The Price Of Revenge

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Chapter 15 - 1/2 (Pt.2)

Theodora’s POV

“The soy mackerel here is the mieux quality (best quality!)” The seller says to us and after paying the cash to him, we are heading back to the other three when we were once again greeted unexpectedly with guns around our waists and heads.


It turns out to be the very same voices and people from the previous time after we first went to Rosé-Chance. “Okay okay. For goodness sake, can we talk properly without the weapons?” I tried negotiating only for the gun to be pressed further to my waist minus the trigger being pulled off.

“Just to give you little girls a warning.” The male says. “If you guys continue getting in Greckos′ way, you will be paying for it! A HEAVY ONE!” The female continues. “I wonder what way we are getting into? Stupid people.” I think to myself as Margie and I tried to bravely face these idiots who may seem to have all the brawl in the world but have zero brains to begin with.

Soon after, they just left and I can’t help sighing out a huge relief. “That was a close one.” I panted to Margie. “I don’t know much of who they are but they surely are no good news.” She says panting as well. “We better warn Auggie, Henria and Philly after this.” She then continues before we just headed back like nothing bad has happened for now.

Henriette’s POV

"Auggie W for crying out loud!”

I said to Auggie whose trying to keep Philly in place yet in a very dangerous way before I just went over and carried Philly to my side. “I’m bored~” Philly whines a little to me. “I know but Leader M and Teddy Girl will be back soon with la nourriture (the food) okay?” I said to Philly hugging her but not so tight in fear that it will re-open her wound. “Alright then.” She nods her head before I just gave her a sweet from my pocket to eat.

-5 Minutes Later-


A well-dressed lady came out to the stage and speaks through the microphone. “Thank you all regardless for coming to today’s auction.” She takes a bow slightly after thanking the audience.

“My name is Susanna Rockford, the spokeswoman and on the behalf of Gulliver’s Porcelains. I am on the behalf of Gulliver’s Porcelains, honoured to be here conducting the porcelain auction in this place where our founder Gulliver Gabriel Dreux-Valois has once called home before moving to the States.” She then continues. I can already see that this place must have meant so much to Mr Gulliver that he is going all grand and big about it.

“My apologies we’re back!”

Margie and Theodorie soon came back with some food softly apologising before giving us a bag of food to eat. “Thank you for remembering that I like soy mackerel.” I softly thanked them in a whispering tone. “Not to worry!” Theodorie tells me before our eyes continue the focus on the auction.

Fleur d’amour (Flower Of Love). Original pricing is at 60,000 USD.” Rockford says. “It is just a normal floral vase but why is it worth so much?” Auggie soon asks me looking real confused.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover just yet. There could be a reason why these worth so much.” I tell her softly as soon as I saw Margie and Philly’s extreme focus on the vase. ”Justice On A Vase. Original pricing is at 80,000 USD.” Rockford continues. “Thats like too much for a self-made porcelain vase!” I saw Theodorie silently commenting in much amazement and shock to Margie though Margie showed no reaction at all to what Theodorie is saying as her eyes are on either the auction going on or her phone.

“Can we go home after this please? I am getting bored~” Philly walks up to me asking softly and opening her arms for a hug. “Alright~” I sighed softly as I end up being the one carrying her and rocking her a little that got her sleeping while munching on the fried cuttlefish as I soon noticed her hand holding a bag of fried cuttlefish Margie got for us.

"Lady Sammu!”

I turned to Theodorie giggling softly and taking the fried cuttlefish bag from Philly’s hand. “You’re sneaky!” I tell her in a whispering yet grumpy manner that she just chuckles a little.

The auction finished in an hour and a half, we didn’t managed to win anything “porcelain-worthy” though however we did managed to win some information according to Margie.

“What information have we won ourselves exactly?” Auggie asks not understanding a single thing that has been said when we’re back in the house. “Like really Augusta Wagner. The very thing I wanna do now is pluck out your-” Theodorie is close to snapping at Auggie when to my surprise, it was Philly who pulls them apart before Margie being the usual one who does that.

“Alright enough you both please!” Philly stands in between them, leaving them about a person size worth distance. “Can I remind you all that we’re in a mission and not a field shopping trip?” She adds on that got them looking down in shame.

I mean I would be too cause if you need a young girl like Philly whose body is as fragile as a glass to tell you what you need to do in that manner, it’s very shameful cause that ain’t showing the young ones a good example of you.

After all the fiasco going on, we stopped and sat around our table talking about today’s auction. “R-Really?! Those two same people again!?!” Auggie looks at Theodorie in shock when Margie and her talked about being held at gun point again while on their way to buy the soy mackerel and cuttlefish for us.

“That shenanigan said something like-” Theodorie is about to say something when Margie cuts her off out of the blue. “If you guys continue getting in Greckos′ way, you will be paying for it! A HEAVY ONE!” Margie says and Theodorie was so amazed that her jaws looked like they are ready to drop from her mouth.

"What's there to be amazed about?" I asked her. "You remembered what she said in exact words!" Theodorie gasped to Margie shocked yet amazed at the same time. "Actually whose Greckos and why are they thinking that we're getting in their way? Pardon me. I don't understand a thing of this." I asked again as the confusion is getting more and more unable for me to handle along with the curiosity of wanting to understand what's going on.

We soon turned our attention to Philly who has rather a serious expression written all over her face. She seems to be thinking or figuring something out of what we have all talked.

"Are you alright Philly? What happened?"

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