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Kalina is left to the cold and heartless man who is unfortunately her mate. Thinking things weren't so bad after they did a scene, she wakes up to find him sleeping with another woman or for a more appropriate term. Fucking. Seeking shelter with her best friends, Stacy and Sean, they nurse her back to health, much to the dismay of her mate. But when she is suddenly deemed as the oracle and catches a glimpse of an Asher-filled future full of backstabbing and betrayal, she scrambles to find a place to hide. However things don't all go according to plan. ----------- Asher hates anything and everything that breathes, especially when it breathes his air. His mate is no exception. Using her and discarding her like he does with every other woman, he's not surprised she disappears off the face of the earth. What does surprise him though is that she comes back with the sacred title of the oracle. The title that was supposed to be his. Filled with an overwhelming amount of hatred for her, he forms a contract with her most powerful enemy. What Asher doesn't realize is that he wasn't always like this. He was once loving and kind. Will Kalina be able to return him to his old self, or will she only make matters worse?

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“Kali speaking... Testing, Testing 1 2 3... Hello everyone!!! Just a friendly warning

This book contains DDLG , BDSM, and some DISTURBING SCENES

I give absolutely no fucks about your complaints if you choose to ignore this warning and continue reading expecting something else...

Literally None. So please take the stick out of your ass and don’t waste my time

That being said constructive criticism is always welcome, I don’t take that personally.... most of the time anyway. You never know.. I might decide to devour your soul because of it. Hehe

Aaaannnyywaayyy, You’ve been clearly warned! Any shit you give me after this will be your fault and I will promptly send you to the 9th Circle of Hell on the 4th ring of ice titled ”Blocked" and you will be forced to reflect upon your sins to repent or some shit like that.

You’ve been warned so like fuck off and read the next chapter or somethin’”

*Aggressive sigh from Asher*

“She’s correct but I apologize for her..choice of words.

I hope you have a fun read! Please comment, vote, or maybe even add to your library!”

K- “You’re the last person who should be acting innocent Asher”

A- “I’m turning the mic off now Little Fox. Bye Everyone! Hope you enjoy reading!”

K- “Asher I will shove that mic so far up your-” Click

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