The Price Of Revenge

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Chapter 9 - Murky Yet Creepy (Pt. 2)

Theodora’s POV

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!” I looked a little when Margie shouted stopping the car and got out of the car only to see her getting stopped by a gun on her waist by a woman dressed in a men’s office clothes.

“WHO EXACTLY THE HELL ARE YOU?! GET OUT OF MY WAY!!” She shouts. “Stay here and don’t you guys move” I said to the others in a whispering tone before I got out of the car and ended up got a man this time in a similar clothing, putting a gun on my temple.

“I don’t know who the hell you all are but ya know people around be calling the cops anytime soon!” Margie says putting her hands up to avoid having contact with the gun. “Plus you guys ain’t cops! A real cop won’t be pulling us over and putting guns like that.” I continued but only stopped when I heard the gun on my temple pulling the trigger.

"Nestor they ain’t lying!” The gunwoman putting the gun on Margie’s waist says as they soon noticed the public passing by and calling the cops upon seeing Margie and I being pointed at gun point.

“Damn Despina! We forgot the masks!” The Nestor guy growls before pulling the gun away from me and the gunwoman does the same pulling away from Margie, getting into their car together.


Their car pulled over to us with the windows winding down to that Nestor guy shouting at us before they finally drove off and left. “Phew!” Both Margie and I sighed in a huge relief before we get back into the car. “Let me drive the car!” I stopped Margie saying softly before we get into the car, worrying that she will lose her cool driving after such a scary encounter.

“Fine.” Margie finally agrees after hesitating a little before we swopped our seats to Margie at the passenger’s seat while I at the driver’s seat. When I sat down at the driver’s seat, I buckled my seatbelt and see Philly see sitting in a foetus position, hugging her legs like her life depends on it. “I guess she is still shocked by what happened” I think to myself before I just tapped lightly on her back that got her jumping a little in shock as she picks up the envelope we got from Mr Jason and hugs it tight.

“You saw what happened and kept the money safe right?” Henria stretches her neck a little and asks her. She just nods her head while she didn’t say anything. “Let’s just quickly head back and rest for now.” Auggie suggests and I quickly got the car started. Without giving a single care, I just speed all the way back to the house.

“Ya better be praying I am not getting any speeding tickets.” Margie tells me silently when she got to the front seat to pick an asleep Philly up and passed the envelope to Henria. “Not to worry there.” I reassured her.

When we got back, while Margie and Henria places Philly on her bed. Auggie is on her computer to do her tracking work with I sipping a cup of my favourite orange cinnamon tea at the patio to find a white familiar car and the same person appearing that got me shaking in shock.

Augusta’s POV

I was working on my computer to track the two Orsini heirs while I heard some slight shaking and I turned around to find Theodorie shaking profusely at the patio. I immediately went to her side, bringing her into the patio with Henria and Margie coming out to help me with Theodorie’s cup that look like it is about to collapse and break at any minute due to the shaking.

“WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?!” Margie shouted in shock asking me. “HOW I KNOW? I WAS STARTING ON MY SEARCH AND SHE IS ALREADY LIKE THIS!!” I shouted defending myself.

“T-That F-Fransico...”

Theodorie mouths out weakly a familiar name still shaking before she collapses in my arms. It didn’t really ring me for a second until Margie’s loud shout and reaction got me.

“DAMN HIM!” She shouts before bringing Theodorie to her room and running out to tell us two to go into keep watch on Theodorie while she goes dealing with the Fransico once again.

“Oh my goodness!!” Henria gasped and took deep breath after closing the door. “Who is going to expect some shouting again after this?” Henria asks me softly locking the door. “It may be more this time!” I softly said to Henria before I go to Theodorie’s bedside and place her blanket neatly over her shoulder.

“Poor Theodorie...dealing with that old stinker of a man is not easy...if only him truly vanishing can ease your pain that I’ll be glad to help.” I look at her thinking and sadly sighing before I begin to heard some voices from outside, possibly Margie chasing that old stinker away again with her broom.




The shouting between that old stinker and Margie went on until we heard Margie shouting suddenly, I took over the door to see Philly on the floor and wounded by the knife held by presumably his men.

“OH NO!!” Henria, Margie and I shouted and went to Philly’s side checking on where she was wounded and our neighbour Madame Choong opens her door to begin attacking that old stinker with a pair of brooms. “HEY OLD MAN!! STOP HARASSING THE GIRLS!!” She shouts hitting Fransico and his men off.

“What shall we do now?!” Henria shouts crying and we turned to her neck and abdomen bleeding out. “PHILLY!! PHILLY!” I tried waking Philly but she isn’t responding to any of us calling her.

“Auggie! Stay with Theodorie! Henria and I will take Philly to the hospital.”



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