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Chapter 7

Wyatt left after dropping her at her place. Asking for the hundredth time if she’ll be fine, and she assured him a lot and finally he left.

First thing she did was change out of that clinging dress and scrubbing herself raw in shower. She felt relaxed after showering. Daisy wore one of her shirt only with panties, no bra. She felt at ease, in kitchen a plate was placed covered. She removed the cover to find a club sandwich there. Stella knew that Daisy will be back at home soon, and she prepared it earlier for her. This friend of hers is such a blessing.

Sitting down, she ate it silently, after washing her plates Daisy then watched TV for a while, her head felt heavy as she went to her room for desperate sleep.

As soon as her body landed on the bed, she drowned in deep slumber.

It was late at night when she felt shuffling in her room. Her eyes were so heavy that she was unable to even open them. Her body felt weird and hot.

She felt a lingering touch on her bare legs. But her heart jolted wildly when she felt a hand on her stomach.

She was naked!

She was still in haze and grogginess. Her mind was alert but her body wasn’t listening to her.

She felt soft feathery kisses on her neck, jaw and collarbones, someone was breathing on her skin. Her heart was racing wildly, those lips were soft yet cold as they trailed all the way down to her breasts.

Daisy’s breath hitched when rough pad of fingers caressed her erected left nipple, she slumped her shoulders and shuddered.

She again tried to open her eyes but there was blindfold on her eyes. Her wrists were restrained.

Is this a dream?

A loud gasp escaped her lips when her left nipple was taken in a warm mouth and that person gave a rough suck to it. She whimpered and shuddered under that person. His tongue flickered on her bosom.

Her body was enjoying it way too much. She felt hotter and in pain. A large calloused hand grabbed her right bosom and gave a tight squeeze it making her jolt badly.

This is the first time someone’s touching her. She never let Nick to touch her. She didn’t want to do anything physical before marriage that is the main reason Nick is getting so detached from her.

The pain in her body was intensifying. She needs something otherwise she’ll die, and she didn’t even know what she wanted.

Teeth nibbled on her nipple making her to arch as other hand pinched her right nipple hard making her tremble under him.

Those big calloused hands were a clear indication it’s a man. “S-stop!” She panted as those wet kisses trailed down all the way to her belly and then lowered and lowered until his touch faded away.

She let out a frustrated groan when her body begged for something. Daisy was shaking when she felt those large hands parting her legs. Her breath hitched.

When a finger pinched her bud making her jolt badly as she screamed. Her heart was wild and her body was arching with need.

A cold breath on her core had her insides curling in dread and anticipation. That man abruptly jerked her thighs up, so they were on his shoulders.

A wet stroke to her pussy lips had her insides curling, and she whimpered. His warm tongue started stroking her and his large hand holds her pussy lips apart as his tongue inserted in her small hole.

"Ahh!” She screamed as his tongue started going in and out of her and something started building inside her. She felt as if she’s on edge and when his teeth nibble on her sensitive skin within a minute she came undone, her body shuddering and writhing, but he didn’t stop.

"Ahhh...p-please...ahhh!” She was breathing heavily and was crying as well. Daisy didn’t know why her body is behaving like this, but she needed it right now to get free of the pain and burning in her body.

He became aggressive as his loud slurping resonated in the silent room. He was feasting on her like an animal. One of his hands grabbed her left bosom, and he squeezed it roughly.

His other hand found its way on her vagina as he start pressing her bud roughly making her to jolt badly.

His sucking and those wet slurping sounds made her crazy as she came undone again. But this ghost was crazy as he kept going.

She was writhing by now, her mouth opened wide as voices unknown to her innocent mind escaped her lips. She was breathing heavily.

That person dig his face completely in her folds, and she trembled badly. She bucked herself up more and with in seconds she came, and he drank all of her juices with those slurping sounds and continued to rub her bud roughly.

She didn’t even get down from her high when his tongue again started torturing her soul. He was being rough. Her whole body jerked badly as she came again breathing heavily.

Her body trembled as that man hovered over her and gave pecks all over her bosoms, massaging, squeezing and pinching them.

She was still trembling, her whole body was buzzing as her mind started fading away. The touches became distant, and then she was gone in deep slumber.

Daisy groaned when harsh rays of sunlight disturbed her sleep. Turning to the side, she groggily opened her eyes and blinked at the wall. Her head felt heavy and she was feeling mild pain.

She massaged her temples and as if struck by lightening that erotic dream racked her mind, and she gasped.

Red tinted her cheeks with full force as she immediately removed the blanket and breathed a sigh of relief. She’s wearing her shirt and her panties as well.

That was a dream!

She told herself, certain part of her heart felt wrong for dreaming such thing when she has a boyfriend but then again she never saw that person’s face.

Groggily she got out of the bed and walked clumsily to her restroom. Her head felt extremely heavy, and she felt extremely drained and tired all over.

She stared at herself in the mirror, she felt itch on her wrist, and she scratched it without looking only to wince in pain.

Her crystal blue eyes landed on her wrists, and they widened in fear.

There on her wrists were dark purple and blue bruises of rope and her heart stopped beating as cold chills run down her spine.

It wasn’t a dream!

It was all real!

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