Blood and Magic

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little white lie


I opened my eyes to the dim cell, lit only by a single candle and Shai’s glowing gold irises. Something was different. My body felt different. I felt stronger. A thrumming filled my veins and something sat in my chest, pulling on something. I sat up from where I had collapsed on the ground when my soul left my body to visit the Goddess.

“Shit, Dev, your eyes.” Shai said as he held my face in his hand, the touch of his fingers against my skin sparked. Electricity poured through my body. He was the source.

“What about them?” I asked as he helped me stand.

“The contacts are gone. When you were unconscious, your body covered itself in this burning light. It might have burnt the contacts out.” He said, pulling his hand away from my face, golden eyes staring at his own fingertips. “You chose…” He didn’t seem to know what to say, but I could already see guilt covering his face.

“I didn’t have to choose. She was desperate.” I lied. I lied through my damned teeth. I couldn’t have him feel that kind of guilt over a choice that I had made. But until it was necessary to tell him, I could lie.

“I told you, I told you she was desperate.” His eyes lit up as he spoke, taking a hold of my face in his hands again.

“You were right.” This was a little white lie. It would all work out. It would all be fine. Besides, how could it be a bad choice when my body was drawing itself to him? How could it be a bad choice when I felt absolute acceptance? Felt loyalty? A promise of forever?

“And you…”

“Yes, you were right about that, too.” I knew he was about to talk about him being my mate. About our fate to be together.

“Do you accept the bond?” He asked, a necessary part of snapping it into place. Of making it completely permanent.

“I do, do you?” His eyes continued to glow brighter.

“Of course I do.” He said, kissing me without a moment’s hesitation. The heat that came from him was intoxicating. The feel of his skin against mine was making me forget where we were and what we were supposed to be doing. Sleeping together was the last part of locking in the bond. And my body was burning for his.

“Should we wait until we’re somewhere less dangerous?” I asked. My cheeks were flushed and my breathing was heavy.

“There are no guards. We don’t bother with them in a castle full of supernaturals. And it’s not even midday yet. We have plenty of time and privacy.” He said. He didn’t kiss me again, though. He just kept staring into my eyes, waiting for me to move. Okay. Maybe a cell wasn’t an ideal place for this, but if we had time now… I didn’t know if we would get the chance again. I took a deep breath and tilted my head to the side.

I watched as his eyes trailed down my skin, landing where my shoulder met my neck.

“Don’t make me pull you to me, Shai.” The candle flickered out. I had obviously been unconscious for too long, but it didn’t matter. With the full power now in my veins, I could see everything, and he already could.

“Tilting your neck like that… I’m still part vampire, Dev.” He said, as if I didn’t know. Like I hadn’t thought about this moment since he kissed me in my archives. Like I hadn’t imagined it before then.

“I know. I want you to, do you?” With my new vision, I could see the tips of his fangs biting his lip before he closed the small gap between us and kissed my lips briefly, before immediately laying kisses along my cheek and trailing them down my neck. Warmth followed each touch, pushing energy through my body, reaching my fingertips and my toes.

His fangs grazed my skin, and a sigh escaped my lips, but he hovered, waiting.

“Shai, if you leave me hanging, I will kill you with my bare hands.” I warned him.

“I just don’t want to get blood on your shirt.” He said as he pulled away and pulled at the hem of my white cotton tee.

“Then take it off. And take off the bra while you’re there.” He smirked as he immediately tugged my shirt over my head. His lips were against my neck, sucking on my skin as he unclipped my bra, slipping the straps down my arms and throwing it away. Where it went would be an issue I would deal with later.

Without warning, he bit into my neck. I hissed in pain, but as he drank, the pain subsided. My eyes fluttered closed as I moaned, my breathing getting heavy as my core began tightening.

“Shai…” I barely whispered his name, but it was enough for him to push me against the wall and fumble for the button to my jeans. I wanted his chest against mine, I wanted his skin on mine. No, I didn’t want it… I needed it.

My fingers began working the buttons on his shirt, but I gave up after two and just ripped it open instead, pushing it off his body to touch his chest. To look at and feel every perfectly toned muscle underneath his skin.

Everyone would know that this man was mine. I scratched my nails down his back, just the beginning of how I would mark him, as he continued to drink from me. As I continued to groan, my body moved against his, needing more, needing what came next.

He pushed my jeans down my legs, my underwear going with them, his mouth leaving my neck.

“Fuck, Dev.” He whispered as he pushed my jeans to my ankles and I stepped out of them. “You are incredible.” He closed the gap between us again, his lips against mine, the taste of my blood still on his lips. I moaned into his mouth as he picked me up by my thighs, pinning me against the wall with his hips, holding me up with one hand as the other slid between us and his finger started stroking against my core.

My entire body shuddered at the simple touch, before it seemed to awaken and burn even hotter for him. I groaned as he rubbed circles against me, his lips returning to my neck. I put my lips on his shoulder, sucking on his skin to stop myself from screaming as his finger sped up. My core coiled itself tighter. I was edging closer to releasing all the tension he had worked up when he spoke.

“Come for me, Princess.”

My body heeded him immediately, and the release rushed through every part of me. My lips left his shoulder as I had to scream to let it all go. But he didn’t stop as I dripped over his fingers. He started working me up again instead of giving me time to breathe and recover. This time was faster. Only after a few seconds, I was ready to tip over the edge again, but he didn’t let me finish.

Instead, he fumbled with his pants and released his length, readying himself but looking into my eyes one more time. The gold light in his eyes that bright they were near white.

“Shai, I’m sure.” I answered his unasked question, and he slipped himself into me.

“Fuck, you feel amazing, Dev.”

He moved slowly, easing my body to fit his. I ignored the pain, something I knew was going to happen, and breathed through it as it slowly subsided. I moaned as he continued slowly, getting deeper with each stroke, building the tension in my core until it was unbearable.

“Faster, harder…” I whispered into his ear.

My breath left my body as he did exactly as I told him. My nails scratched his back again, but this time I knew I drew blood. I moaned as he kissed my neck, his tongue running over the marks where he drew blood from me, the wounds still dripping red liquid down my chest.

Each thrust was harder than the last. Each one brought me closer to the edge, closer to the release I so craved. My legs tightened around his waist as I kept myself from screaming again.


I couldn’t hold anything in anymore. He thrust into me once more and I unravelled around him. I felt his body shudder, and he found his release inside of me.

I stared into his eyes as he continued to hold me against the wall, his forehead resting against mine. My breath was shaking, just as much as his was.

“You glowed, Dev. You literally glowed. And you marked us.” He held up his hand, and I saw a swirling pattern of glowing gold staining his skin. When I held up my hand, I saw a matching pattern that ran up the length of my forearm, reaching just below my elbow.

“This isn’t normal, is it?” I guess I wanted to mark him as mine, and I did. He took my hand in his and let my legs go. I barely kept myself upright. He realised that and wrapped his spare arm around my waist to hold me up.

“No, but… we aren’t normal, are we?”

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