The Price Of Revenge

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Chapter 8 - Murky Yet Creepy (Pt. 1)

Nobody’s POV

Just as Marguerite knocked on the door for another two times, the door opened to an elderly looking woman holding a broom and was ready to charge at them all.


An elderly man walking with help of a stick coughing can be heard before the door is further opened to him getting up from his rocking chair.

“Sir!” She immediately went to his side to help him up. “Good day and pardon me. Are you Mr. Jason Orleans-Bourbon?” Marguerite soon bowed and asked as Theodora and the others follow her lead, bowing without speaking a single word.

“Oui oui! Je m’appelle Jason Orleans-Bourbon! Bonjour! (Yes yes! My name is Jason Orleans-Bourbon! Hello!)” The elderly man bows a little and introduces himself. “Bonjour! (Hello!)” The girls responded back with Henriette and Philippa help closing the door behind them.

“Welcome to the home of ma la tante (my aunt)!” He says that got the Dames de Justice girls jumping in shock. “Let me explain to you madamoiselles first! Have a seat!” He says before the girls help themselves to sitting around the dining chair.

“Ma la oncle (My uncle) is Lorenzo Piero Orsini. He is my Papa’s older brother.” Jason begins explaining as like telling the girls a bedtime story.


20 years after the execution of Jason’s uncle Lord Lorenzo, his wife Claude Jeanne who secluded herself with her daughter Jeanne and son Piero Junior. It was just a normal day in December, weeks shy from Christmas.

The then 25 year old Jason was accompanying his mother Delphine and his two older sisters Belle and Suzanne after buying some groceries for Claude Jeanne and her two children. But when they arrived, all they heard is small weeps of their cousins Jeanne and Piero.

“Jeanne! Piero!” His oldest sister Belle knocked the door and after a couple of knocks, it is opened to Jeanne and her brother in tears as their mother Claude Jeanne have taken her life with a bottle of arsenic on the couch.


“So your original surname is Orsini?” Marguerite asks Jason. “This occured after the passing of my cousin Jeanne and my sisters Belle and Suzanne when they all turn 40. I decide to use my mother’s surname Orleans-Bourbon to avoid being part of the curse.” Jason nods his head explaining. “How about your cousin Piero Junior?” Theodora asks him. He suddenly looked at the girls before he gets Ursula to get a newspaper article.

"Rose-Chance heir Piero Gabriel passes away 7 days after being in a car accident" Henriette reads out the article and it soon got Jason into tears. “I am sorry to hear about your loss.” Marguerite rubbed his back just as the rest watched the old man sobbing like a little child.

Marguerite's POV

After 15 minutes of Mr Jason sobbing, he gets Ursula his caretaker to help him to the table and have lunch prepared for us.

"Its alright! Its alright!" I tried to reject the lunch offer but under his insistence, we decided to stay in for lunch. "Does your cousin Mr Piero Gabriel have any children or your the current owner?" Philippa asked Mr Jason. "He has a daughter and a son too." Mr Jason says. "His son Gulliver and daughter Sylvie are his children. And that's why I need your help for." He explains.

"After he died, his wife Eloise left me a letter and took the children away. Since I don't know where, I need you guys to help track down the children and have them taking over this place which is rightfully theirs." Mr Jason continues.

"Is this the letter?" Auggie took out a brown envelope that happened to be hidden behind the article. "Oui. (Yes.)" He nodded his head. "Can we read the letter to help us with finding your cousin's children please?" Philly asks him.

"Sure. Go ahead." Mr Jason nods his head and we opened the envelope and begin reading the letter. I have to admit, the letter is pretty chilling.

"Jason Monsieur (Jason Sir),

Pardon me but I have to do this to have my stand make clear after the passing of my husband. Considering how these years married is clouded by the curse the houses of Danton and Orsini have to carry, the sleepless night I have to endure because of Piero's constant cries and nightmares about the day he witnessed his father's execution and the day of his mother's passing.

I don't wish Gulliver and Sylvie to follow their father's footsteps and suffer the curse. Enough is enough, my children deserves way much better than this.

Farewell to you and Lucille, and may I wish you all the very best.

Much Love,

Eloise Dreux-Valois"

"Who has heard of this surname Dreux-Valois before?" Auggie suddenly asks us. "What's wrong Auggie W?" Theodorie asks her. "Nothing." Auggie just smiled and shook her head which got me finding her behaviour rather strange though I eventually chose not to question her on the spot until we left the place.

"But what if the two children also changed to her surname as well?" Philly suggests to us. "But in accordance with the laws, the married women would follow her husband's name rather than her own maiden name." I explained to Philly briefly.

"Not always Leader M" Henria and Theodorie immediately shook their heads that got me confused but I decided to say nothing soon after and have everything left to after we have left this place.

"I agree with the two young ladies." Mr. Jason says to me. "The last I heard of news concerning Eloise is she has never remarried after my cousin's passing." He adds on to what he has said.

After much discussion, we left the apartment and are in the car driving back. "Henria and Theodorie." I looked up at my car mirror to them two. "What do you mean about not always about the married women following her husband's name rather than her own maiden name?" I asked them while driving the car at the same time.

"Remember how my mother still uses her surname Hall-Brown instead of Pikul." Theodorie explains to me which I suddenly remembered a flashback of seeing the name on her mother's credit card during a shopping trip with her and her mother that uses Elizabeth Hall-Brown instead of Elizabeth Pikul which till this day still leaves a question in my mind.

"And-EVERYBODY DODGE!!!" I immediately shouted when I jerked out of the blue cause a white shiny car suddenly stopped while it was the green light for me to drive the cross junction used.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" I shouted stopping the car and got out of the car, ready to confront the owner when I ended up got stopped by a gun on my waist that got me frozen.


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