daisy just nodded her head while hugging him tight.

Wyatt glared at beaten Jayden and growled thunderously. “Touch her again and I’ll rip you apart!”

Daisy gasped at such rage in his voice. He was shaking in anger. She didn’t dare looked at Jayden as Wyatt walked her out of that party.

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