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Chapter 8

Daisy was completely paranoid thinking of all the scenarios. Her heart was thudding in her ears as her throat became all dry.

Stella and Nick are sitting on the dining table as they both stared at her unblinking.

“Someone was there i-in my room last night. H-he did something to me.” She was stuttering.

Her face was red in embarrassment and in fear of Nick’s reaction. She didn’t cheat on him, who ever the person was has tied her hands when he did all that to her.

“It can be incubus!” Stella said while gasping.

Both Nick and Daisy stayed quiet at her joke and Stella straightens. “You don’t look alright Daisy.” Stella said softly while concerned swarm in her eyes whereas Nick was silent like night.

“W-when I came back from party, Wyatt was with me, but then he left. I-I ate the sandwich that Stella left for me and then I went to sleep and...then...” She was breathing heavily.

“Wait!” Stella cut her in. “I never left you any sandwich.” She mumbled with scrunched brows.

Daisy’s brows shot up at this new piece of information and her heart dreaded to burst out of her rib cage. Slowly and gradually she put two and two together. Sheer fear ran down her whole body.

“T-that f-food was drugged.” She breathed with trembling lips as tears formed in her eyes.

This can be only reason why she felt pain and deadly burning need and craving in her whole body when that person was touching her.


“What are you mumbling?” Nick asked with cold tone to his voice.

“I was drugged last night.” She said clearly this time and there was a hint of shock in his eyes but it soon faded away, replaced by a cold look.

“You’re sprouting nonsense.” He hissed lowly and Stella gasped at his ride behavior. Daisy’s eyes widened for a fraction of second but soon it got replaced by rage.

“Don’t fucking talk to me like that! If you don’t believe me then door is that way!” She sneered angrily and her split change in behavior didn’t only startle Stella but Nick was also staring at her with shocked face.

Cursing under his breath he picked up his coat and left their apartment, a loud bang of him shutting the door was heard indicating that he’s gone.

Daisy’s shoulder slumped as she stared at her wrists with teary eyes. Stella immediately came to sit beside Daisy as she engulfed her in a warm hug.

“Don’t cry Daisy. He’s an idiot, ignore him for a while.” Stella cooed in a soft voice while wiping her tears away.

“You know you told me about Jayden harassing you last night...” Stella says while holding her bruised wrist softly as she continued. “There are high chances that these bruises came from his man handling.” Stella’s voice was low and exceptionally soft.

Daisy blinked like a statue. This can be possible , but then why didn’t she noticed these when she was showering last night.

Her mind was exploding with millions of what ifs. Is she being delusional again. “No, Daisy you are normal.” She told herself loudly in an angry voice, while shaking her head in negative.

A loud fearful gasp from beside her got Daisy out of her trance. Stella was staring at her with uncertainty in her eyes.

“I’m not mad Stella!” Daisy said in a scary whispering voice which cause Stella to gulp.

“Stop Daisy you’re scaring me.” Stella mumbled softly and Daisy rubbed her palms on her face and then stared down at the floor with slumped shoulders.

“I’m sorry.” She mumbled softly and Stella let out a breath of relief.

“You’re not mad Daisy.” Stella said softly while rubbing Daisy’s back who just nodded her head.

“Just listen to me carefully before coming to any conclusion. You are a psychology student yourself and are very well aware of the things happening to you. I’m not saying you’re crazy but...” with precaution Stella continues. “You can consult a psychiatrist...again I’m not calling you mad but counseling helps a lot.” Stella said softly.

Daisy kept staring on the floor for the longest of the times before she nodded her head with a sigh. A smile appears on Stella’s face as she jumped up.

“Let’s go.” She chirped and Daisy frowned. “Now?”

“Yes, we have off from university today, so we should use our holiday. Now go and change we are leaving in thirty minutes.” Stella ordered and walked into her room to get ready.

Sighing Daisy went to her room and got ready herself. Her mind was in chaos whereas she was completely calm from outside. She was not being able to understand her own self.

If she thinks according to her studies then she must needs a doctor, but her mind can’t betray her. Then again every crazy person thinks the same.

She didn’t even realise when they reached an apartment with psychiatrist’s office within. Daisy gave Stella a weird look. “We could’ve gone to some well-known psychiatrist instead of coming to this unknown one.” Daisy put forward her thoughts whereas Stella rolled her eyes.

“Let me enlighten you, the psychiatrist who came to BBC news few months back for his tremendous work in psychiatric field is this one and the reason I brought you here is....” She wiggled her brows and continues. “He charges his patients extremely less.”

“Oh!” Daisy made an understanding face as they ring the bell. After, few minutes a young man opened the door.

He gave a soft smile to them and moved aside while welcoming them. “You’ve an appointment?” He asked softly and Stella answered with a negative.

He told them to wait and they waited. A couple came out from the office and that guy whose name is Issac told them to go in.

Daisy knocked once and hearing a loud ‘come in,’ she got inside. Her eyes stared at the man sitting at his chair. His eyes were lowered as he was looking at the file. Stella cleared her throat and psychiatrist looked up.

He has icy blue eyes, and he gave them a soft smile. “Please sit down.” He said professionally. His voice was intensely deep.

Stella squeezed Daisy’s hand in assurance and then left her alone.

“I’m Tyson Calum, your psychiatrist.” His voice was soft and friendly.

“I’m Daisy Kace.” She just gave a small answer.

“Daisy, how are you feeling?” He asked softly still staring at the file in his hands. Daisy knows how this works, he’s trying to relax her, so she’ll feel more comfortable in speaking her mind.

“Chaos.” Her voice was low and this time he looked up and stared at her.

“Would you like to share?” He inquired softly, and she stifled the urge to roll her eyes. Of course, she’s hear to share her trauma.

Nodding her head slightly, she told him each and everything from that murder few days back to last night. She just cut the part of what that man did to her other than that she elaborated everything. She was expecting him to laugh like others or prescribe her some medicines, but he did none.

“I believe you.” He said softly and Daisy suppress the urge to chuckle at him. He seems to don’t know that she’s also a psychology student. She knows these are the tactics of psychiatrists to gain patient’s trust.

“You do?” She played stupid. Even tho he’s the professional psychiatrist here but Daisy was looking him deep in the eyes, she uses the same techniques of the psychiatrist to read him.

“Yes, for now.” His words were firm she nodded her head. “You are totally fine Daisy. It was important to get these secrets out of your system, now you’ll feel fine knowing someone believes you.” He sounded genuine.

“You’ll have an appointment with me thrice a week, will that be fine with you?” He asked while scribbling something down on his file.

“Yes, Thank you.” She thanked him softly and stood to leave. “Have a nice day.” He said and both Daisy and Stella were heading back to their home.

“Damn! He was so hot!” Stella exaggerated and Daisy stared at her friend with wide eyes. “You’ve a boyfriend.” Daisy reminded her and Stella just kept giggling.

Daisy breathed a sigh of relief. She does feels better.

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