The Price Of Revenge

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Dames de Justice

Marguerite Delano (“Margie”)

—> Leader M

The leader and the oldest of the group. She has a very forward mind and always thinks before she acts. She is very firm about the decisions she makes that even Theodora her second in command, agrees.

After losing her sister Françoise in an untimely accident that left herself with severe on and off concussions, Marguerite decides to get herself together, with Theodora, Augusta, Henriette and Philippa, forming the Dames de Justice (Ladies of Justice) to seek revenge on those who did them wrong and get away with the help of the law.

At the end of Chapter 18 to the start of Chapter 19, she is revealed to be the estranged younger half-sister of Blanca’s Mundo CEO Henri Delano from the wealthy French-Spanish Delano family and her Spanish name is Margarita Delano. It was also revealed that she is the sole heir to her father’s huge assets as her older brother was declared a bastard upon his parents’ divorce due to his mother’s adultery and the death of Françoise.

Theodora Pikul (“Theodorie”)

—> Teddy Girl

The second in command of the group and very close to Marguerite who saved her from her arranged marriage at the young age of 16 to her prospective husband is an old man Francisco with a violent temper and a stinky leg ulcer from a riding accidents.

Ditzy and naive. Theodora often or not is seen reading and surfing the Internet due to her limited and strict upbringing requested by Marguerite. She is very skilled in the martial arts and doesn’t hesitate in any way to be the one who starts off the missions with a kick.

Augusta Wagner (“Auggie”)

—> Auggie W

The hacker of the group. She is an university graduate with a talent in hacking and tracking down the targets in the speed of light. She is of the same age as Theodora though several months younger. She was saved by Marguerite and Theodora after the school bullies beat her up and left her in a dumpster near Marguerite’s house.

Augusta is a senseless and reckless girl unlike Marguerite, she will act instead before thinking. Often or not, this worries Marguerite and hence she is always being placed at the more technical than physical stuff of their missions.

Henriette Samuels (“Henria”)

—> Lady Sammu

Henriette is somebody whom Marguerite knows as one of the few people close to Marguerite’s late sister Françoise and her leg was unfortunately crippled partially in the accident that killed Françoise. After being abandoned by her family for her crippled leg for a few months and being forced into an arranged marriage with a relative she rarely knew and see, she was saved by the three on the day of the engagement and taken in as the group’s 4th member.

Henriette is the happy virus of the group, as Marguerite always describes, she has half of Theodora and half of Augusta’s personalities. Half ditzy and half reckless. She has a very sensitive hearing and sight which allows her to always act as the group’s lookout. She is very close to (and also of the same age) as the group’s youngest Philippa though older by a few months.

Philippa Anderson (“Philly”)

—> Baby P

Philippa is the youngest of the group and the ‘jack of all trades’ member. Philippa came from the working class and despite that, her life is full of challenges as she is often bullied in school and neglected at home which physically and mentally weakened her already weak health. One day, during another of a tough ordeal, she was saved by Marguerite and joined as the final member of the Dames de Justice.

She can do everything the others can do but she can be a little slow in thinking and reacting fast. But she can be very effective in missions as the finisher to finish the missions. She is very close to Henriette and Marguerite. Her weak health though often gets her babied by Marguerite and the others in a lot of things much to her dismay.

In Chapters 11-12, she is revealed to be a psychic descended from Victor Anderson who is the original user of the powers that explains her fast reaction and jack of all trades

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