Blue Snow

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Thriller / Fantasy
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One of the coldest nights had been hitting Tokyo. If it was not because of the inability —or almost impossible possibility— for it to snow in Tokyo around this time of the year, it would snow.

Aomine was walking, in a fast paced way but without a reason to it.

At one point he started... running.

What could he be running from?

Or better...

What could make someone like Aomine suddenly... start running?

Transparent drops started falling from his eyes, the rain started to fall so hard and dense that it wouldn’t be a surprise that it could have gotten inside of his eyes.

“Ugh...”. He mourns, while he tries to increase his velocity.

He was running incredibly fast for someone that had not practiced sports for years, and it was dangerous because if he hit someone while running the speed would cause a trauma to both people. He knew that... but he did not care.

Something started vibrating and a odd sound started playing in for of tone.

He slowed down his pace, reached for his pocket and took his cellphone.

“What”, he said in a cold tone and a raspy voice.

“H-Honey?”, a female voice was in the other end of the line.

“Mom?”, he replied.

Aomine’s pace was slowed, the rain was not bothering him anymore. His stare was locked on the ground as he walked.

“Honey are you okay? Is everything okay with you? I got several calls from school saying that you missed the last 3 classes of the day...”, she said, followed by a short pause, seemed like she wanted to her the way Aomine was breathing. “Do you want to talk about it?”.

“No mom, I’m fine”.

“Are you sure? You sound like you’re fine but the way you’ve been behaving lately isn’t normal...”, she paused again, this time longer than before. “Can I trust you?”

“Sure”, he said followed by a long pause. “Thank you for worrying though”.

“That’s my job honey”, she said. “I’ll always be here for you, at the end of the day I’m your mother”.

They both paused, then he hung up.

Finally he reached a dark place. His phone fell from his hand. Then he collapsed to the ground.

Crying, mourns and moans were being mixed with the sound of the rain hitting violently everything at its reach.

Sounds that could only be emitted by a human being were so strange since people wouldn’t think a person would sound like that.

Aomine’s chest was aching.

It was aching so bad it looked like his chest was empty but the only thing that existed there was his heart, being ripped apart.

Tears would not stop running down his face.

His hands were trying to rip something off his chest that did not exist.

His mouth looked like he was trying to bite the air.

“WHY ME!”, he tried to scream as loud as he possibly could, but the only thing that came out was a weak voice.

“What did I do to her?”, he said while more tears started to run down his face.

“There’s no one other than you she always said huh”, he murmured. “Don’t screw with me, now look how it turned out!”.

It resulted kind of odd how Aomine managed to have a conversation with himself while crying, his expressions seemed so genuine that it actually looked like he was talking to himself, instead of remembering an old conversation out loud.

“It’s my fault that I’m way too simple”, he murmured.

He reached for his phone and then stood up.

Walking slowly, straight.

His eyes were exhausted of all the crying, they could not look anywhere else but the ground.

The sounds of the world around him were nonexistent, vanished from his ear from one moment to another.

Two quick flashes of light appeared from his left side.

He looked up but it was too late, his body was lifted violently from the ground and thrown meters away.

He realized what happened, then he laid his head on the pavement and mumbled something.

Finally, the thing he wished for became true, he could leave the world that hated him so much.
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