The Price Of Revenge

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Chapter 14 - 1/2 (Pt.1)

Marguerite’s POV

“Sure. What is wrong?” I asked Henria whose looking hesitant which got me sensing that something is up in her mind. “Talking about the Rosé-Chance house...” She takes a deep breath before continuing.

“I happened to find this and need to show you all...” She then silently passes us a folded piece of leaflet advertising about some porcelain auction. “Porcelain auction in 3 days time! We surely need no porcelains.” Theodorie says before her eyes suddenly widened.

"Gulliver Gabriel Dreux-Valois? Who finds the name very familiar?” Theodorie soon shows me the leaflet and I also realised what she meant. “Isn’t that one of the two names of the two siblings that Mr Orleans Bourbon gave?” I gasped in shock asking Theodorie.


We soon turning around to Auggie who came out with her laptop. “Aren’t you supposed to be resting? What is wrong?” I rubbed eyes in surprise asking. “Can I show you something?” She soon asks. “Alright go ahead!” I said nodding my head before she brings over her laptop and shows me a page in SocialBook account showing a picture of Gulliver Gabriel Dreux-Valois with the background photo being similar to the one in the leaflet Henria gave us to see.

“Do you need some lemonade?” Henria asks Auggie. “It’s okay. Henria. I can help myself to the lemonade later thank you.” Auggie shook her head politely before going to the kitchen herself to get her lemonade herself. “Gulliver’s Porcelains sells you the finest and best quality of hand-made porcelains made by the expertise maker Gulliver Gabriel Dreux-Valois himself since 1995.” I read out the description below Gulliver’s Porcelains logo.

“Finest and best in what?” I am thinking to myself as I soon saw Philly squirming a little and slowly waking up from her nap. “Mhm...what are you guys talking about?” She asks stretching and whining a little. “The case. And have a good nap?” I soon asked with a smile picking her up from the mattress and carrying her with me to the couch.

“Yes I do!” Philly softy stretches and yawns before she just puts her small head on my neck snuggling. “Be careful you can’t have your wounds re-open.” I tell her but she just looked me and give a cheeky smile. “You really are cute!” I pinched her cheeks a little giggling.

“Can I go with you all to the auction?”

She softly asks me and everybody else. “Of course! Of course! When you’re recover and well enough of course!” Theodorie ruffles her black smooth hair chuckling a little. “Who wants to watch some documentaries to relax for now before the auction?” I soon ask everyone else. “I don’t mind.” Auggie says coming out with her lemonade as Philly wants to get down to fix her mattress only to be stopped by Henria who offers to help her with it.

“Thank you Henria.” Philly thanks her smiling a little softly. “Not to worry.” Henria tells her before I look at Theodorie whose smiling softly at me. “You know how shameless you are as compared to our 2 little young bonnie lasses yeah?” I looked at her saying that she is just continue as always giggling softly like a school girl.

Looks like this is what it will be like the “single mother” of the 4 lasses much I supposed...

-3 Days Later-

“Another day again I supposed?” I think to myself getting up from my bed stretching as usual. Its been quite tiring between contacting Mr Orleans-Bourbon and being the “single mother” for the girls.

“Good morning Philly!” I soon patted Philly’s head cause she just woke up beside me. “Mhmmmm” She whined a bit stretching her arms, I helped her up a little because she is still recovering from her stab wound.

For those who want to clarify here, yes Philly has her own room but due to her really odd sleeping habits which might end up getting her stab wound reopening, I had to put her with me until she recovers.

That muffin old man better pray really hard that I don’t see him or else he has a hell lot to pay or maybe I should say he will be seeing no tomorrow

“Any nightmares?” I asked her softly and she shook her head without saying a word. I just can’t help smiling for a few minutes before picking her up and taking her with me to the bathroom.


I shouted in shock when I found out that Henria has messed up the rice cooking again in an attempt to learn how to cook. “When does rice cooking takes half an hour Henriette Samuels?!” I looked at her asking after recovering for a short while from the shock.

“Don’t you always cook for breakfast this long?”

Henria soon softly asks me back that I can’t help facepalming and chuckling about her ditz answer that I just kept her out of the kitchen and settle the mess created by her ONCE AGAIN.

-15 Minutes Later-


I gasped heavily in shock when I was wondering why I couldn’t move until I find Philly hugging my leg like how the koala hugging onto the tree logs, without saying a single word.

“You want to help me?” I then asked looking at her and she nods her head. “Yes I want to help you.” She softly says to me nodding her head for the third time before finally prying herself off my leg.

“You know you need to communicate some days Philly. I can’t be reading your mind all the time.” I tell her as I passed her a bowl of some 6 already boiled soft and hard eggs in cold water for her to peel them which she just nod her head and peel the the eggs for me.

After the cooking and getting them eating, we are all ready to head out for the auction. “Would be easier if this stupid auction is near the street area we lived in!” Auggie comments to us. “So we won’t be walking this long just to past through one!” She adds on whining.

“Quit whining and just walk!”

I told her off in which she just kept her mouth shut. It took us a good 20 minutes for us to find Papillon Lane where the auction be held and there is half an hour till it officially kicks off and begin.

“Can we go and get some snacks? We might end up getting hungry after all the walking and waiting, when this whole thing starts.”

Theodorie soon asks me. “Go ahead.” I said before going with her to buy some fried octopus and mackerel for us all near the auction area. “The soy mackerel here is the mieux quality (best quality!)" The seller says to us and after paying the cash to him, we are heading back to the other three when we were once again greeted unexpectedly with guns around our waists and heads.


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