The Price Of Revenge

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Chapter 6 - An Uninvited Guest (Pt. 1)

Philippa’s POV

After finishing my first mission with the others as a member of Dames de Justice, we headed back to the house and washed up. “So what shall we do with the $50,000 given to us by Deputy McForbes?” Henria asked as she passes me my sleeping clothes and Theodorie is playing with the small little package that contains the money given to us for the mission.

“We can~” Margie soon takes the money from Theodorie much to her dismay. “We can keep $25,000 for our own future safekeeping while the other $25,000 will be split within us" She says to us which got me a little uneasy about the money since I just joined the group.

“What’s wrong Philly?” Margie then turns her attention to me, asking in a concerned tone. “Are you sure I also deserved the money?” I asked her. “After all I just joined you guys and still new to this” I pointed out.

“True but you deserved the money, helping to shut them up so their cries of help couldn’t be heard” Margie says as she starts counting the money from the parcel and we were all going one by one to take a shower for the day.

When I finished my shower and did everything I am being asked to do, I went to bed and to my shock, seeing $5,000 on my bedside table. I then looked at Henria and Margie who are also getting ready for bed. “Take the money and hid somewhere safe. You deserve it.” Margie says to me before I finally just feel easy about the money and keep it in a small box placed in the top drawer. “Thank you” I softly thanked Margie. “Your welcome” Margie smiles back to me a little

“Goodnight everybody!” Margie says as we get to our beds and tuck ourselves under the blankets. “Goodnight!” We all said back to her and close our eyes for the next coming day.

-The Next Day-

Margie and I are up early the next day. “Oh my dearest Philly~” Henria soon woke up after and picked me up from the couch. “I wonder what shall we do today?” She then yawned asking Margie sitting beside her with me in her arms. “I don’t know but do you think carrying somebody your age like that is a good idea Henriette Samuels?” Margie asks her looking unamused by what Henria did with me.

“Nothing wrong.” Henria answers with a wide grin on her face that Margie looks like she is ready to destroy that smile of Henria’s but she is trying not to do so. “She’s so adorable and delicate~” Henria says in a sleepy tone, planting a light peck on my cheek. “Then her code name with us will be Baby P from now on” Margie says ruffling my hair.

“Code name? What is that?” I asked her not understanding what she is talking about. Henria and Margie for a few seconds looked at each other before looking back to me. Henria sat me on her lap before started explaining to me what code name is.

“Code names are not real names. We used it for convenience’s sake in the missions.” Henria starts explaining to me about the code names and what it meant. “So it is a name I will be known for in the missions as the code name Baby P instead of Philippa?” I asked her starting to get what she meant. “Yes.” Margie and Henria nodded their heads.

“Only we can call you Philippa.” Margie adds onto what Henria says. I soon nodded my head understanding everything explained to me. A little while later, Margie was reading out some random stuff from her phone that got me real curious.

“As said by Kahlil Gibran.” She started. "The timeless in you is aware of life’s timelessness. And knows that yesterday is but today’s memory and tomorrow is today’s dream." She reads. "What are you reading Margie?" I asked her yawning a little hugging onto Henria.

"A quote of today from Goodreads" Margie says to me with a smile as she ruffles my hair. "Looks like somebody is getting very sleepy isn't it?" She smiled. "Not really. Just a little empty in the morning." I reassured Margie as I felt Henria hugging me back.

"Lemme go make some food in the meanwhile." She chuckles before standing up from the couch and passes the television remote to Henria and I as with petite steps, she heads for the kitchen. "Theodorie and Auggie are still sleeping. What shall we do for the rest of the day?" I then asked Henria. "Maybe we can show you around the town along with some of the stuff we have that can be put into future use." Henria tells me carressing my hair gently.

"Future use?" I think to myself. When Auggie and Theodorie both are up and also looking very much not so awake yet, a doorbell suddenly rang through like the school bell ringing for lunch time. Theodorie, Auggie, Henria and I then looked at one another with this question in mind of who to open the door.

"I hope its not the police." Henria softly whispers with much fear in her voice to Auggie and Theodorie. Before I could get anymore confused about everything, the doorbell continuously rings and Margie is shouting from the kitchen for one of us to open the door.


Margie shouts, sounding like she is starting to lose her patience with us. "ALRIGHT! I WILL GET TO THE DOOR!" Theodorie shouts back to the kitchen in a sleepy tone where Margie is at before yawning and heading for the door. "Who could it be at this hour?" Auggie asks Henria and I softly as Theodorie gets to the door.

"I don't know." We both answered her at the same time. Soon after, we need not look and enquire anymore further cause of what subsequently happened when Theodorie answers the doorbell that sounds pretty unwelcoming to the point Margie has to stop cooking to see what's happening.


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