The Price Of Revenge

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Chapter 13 - Mission Resume

Augusta’s POV

“We can now accomplish the mission with the Rosé-Chance now Philly is now safe and sound with us!”

Margie cheered carrying Philly as we all walked out of the hospital. “Oh our little sweet soul!” She then tickles Philly softly, with herself giggling at the same time. “Feeling better?” I asked her and she nods her head hugging onto Margie like her life heavily depends on. “Good!” I ruffled her hair and just as we are walking, a familiar face have gotten my soul taken so far I could hardly hear my breath.


It seems like a flash when I find myself waking up back at the house with the towel on my forehead. “Why am I back here? What happened?” I asked myself in my thoughts.


I soon turned to Philly opening the door and Margie bringing in a bowl of some of my favourite bonito porridge. “Thank you Margie for remembering what I like.” I thanked her softly.

“Not to worry.” She reassures me before excusing Philly out which leaves her and I alone in my room. “How are you? Feeling better?” Margie asks me. “Beaucoup mieux! (Much better!)” I softly said.

“Can I ask you something though?” Margie asks me in a unusually soft tone. “Y-Yes w-why?” I asked her stuttering softly. “Something triggered your reactions outside the hospital just now.” She explains to me patiently. “Is it those people from your past?” She asks me and I looked at her as if the memories had just happened yesterday.



That bully shouted in my face in French before hitting my face with her rough hand and punching me on the stomach. “I-I r-really have n-no money!” I hold onto my stomach with my hand telling them for the eighth time. “TU MENTEUR! (YOU LIAR!)” She angrily shouted taking my head and banging it against the wall, causing my vision to fade and everything went black.

It took me some time that a weird stench woke me up. I opened my eyes to see I am at another house, with a seemingly clean pair of clothes, and the scent of what I eventually recognised as white lily flowers calming my nerves.

A tall looking girl with a orange hoodie and long jeans soon came in with a bowl of a nice fish smelling bouillie (porridge). “What type of fish is this? Why does it smell this good?” My mind is full of questions about this place I am in including wondering had my parents even cared about my existence at all to even begin with.

“Theodorie! I told-OH!” Another girl with a slight mature voice and a red hoodie was seemingly wanting to open fire till her eyes widened at the sight of me, that Theodorie for some reason understood her message and leaves us two alone. “You’re awake which is good!” She says in a soft manner.

“Where am I? Why am I here? What happened?” I asked her the many questions in a soft yet desperate tone. “Not to worry cause you’re safe with me here.” She says to me with a smile that how much have I wished that I can see that with my mother.

“My friend and I found you being thrown in a dumpster by a group of ignorant teens so we quickly picked you up as soon as they left.” She explains. “T-Thank you regardless” I thanked her shyly. “You’re a bless to be saved.” She tells me before asking me about the porridge which I tell her its nice.


“Worry less about them now you’re with us.” Margie reassures me with a wide smile. “You have no idea at all about how much brainers you have cracked for me ever since you came here.” She ruffles my hair telling. “Though can be kind of senseless and reckless.” She adds on.

“R-Really?” I covered my mouth chuckling as I took the porridge and begin eating before it turns into a cold bowl. “You and I should know the truth better.” She tells me as I ate the porridge.

“And the truth is your bonito porridge is superior to any porridge I had.” I said back to her that got not only her, but also I, chuckling and laughing out loud like there is no tomorrow. “Oh Auggie! Oh Auggie!” She says clapping her hands laughing.

Marguerite’s POV

After some laughing and chatting for a bit with Auggie, I headed out to find Theodorie and Henria on the couch watching some silent films.

"Where's Philly?" I asked them both which they quietly pointing their finger behind me. "There" Henria says in a whispering tone, only for me to turn around and find her sleeping soundly on the mattress near the television. "Silent films harm less than normal action films!" Theodorie says to me quietly giggling like a school girl.

"I am not an idiot Theodora Pikul!" I quietly said to Theodora back before I sat beside to Henria's right. "What will you do if you're in Gulliver and Sylvie's shoes? Having in a possible rightful possession of a money-worthy hotel in your family name yet it is full of curses?" I soon asked them both softly minding the fact that Philly is sleeping.

"I would be taking what's rightfully mine of course!" Theodorie answers that got Henria looking at her weirdly. "I mean I am not wrong right? It's human nature isn't it? My dearie Lady Sammu~" Theodorie looks at Henria saying. "I wouldn't want to get cursed in return!" Henria tells her standing up with some struggle before asking Theodorie and I how's Auggie.

"She's doing fine with some rest so that is not a worry at all." I tell her before Henria proceeds asking us what drinks we need. "The good old orange tea please." Theodorie tells her softly yet cheekily while I denied any.

"Get Philly a cup of water so that she can drink when she's awake." I added onto what I said. "Oh sure no worries!" Henria smiles before limping a little to go and get our drinks. "Are you sure Henria can get 3 cups of drinks with her leg in that state?" Theodorie soon asks me as Henria steps into the kitchen.

"You come near" I signalled her to come closer before I gave her a heavy flick on her forehead. "OUCH!" She winced in pain. "Did you really think I brought the tray for display?!" I tell her and she just pouts shaking her head.

After a short while, Henria comes out giving us the drinks whilst putting Philly's on the dining table. "Can I show you two something?" Henria soon asks us both shyly yet hesitantly.

"Sure. What is wrong?"

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