The Price Of Revenge

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Chapter 7 - An Uninvited Guest (Pt. 2)

Marguerite’s POV


I shouted for the four out to open the door as I am busy cutting the vegetables. “ALRIGHT! I WILL GET TO THE DOOR!” Theodorie shouts and a bad feeling when she gets to the doorbell got me stop prepping and head for the door to find Theodorie fallen on her knees frozen because it was him at the door.


I immediately shouted at that old man Fransico pointing the finger at him angrily. “So you’re the senseless Marguerite aren’t cha?” He looks at me with a smirk that can be filled with the most evil and devious intentions of all. “LEAVE BEFORE I TAKE A KNIFE AT YOU!” I shouted as menacingly as I can as Auggie and Henria helped Theodorie to the couch. “Take a knife?” He laughs a little, hitting his stick lightly on the ground. “I doubt you would wanna take a knife at your friend’s hubby~” He says with that Grim Reaper’s smile on his face.

“GET YOUR WIFE ELSEWHERE YOU DISGUSTING JERK!” I shouted again as our building’s security guards appeared out of the blue and stood on both his left and right. “Good afternoon.” I said to the guards that got him aware who standing beside him.

“I appreciate Sir if you can leave this property at once before we have to call the police on you.” The bulky-built guards says to him. “Fine. You lucky this time Marguerite Delano.” That old man scoffs at me before he takes a leave, he turns to Theodorie a little.

“I will be back soon for you honey~” He says to Theodorie in a singing tone before laughing off as he took his leave limping with his darned leg. “NOBODY’S YOUR HONEY!” I shouted as he leaves. “Margie stop. He’s already gone” Auggie says to me getting a cup of hot chocolate for Theodorie. “Who called the security?” I then asked her.


I turned around to my shock Philly passing me my phone and smiling a little. I just ended up sighing in a huge relief, pulling Philly into a hug. “Thank you” I hugged her tightly. “Not to worry. He doesn’t ring good news and is too old to be Theodorie’s husband.” I felt Philly hugging back smiling a little.

Soon after, we pulled out of the hug and decided to eat out for breakfast instead of eating in. After packing up the vegetables I cut into a container and keeping it in a box with a bit of cleaning up the kitchen.

When we headed back after food, Philly was sleepy so I got Henria to take her to bed while Theodorie, Auggie and I went to collect the letters from the letter box.


Auggie shouts silently when she opens one of the envelopes in her hand. Theodorie snatches the letter from her and soon passes it to me.

"Bonjour! My name is Jason Orleans-Bourbon. I hailed from the Brittany region of France. I currently reside here in 262 Rosé-Chance Lane Apartment 7 Unit 6. I have a mission worth $100,000 for you all to help me which I will explain when you all find me 5pm today in ma mansion. Bonne chance mademoiselles!”

“What the hell is this Orleans-Bourbon muffin want?!” I looked at the letter confused. “At least he gives us the money before the mission!” Theodorie says. “Same with the McForbes guy, these rich punks have nothing do lose when comes to money much!” Auggie comments chuckling a little.

“You just go up, get Lady Sammu and Baby P to change and ready to head down for a gather will you?!” I tell Auggie going into mission mode and get her to bring Henria and Philly down and get ready. “Yes Leader M” She nods her head and immediately acted on my instructions. “Relax~” Theodorie tells me in a relaxed tone that got me glaring at her.

“You are close to getting your neck snapped girl” I tell her in a whispering and menacing tone. “Sorry” She softly apologised before Auggie finally comes down with Henria and Philly. “So shall we head for Rosé-Chance?” Auggie asks looking and Theodorie and I. “Yes please.” I said before I gave the sign and we all headed out for Rosé-Chance Lane.

When we reached Rosé-Chance Lane, we were for a few minutes drawn into the amazing scenery of the place. It is very beautiful, many roses of a great quality and the place is so realistically pink.

“Stay with us Baby P!”

Henria and Auggie are chasing after Philly while I was ensuring the car is locked. “Let’s look at this history plague first before entering the place!” Philly says to us that got me happily giggling.

“Sure. Better than being dealt with surprises that we have to deal at the final minute.” I nodded before we all headed to the front of the plague where it reads the history of Rosé-Chance.

“The history of Rosé-Chance:

The history begins itself in 1900 when two rose-sellers who goes by the name Louis Danton and Diane Therese de Amadeus Gaston have earned enough money to build up a piece of land here to prosper and bring the family’s wealth by the roses to the extreme heights.

Till upon the death of Diane Therese in 1915, the wealth founded by the Danton family soon spiralled out of control which for 5-6 years till the end of 1920 when the succession of the lands went to their only child Lady Claude Jeanne who already is the wife of the lord of Farnese lands, Lord Lorenzo Piero.

With the help of the Farnese lands, the finances of the Danton family are once restored. But a sinful mistake of raping his chamberlain’s wife that led to the botched execution of the Farnese lord at the end of 1925, have people destroying everything of the Farnese and Rosé-Chance lands. It is said that following the lord’s death and the s**cide of Lady Claude Jeanne in 1945 from depression, the families of Farnese-Orsini and Danton will be forever cursed with their female line not being able live over the age of 40 and the male line only having a single male descendant in their issue.

The icons of the place are Apartment 7 Unit 6 where the s**cide of Lady Claude Jeanne have occured after the war had ended in 1945, and also Rosé-Chance Cafe where you will get to experience the life of the Rosé.”

“Could this Jason be somebody related to Lady Claude Jeanne?” Henria points out. “Cause I wouldn’t want to live in an iconic place for the wrong reasons.” She shivered a little continuing which we all agreed on. “Let’s just go and see what is going on!” I decided that we all should just head in to understand the whole situation.

It took us about 10 minutes to find the place. When we’re at the door. “Shhhhhh!” I shushed them all before I pressed on the doorbell. “DamJu! DamJu!” I knocked twice after realising that nobody is answering.

Henriette’s POV

“DamJu! DamJu!” Margie knocked after nobody answered the doorbell. I can’t help feeling a little unamused by all these people giving the missions because of how they will always not answer their doorbell.

Advice to everyone with houses: If you are not going to answer your doorbell, don’t bother having one installed! It is so frustrating whenever people had to always knock on the door. Spare a thought for people’s knuckles please!

Just as Margie knocked on the door for another two times, the door opened to an elderly looking woman holding a broom and was ready to charge at us all.


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