The Price Of Revenge

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Chapter 18 - Madness Arise (Pt.2)

Henriette’s POV

“Can we like seriously not talk about this for now?!”

Margie as always is scratching her head at Theodorie’s really irrelevant questions at the wrong time. “Alright. Let’s eat cause we rushing for time.” Philly soon stops the two before it soon returned to the usual quiet atmosphere during our meal times.

After the meal, we are getting ready for the meeting when Philly walked up to me with a little smile as I was walking into the dressing room. “What is wrong?” I asked her before she hands me a pink hairband with a flower on it. “You want me to make you pretty with this?” I asked her and she nods her head.

“Sure!” I happily sat her on my chair and help her putting on the pink flower hairband. “You’re enjoying it very much aren’t you?” I smiled at her smile as she just begin to blush. “Alright. Alright. I won’t tease you anyways.” I gave her a bear hug before we both headed out of the dressing room to Auggie and Theodorie were arguing once again over something, this time a dress.

“What is wrong now?” Philly looks at me confused. “Just Auggie and Theodorie being muffin heads as always.” I reassured her. “ALRIGHT YOU TWO STOP IT!” Margie as always will pull these two away from one another. “I MIND YOU ALL WE’RE IN A SERIOUS MISSION AND NOT A FASHION SHOW!” Margie tells them off before Theodorie and Auggie apologised to each other while she picks up Philly and hugging her like her near and dear teddy bear.

“So much I do wish you’re still here.” I think to myself when I saw the way Margie hugging Philly but my train of thoughts immediately brush away when Auggie calls for me.


“Yes?” I turned to Auggie with two different clothes, seemingly wanting to seek my opinions. “Does the yellow top with denim or the yellow top with white skirt suits me more?” She asks me which got me thinking right about her asking me about my opinions.

After seeing for a few minutes each the options she showed me, I pointed to the one with the denim on since I personally find her looking the best in denim. “Henria!” Margie soon walks to me with Philly in her arms and passing me the car keys.

“What do you want me to do with the car Margie?” I ask in a confused yet shyly manner. “You can start the car. And while Theodorie and Auggie are getting ready again, you, Philly and I can take a chill in the car.” She explains which got me scratching my head though I still nodded my head to what she says and instructs me to do.

I then soon followed her instructions and started up the car for Philly, Margie and I to chill in the car while waiting for Theodorie and Auggie to get themselves ready. “Today is the first day Auggie, you and I are learning guns. How do you feel?” I turned to Philly asking her since she is my seating mate in the car while Margie is at the driver’s seat looking at the basement road.

“A little nervous yet excited at the same time” She blushes hiding her face on my shoulder that got me giggling a little and Margie who then looking at us through the car’s rear view mirror is also giggling at what Philly is doing. “She’s so adorable.” Margie whisper her squeals to me. “I know. We must have prayed a good one to get such an adorable soul.” I silently giggled back to Margie as I also can’t help myself giggling.

It didn’t take much time for us to really realise that Philly actually fallen asleep on my shoulder when Auggie and Theodorie came prepared telling us that they heard a small snore in the car. It took me a while to get what the two are trying to tell me.

“Who agrees we need coffee later before we begin?” Theodorie soon asks still giggling softly as she gets in the front seat beside Margie. “I agree we need the coffee.” Margie chuckles before she gets the car kicking and drove off for the first training day.

Greckos’ POV

“Zoe! Zoe! Wake up!”

Irina woke her boss up as the two spend their night in the Greckos’ office. “W-What is it Irina?” Zoe woke up rubbing her eyes and looking at her secretary confused.

“Wake up cause it’s 7 in the morning!” Irina tells her. “Did anything happened yesterday?” Zoe soon asked which got Irina shocked. “A-Again?” Irina thinks to herself as Zoe just looked at her confusedly.

“N-Nothing really happened...” She said to Zoe in a shy yet reassuring tone. “You sure?” Zoe asked Irina back with some uncertainty in her. “I’m very sure.” Irina says to her with a smile.

It didn’t take a while for the moment of silence that stopped when Zoe suddenly pulled Irina closer to her, placing her lips on Irina’s almost immediately. “Z-Zoe! W-What are you doing? People still have to enter in and out here!” Irina says pulling out her lips from Zoe’s. “I don’t care about the people, my father, my siblings. I only want you.” Zoe says in a raspy tone before she pulled Irina back close to her.


Marguerite’s POV

As soon as we all arrived in our location, I was getting everything prepared for Auggie, Henria and Philly to learn the guns. I walked up to the counter to find nobody there.

“What’s going on Margie?” Theodorie asks me. “I don’t know though really.” I titled a little saying to her as a some sort of unexplained creepy aura is lingering around the grounds.

“Shall we head back? This is too creepy! Margie!” Theodorie says to me in a worried tone. “I think we should-BACK OFF!” I was about to decide what to do when a sudden group of men in black jumped out from all corners that I have to shout for the girls to stay close to me.

“Cómo estás? Margarita Delano~ (How are you? Marguerite Delano~)"

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