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Elenora is heir to the Kalianea Fae or commonly known as The Sun Fae, but after the latest battle between their long standing foe The Belona Fae (Lunar Fae) she lost her father and king to Kalianea Forest. Her mother has gone mad with grief and takes all her anger out on her only child. A newly assigned stable boy offers Elenora a friendship she had never been offered before, But their bond is tied up in the war when the stable boy finally confesses the deep secrets he has been hiding from Elenora. Elenora is cast into the world when she discovers the secrets of her bloodline and how its bound to a mystical creature only she can control. Little does she know her creature has an equal enemy bound to The Lunar Fae.... Does this long war finally come to an end?

Thriller / Fantasy
Chloe. J
5.0 4 reviews
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If only our world was as mystical as it sounded...

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