The Price Of Revenge

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Chapter 10 - Murky Yet Creepy (Pt. 3)

Augusta’s POV

“Auggie! Stay with Theodorie! Henria and I will take Philly to the hospital.” Margie tells me picking Philly up in a bridal style. “But-” I was about to ask her when she cuts me off shouting. “DON’T GIVE ME ANY BUTS AND JUST DO IT WILL YA?!” She shouts at my face and leaves the house with Henria and Philly.

It took me a while to keep my composure before Madame Choong came to the door. “Are you alright?” She asks me in a concerned tone. “I-I am alright...” I said shakily before I bowed to her a little and closed the door.

It seems weird that I am not calling the cops but Fransico that old stinker has much money in his hands and if this goes out, we might be in a lot of trouble.

“W-What happened?”

Theodorie woke up and asked. I turned to her and was hesitant at first whether to tell her about what that old stinker did to Philly. “WHAT HAPPENED?!” She shouted again this time. “P-Philly’s been stabbed...” I just ended up whimpering and breaking down into tears.

Theodora’s POV

“WHAT HAPPENED?!” I shouted again this time my question because of the way Auggie is answering. “P-Philly’s been stabbed...” She just ended up whimpering and breaking down into tears.

What the hell...Philly...has been stabbed...How did this even happened?

“Who?” I trying getting more answers and also trying to absorb in all the shock at the same time. “WHOOOOOOO?!” I asked her again shouting hysterically from the sobbing. “FRANSICO THAT OLD STINKER CAME HERE! MARGIE FOUGHT HIM OFF AND PHILLY WAS STABBED TRYING TO PROTECT HER!” Auggie cries out loudly and drops down her knees crying hysterically and profusely.

“N-No...N-No...N-No...” I shook my head trying to absorb in the shock but I just think of taking my shoes and go to the hospital I believe Margie will take Philly to.

Please be okay Philly...Please...

Marguerite’s POV

“Stop pacing Henria!” I tell Henria who is pacing up and down as we wait ourselves outside the surgery room where the doctors are working on Philly. “But-” Henria was still very anxious that I have to glare at her just to get her to sit down and calm herself.

“For goodness sake, we are in the public. Have some decency will you?” I shook my head at her behaviour before the lights of the surgery room sign went off and the doctor came out of the surgery room.

“Are you the guardian of Philippa Anderson?” The doctor asks. “We’re her friends. Her legal guardian is busy at the moment.” Henria answers before I can say anything. “Do you have any idea when I can get to speak to her legal guardian?” The doctor then turned to me asking. “I-I have no idea when her legal guardian will be available.” I stuttered a little answering, getting him to just tell me what is going on with Philly.

“The girl is anaemic and the fact that she has lost a good amount of blood more than required through the injury she has sustained. We have done a blood transfusion and will be doing a haemoglobin transfusion for her to have any chances to survive this.” The doctor explains which got us shock and confused at the same time. “Pardon but h-haemoglobin t-transfusion? W-What is that?” I looked at him asking and stuttering as I was literally confused to the max.

“Her iron levels and blood sugar levels are already discovered to be lower than average. Not to mention the fact that she has such a wound, we will be putting her under haemoglobin transfusion for her iron count to be normalised.” The doctor explains sighing a little. “Can we see her though?” Henria asks the doctor.

“Yes you can but just not be too loud or she will be frightened.” The doctor says to us. “Which ward?” I asked. “Ward B29” He answers before he paced himself leaving our sight. “What shall we do now Margie? Shall we tell Theodorie and Auggie?” Henria asks me in a soft yet worried tone


I turned my back seeing Theodorie and Auggie running over to me. “What’s up there?” I asked. “How’s Philly? HOW’S PHILLY?!” Theodorie frantically screams asking me that I have to give her a hug as always to reassure her. “Everything will be alright. Don’t worry.” I calmly reassured her that got her quietened down for a good bit.

After calming Theodorie down, we were on our way to Philly’s ward which we enquired from the nurse. On our way to the ward which was 2 levels up from the emergency room. “Whose stupid enough to do that?” Auggie says softly as we enter the lift. “You are really the stupid one!” Henria tells her off silently. I was quite surprised why due to the nature of Henria’s personality till I saw the directory of the hospital in the lift.

“Level 1 - Emergency Room

Level 2 - Operations Room

Level 3 - Wards 1-30

Level 4 - Wards 31-60

Level 5 - Wards 61-90

Level 6 - Specialist Center (Heart)

Level 7 - Specialist Center (Pediatrics)”

With the list goes on, I just stopped the girls from arguing and turn the whole lift trip into a quiet one. What a creepy deadlock we are all about to have with our missions and something just tells me Fransico’s appearance doesn’t ring it right with me.

In a blink of an eye, we are all at the ward visiting Philly. “Philly Philly!” Henria tries to wake her softly only to be pulled away by Auggie and Theodorie. “Let her sleep will you?” I said to Henria softly as Philly is still sleeping.

“I swear some days I wish our area has kindergartens that I can park you three each in!” I tell them off. Soon after that, Philly wakes up slowly that I helped her cover the light shining towards her with my hand

“How are you feeling Philly?” I asked her worried as I took my hand off for her to get used to the surroundings. “W-Where a-am I?” She rubs her eyes asking me softly. “You’re in the hospital.” I tell her adjusting her position that she will feel most comfort in.

“I have a vision of something and I need to tell you guys.” She rubs her eyes that caught us all by surprise. “W-What is it?” Auggie asks her confused while the rest of us trying to understand what she is trying to say. Though I wish I didn’t try understanding because what she answers next after Auggie’s question.

“We might be having a rival after our business...”

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