The Price Of Revenge

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Chapter 11 - Histoire de la vision (Pt.1)

Philippa’s POV

“I have a vision of something and I need to tell you guys.” I rub my eyes that caught them all by surprise. “W-What is it?” Auggie asks me confused while the rest of them are trying to understand what I am trying to say.

“We might be having a rival after our business...”

I took a deep breath telling them what I see in my visions. It is not something everybody else get to have so I guess this is a really good advantage or a really bad disadvantage for anybody.

"W-Who is this rival then?" Margie asks me as my vision suddenly appeared the guy who I took the knife for the girls. "Him...He is-AHHHHHHH!!" I soon shouted in pain as my wound flares up suddenly that everything around me went black.

Henrietta's POV


Margie tries really hard to wake Philly when she suddenly fainted whilst I pressed the emergency bell. It took quite a while for the doctors and nurses to come, get us out to stabilise Philly's condition.

"Will she be okay?" Theodorie asks us worried. "She will be." Margie keeps hugging and reassuring her even though I can also sense how nervous Margie is also internally. "Everything will be okay as long as we have faith in ourselves." She tells Theodorie. "H-Huh? P-Psychics?" We turned Auggie asking what she is reading on her phone.

"Philly has internal visions and can read minds yes?" Auggie soon asks us and I nod my head. "Internal visions yes but reading minds not sure" Margie tells Auggie before the doctor comes out of the ward panting. He is a good-looking brownette, tall though he doesn't look much younger or older than us all.

"How's she?" Margie was the first asking as always. "S-She's alright n-now." He pants. "Cause she is a psychic, its best you guys be very careful handling the wound she has." He continues explaining. "So Auggie is right...Philly is a psychic..." I think to myself as to what have happened.

"Huh? What is that?" Theodorie asks the doctor looking confused that we are close to glaring at her but have stopped ourselves. "Psychics are people using extrasensory perception or we say ESP to identify information hidden from the normal senses" The doctor explained to us.

"So in simple terms, she is a superhuman or what they call para-" I tried understanding the whole thing with Margie revealing me the answer before I can say or figure it full. "Paranormal humans. Yes she is." Margie tells us before the doctor invites us to his room and took a pretty secretive yet dusty book out from his cupboard after he asks Auggie to lock the door and he covers the CCTV camera with a black cloth. "Why is it so secretive? What happened?" Theodorie asks us softly and in shock. "Shush will you!" Margie telling her off softly.

Before you all find it funny, Margie is always never abusive. Its just some people using their brawl than brains that Margie has to keep them straight...

"Is her name Philippa Anderson?" The doctor soon asks us and we nod our heads. "Is master of the-OKAY I AM SORRY!" Auggie answers in a way that before she can finish, Margie probably looking so pissed off that she is pulling the ear that got Auggie yelping. The doctor can't help himself chuckling to us even though we will usually feel stupid and embarrassed by such behaviour.

"I wonder what makes you that interested?" Theodorie and I looked at him before he just chuckles again and opens the book to show us a page that is titled l'histoire de la Anderson famille (The history of the Anderson family).

"The history of the Anderson family dates back to late 1850s." The doctor starts reading from the book translating from French to English. "That isn't that long isn't it?" Theodorie out of the blue claps which isn't something new. "SHUT UP!" Auggie and Margie both tell her off at the same time. "Sorry." Theodorie apologises before the doctor just chuckled at us continuing.

"Victor Anderson immigrated from Brittany with his wife Christine Valois. Setting up a garden of planting green tea after settling down, they worked hard for 3 years till one day Victor discovers an mysterious ore that is so majestic that he ends up discovering soon after it gives him the power to read minds and sees vision which will show the consequences, foresight, future or either both or all." The doctor continues explaining. "Though it was unknown what happened to the powers after the death of Victor Anderson in 1935, this power is said to pass from generation to generation." The doctor tells us continuing.

"So what did Victor Anderson did with the powers though before he died in 1935?" Theodorie and I soon asks the doctor. "It says here." He turned the page and shows us another article in French that even as a French myself, I can't understand a damn thing the book says.

"The things that Sir Anderson did before 1930 in fact includes charity work, giving talks to schools about the French Revolution and crime prevention-" The doctor continues explaining to us until once again Auggie cuts him off asking questions.

"1930? He died in 1935 yeah?" Auggie asks him and Margie just ends up smacking her at the back of the forehead glaring at her. "For once, Augusta Wagner, you better shut the fudge up or I'll not be very merciful!" Margie warns silently yet menacingly to Auggie.

"I think the young lady has a point." The doctor then steps in speaking and chuckling at the same time. "Sir Anderson did died in 1935 before the Second World War but that is because he was battling syphilis for the last 5 years of his life." The doctor explains to us.

S-Syphilis? W-What...

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