The Price Of Revenge

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Chapter 12 - Histoire de la vision (Pt.2)

Theodora’s POV

“I think the young lady has a point.” The doctor then steps in speaking and chuckling at the same time. “Sir Anderson did died in 1935 before the Second World War but that is because he was battling syphilis for the last 5 years of his life.” The doctor explains to us.

“Syphilis?” We all looked at him confused. “It is a sexually transmitted infection that if not treated correctly, it will become really severe.” The doctor explains. “But I don’t get it though. Why take 5 years to die of syphilis?” Henria soon asks the doctor. He soon calls us all closer to him.

“I am only telling you girls this but it’s a secret the books don’t say so please don’t make this a public matter.” The doctor whispers to us in a pleading tone. “What is so secretive about this secret that we have to keep it?” I think to myself as the doctor begins telling us about this “secret”.

“Okay.” He says sighing a little before begin telling us. “Due to medical advancements back then being slow, the treatments if not serious and mild, can take up to at least a year and a half.” He says. “I don’t think I have that much time for a driver’s license.” I think to myself dumbfounded.

“Sir Anderson has a really back then really common fetish of any men of his time to fool around with women outside his marriage especially the pretty seagull flocks.” The doctor explains. “Despite being told about the flaws of the mysterious ore, he still continues and never changes his fetish until he contracted from one of the seagulls he fooling around with. He never recovered from there and died after 5 years struggle.” He ends off briefly.

“So if my guesses are right, the mysterious ore flaw is that he can’t be an unfaithful whoop?” Auggie soon asks him scratching her head. “There are many flaws however, this is just one of the many.” He tells us.

“Thank you.” Margie thanked him before she signals us to excuse ourselves. “It’s nice talking to you and can I have your name?” Henria soon asks the doctor that got him chuckling.

“Sigismond Parma”

The doctor introduces himself. “Ravi de vous rencontrer, Médecin Parma! (Nice to meet you, Doctor Parma!)” She shake his hand before we unlocked the door and left to look for Philly back in her ward. “Vous aussi mademoiselle. (You too miss.)” He says to Margie before closing the door with a smile.

“HAHAHAHAHA!” Auggie and I soon laughed at Margie on our way to look for Philly. “What’s so funny?” She asks us. “We never really asked for the name and you-HAHAHAHAHAHA!” Auggie says and stops to have another good laugh until we three along with Henria were stopped by a nurse who really look more than not impressed at us.

“Sorry” We quietened down and apologised silently that she just gave us a “what a bunch of idiots” look walking off. After calming down for a good bit, we continue for a short walk and reached Philly’s ward to see her half awake and confused.

“How are you feeling now?” Margie softly asks her sitting on an empty spot of the bed with a very warm smile. “I hate the hospital.” Philly softly tells us. “But you can’t go home till the doctors gave you a green light.” Henria says with a sad pout which kind of lead to Philly giving a sad pout also.

“Not to be upset girls.” Margie reassured the two. “I believe for sure everything will go well alright?” Margie then pinches Philly’s cheeks with one hand and ruffles Henria’s hair with another that the two little pouty ones just nod their heads to what she has said.

Greckos’ POV


An angry Dimitris pours a cup of greek lime soda at Despina and Nestor for the consecutive failure in their recent missions. “For raising senseless children like you both” He angrily grunts at the two who are looking at him in fear. “ΕΊΜΑΙ ΗΛΊΘΙΟς! (I AM AN IDIOT!)” He angrily bang his fists shouting like a madman who had already lose his sense of sanity and humanity altogether.

“Get your sister here and you two can Βγες έξω! (GET OUT!)” He says to both Despina and Nestor harshly yet angrily at the same time. “Βγες έξω! (GET OUT!)” He yelled and the two immediately ran out as soon as he is about to take his office chair throwing at the two.

After Despina and Nestor left his sight, Dimitris then angrily takes his empty cup before getting himself more greek lime loud and ranting under his breath more curses of unhappiness in Greek.

“What the matter? πατέρας? (Father?)”

The tall, wise looking and beautiful Zoe, his older daughter soon stood in front of his table asking. “My precious little Zoe, come and have a seat.” He says inviting Zoe to have a seat on his lap where he gives a heavy pat.

“You know πατέρας (Father). Whenever you do that, some people may think I’m your σύζυγος (wife) and not your κόρη (daughter).” She tells him. “You give me the same feeling your μαμά (mama) gives me that I will never let you go. So much left to be desire” He says to her with a teasing smirk before playing with her cheeks and gave some really unusual cuddles.

-2 Days Later-

Augusta's POV

"We can now accomplish the mission with the Rosé-Chance now Philly is now safe and sound with us!"

Margie cheered carrying Philly as we all walked out of the hospital. "Oh our little sweet soul!" She then tickles Philly softly, with herself giggling at the same time. "Feeling better?" I asked her and she nods her head hugging onto Margie like her life heavily depends on. "Good!" I ruffled her hair and just as we are walking, a familiar face have gotten my soul taken so far I could hardly hear my breath.


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