The Price Of Revenge

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Chapter 16 - 1/2 (Pt.3)

Henriette’s POV

“What’s there to be amazed about?” I asked her. “You remembered what she said in exact words!” Theodorie gasped to Margie shocked yet amazed at the same time. “Actually whose Greckos and why are they thinking that we’re getting in their way? Pardon me. I don’t understand a thing of this.” I asked again as the confusion is getting more and more unable for me to handle along with the curiosity of wanting to understand what’s going on.

We soon turned our attention to Philly who has rather a serious expression written all over her face. She seems to be thinking or figuring something out of what we have all talked.

“Are you alright Philly? What happened?”

I asked Philly worried because her expression can mean anything and eager at the same time to know what she has to say about this conversation.

“Greckos is a Greek criminal organization wannabe wanting to take-over the world and make it evil.”

Philly says softly to us with much fear in her tone. “Criminal organization wannabe?!” Auggie, Theodorie and I looked at her flushed in much shock as she nods her head. “That is why I say we continue whatever we are doing so far!” Margie continues from what Philly is saying.

“Are you serious?!”

Theodorie looks at Margie in shock. “Think good about it Margie. Auggie, Henria and Philly are still very young! We are putting their lives in unnecessary risk going against that Greckos!” She rants to Margie in an anxious tone.

“I understand where you’re coming from.” Margie stops Theodorie before she can even continue with her rant. “However, you also have to understand one thing.” She puts her hands on Theodorie’s shoulders, making Theodorie look at her. “We are the Dames de Justice. We live and breath by what is right in this world.” Margie continues after taking a deep breath.

“If Greckos wants this challenge, we will take them on.” She ends with us agreeing to what she said. Just as we were talking more about the auction, Auggie came with her laptop and phone, showing us more important information.

“There are news all over about Gulliver’s Porcelains!”

Auggie shows us her phone that has the news app covering about Gulliver’s Porcelains in Papillon Lane today that got us gasping in shock because if we’re taken, we might get recognised by some of the people we were sent to take revenge on before.

It will be really a big problem by then when that happens cause of how this will be perceived by many others around the world...

“The owner of Gulliver’s Porcelains is also revealed to be the heir to the money-worthy yet curse-filling Rosé-Chance; Gulliver Gabriel Dreux-Valois or Gulliver Gabriel Farnese-Orsini?”

Margie rolls her eyes reading the headline of the news from BonjourTimes. “Whoever wrote this article has some really good phrases to use it seems.” Margie says rubbing her eyes. “Money-worthy yet curse-filling is indeed the right word to describe Rosé-Chance” I said to her.

“Isn’t that like saying we are a bunch of problematic rich bonnie lasses into some darkness!” Auggie tries to crack a really bad joke that gave us cold shivers at the very end. “Alright. I’m sorry.” She softly apologises.

“So now we’re what? How do you get Mr Gulliver to take Rosé-Chance or even speak to that Jason guy?” Theodorie soon asks us. Just as we are lost for answers, the phone rings again and it was none other than Auggie.

“Hello? Yes I’m Miss Auggie!” Auggie picks up the call and answers. “Oh! Mr Dreux-Valois! Hello! Hello!” She answers with a smile that got Margie, Philly, Theodorie and I looking at each other in shock. “Is this real?” I asked the other three silently. “It is not fake. It is real.” Philly tells me in a whispering tone as Auggie went to the patio to answer the call.

Marguerite's POV

It took us four a while to agree that Theodorie and I will watch what Auggie is talking about while Henria will put Philly in bed. "I wonder how did that happened?" I think to myself watching at the patio from the couch.

"Ah yes yes! We are more than happy to have you and Mr Jason meeting in a week's time. No issues."

She told Mr Dreux-Vlois that got Theodorie looking at me stunned. "She gotta be serious?!" She whispers to me in shock. "Give her a chance Thedorie." I silently said to her not without giving her a glare. "You know deep down well what I hate the most." I said to her in a whispering tone.

"Judging by the cover of the book." She whispers quick. "Good. Now you also head for bed." I tell her before she does what I told her to as I want to wait for Auggie to come and tell me everything herself, by her own mouth.

It took about another thirty minutes to an hour for Auggie to finish her call and leave the patio back to the lounge room. "Oh! You have been waiting for me!" Auggie bows immediately as soon as she closes the windows to see that I have been waiting for her.

"Good you know that I have waited without getting mad." I tell her, tapping an empty spot on my right for her to come and sit with me. "You know what I am going to ask." I tell her taking a deep breath before continuing what am I going to say.

"How did you get into contact with Mr Dreux-Valois in SocialBook?" I continued with my question to her which got her looking very hesitant. "Come on. What is wrong?" I asked her that she also take a deep breath before telling me what she has told him.

"I told him that we five are friends to his uncle Jason Orleans-Bourbon and Mr Orleans-Bourbon would like to meet him to see how he has been after so many years." She starts saying. "Then?" I asked her, making her look at me in the eyes. "I also linked Mr Orleans-Bourbon at the same time in SocialBook." She continues.

"What was Mr Dreux-Valois' reaction to that?" I then asked her, hoping that in some way or another, she didn't screw this call. "Because I have texted Mr Orleans-Bourbon to play along in the call before contacting Mr Dreux-Valois himself in SocialBook, everything was going well and smooth." She continues telling me. "So you need not worry so much about it." She reassures me. "So when and where and what time will this meeting take place?" I asked her.

"In 7 days time from today, 12.00pm at Rosé-Chance."

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