The Price Of Revenge

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Chapter 17 - Madness Arise (Pt.1)

Augusta’s POV

“So you need not worry so much about it.” I reassured Margie. “So when and where and what time will this meeting take place?” She then asked me.

“In 7 days time from today, 12.00pm at Rosé-Chance.”

I said to her in one quick breath of my own, not expecting a good reaction from Margie for arranging the time once again without telling her anything or asking for her permission. To my surprise, Margie’s next reaction was not what I really expected it to be.

She gives me a bear hug smiling. “I’m proud of you Auggie.” She softly tells me with that smile. “W-Why?” I asked her back stuttering, trying to be calm and collected. “Why?” She makes me look at her as always.

“Cause you have shown me you have grown very much. I am proud of you.” She smiles hugging me a little tighter. “That’s a surprising comment from you.” I shyly say cause I rarely hear nice comments from her that I can’t help myself hugging her back.

“But thank you either way.” I thanked her blushing and without even she or I realising, we did spend some time hugging like this. “Oh my gosh! This is so warm and fuzzy.” I think to myself as I continue hugging onto Margie.

-The Next Day-

Philippa’s POV


Henria as always in the morning squealing and squeezing my cheeks at the couch as if she is playing with the rubber ducklings in a bathtub. “How are you so cute~” she squeals as she continues playing with my cheeks. “I am not cute~” I pouted at her cause my cheeks are about to get numb at the rate she’s playing with them.

“Oh don’t you deny cause you are~” She says to me as if she is talking to a toddler and despite, she continues to happily play with my cheeks. “Ahhhhhhhhh!” She squeals as she continues doing what she does until Margie comes in that she stopped doing what she is doing to me.

“I have an announcement for all of you!” Margie says as everybody soon gathered around the dining table in her usual serious tone. “What is it?” I asked her softly seeing her expression after everybody has settled down.

“We will be meeting Mr Gulliver and Mr Jason in about a week’s time.” She says. “Don’t mind me reminding you all that we have gun shopping to do in the midst.” Margie then adds on. “Huh? Why?” I think to myself confused till a flash back hits me like a boom of dynamite.


“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!” Theodorie looked a little when Margie shouted stopping the car and got out of the car only to see her getting stopped by a gun on her waist by a woman dressed in a men’s office clothes.

“WHO EXACTLY THE HELL ARE YOU?! GET OUT OF MY WAY!!” She shouts. “Stay here and don’t you guys move” Theodorie said to the rest of us in a whispering tone before she got out of the car and ended up got a man this time in a similar clothing, putting a gun on her temple when I took short sneak peek at what happened outside the car.


“Agreed. I don’t want another gun at my temple anymore.” Theodorie says rubbing her head sassily. “Theodorie! We! Haven’t! Trained! The! Girls! In! Guns! Yet!” Margie claps each word at Theodorie’s face.

“Then we can now train them Margie!” Theodorie says back to her that got Margie wanting to find a wall to bang her head on but was stopped by the rest of us. “HOLD UP RELAX MARGIE!” Auggie says to Margie pulling her away from the wall.

“Theodorie is right. Margie.” I soon speak up that got everybody including Margie looking at me. “What are you talking about Philly? Guns are not toys to be played with girl!” Henria says to me.

“I mean we already have the oldest two members at gunpoint by the Greckos twice, if we don’t step up now and train ourselves, when will be a good time? Being at the gunpoint for the third time once again and be a laughing stock?” I explained to Henria that got the rest stopping themselves and thinking hard.

It was really a moment of silence till Margie spoke up. “Philly has a point though.” Margie says making the rest of us looking at her as she talks. “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” She then continues. “It is a good time to amp up and step up our game, isn’t it?” She then asks us.

“True. We all agreed.” We all soon agreed to Auggie, Henria and I being trained in guns to just continue our meeting.

Greckos’ POV


Zoe angrily threw pencils and pens at Despina and Nestor upon hearing about their stint of threatening the Dames de Justice members with guns out open on the road twice through her secretary Irina.

"But Dames de Justice are really making us losing business Sister!" Despina explains herself with Nestor agreeing to whatever she says. "THE POLICE MAYBE LOOKING AT US AT ANY MOMENT BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU TWO DID!" Zoe angrily shouts at Despina as Irina quietly picks up every pencil and pen thrown by Zoe.


"Calm down Zoe! Calm down Zoe!" Irina went to calm her boss down as soon as Despina and Nestor have disappeared out of their sight. "They are screwing everything up Irina! What should I do?" Zoe ends up bursting into tears. Irina ends up giving Zoe a hug just to really calm her down as words seems to got Zoe's emotions going from bad to worst.

"Some really bad things are gonna go down real soon...Despina...Nestor..."

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