The Price Of Revenge

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Chapter 19 - Madness Arise (Pt. 3)

Marguerite’s POV

As soon as we all arrived in our location, I was getting everything prepared for Auggie, Henria and Philly to learn the guns. I walked up to the counter to find nobody there.

“What’s going on Margie?” Theodorie asks me. “I don’t know though really.” I titled a little saying to her as a some sort of unexplained creepy aura is lingering around the grounds.

“Shall we head back? This is too creepy! Margie!” Theodorie says to me in a worried tone. “I think we should-BACK OFF!” I was about to decide what to do when a sudden group of men in black jumped out from all corners that I have to shout for the girls to stay close to me.

“Cómo estás? Margarita Delano~ (How are you? Marguerite Delano~)”

I turned around to see at the counter that it was my half-brother Henri. “Enqriue! Tu qué está haciendos aquí? Ser un spoiler de fiesta aquí? Miserable! Obtener una vida por dios! (Henri! What are you doing here? Being a party spoiler here? Miserable! Get a life for God’s sake!)” I said back to him.

“Yo la miserable? Mi hermana! La miserable es tu no yo! (I’m miserable? My sister! The miserable is you not me!)” Henri says with a big fat smirk on his face as always. “Siempre soy superior por encima de todos! (I’m always superior above all!)” He continues as he is soon near Philly. “Quién es esta bonita muchacha aquí? (Who’s this pretty girl here?)” He then looked at me asking as he touches a little of Philly’s chin in which Philly flinched.

“Mi bonita muchachas están fuera de venta por cierta, mi hermano~ (My pretty girls are out of sale by the way, my brother~)” I said to him in a rude manner. “Yo seguro que sabes cómo ser grosero como siempre, tu es la producto de que loco concubina! (I’m sure you know how to be rude as always, you’re the product of that crazy concubine!)” Henri also continue his talk as always.

“La hija de la loca concubina?! Tu bastardo hijo de la adúltero madre! (The crazy concubine’s daughter?! You’re bastard son of the adulterous mother!)” I walked up to him, slowly pushing Philly behind me to Henria. “RECUERDA SIEMPRE MI HERMANO! POR QUÉ TE CONVIERTES EN UN BASTARDO?! (ALWAYS REMEMBER MY BROTHER! WHY DO YOU BECOME A BASTARD?!)” I shouted at his face before I took the rest at leave the grounds.

That bastard! Taunting Frannie and I without even thinking where the hell his standing is?! Henri can burn in hell for all eternity for all I care!

Henriette’s POV

When we headed back after our training was abruptly halted, Margie was so angry that she locked herself in her room and wanted nobody to disturb her.

“Mar-” Theodorie was about to go after Margie when Margie just slammed the door at her face. “What happened? Why Margie is so angry and whose that banana cake bringing guards at the grounds?” Auggie soon asks me. Before I could even answer anything to them both, Philly already answered it for me.

“That banana cake is Margie’s half-brother.”

She answers for me before I could even say anything. “Oops I forgot she’s a mind-reader!” I scratched my head shyly to myself as soon as I realise what background Philly’s from. “You understand what they are talking about?!” Both Theodorie and Auggie both look at her in shock.

“Of course! I studied Spanish on my own before. Of course I know what was the conversation about!” Philly answers to them both. “You both are all foam, no beer!” She tells them both before she excuses herself to her room.

“All foam, no beer?” Theodorie and Auggie asked me as soon as Philly disappears out of our sight. “Yep. Philly is just nice enough not to call you both stupid directly in your faces.” I said to them directly that got them shyly nodding their heads, scratching like a bunch of monkeys.

“Anyways, you’re friends with Margie’s sister Frannie. Didn’t Frannie mention anything to you about having a half-brother?” Auggie then soon asked me as they calmed themselves down. “Not to my knowledge as far as I am concerned.” I said to her before excusing myself for some me time.

Greckos’ POV

“You did really a good job!”

Despina says to a man with a black coat and sunglasses at her office while having her bare legs well serviced by some ladies. “My sister will be so proud having you around Henri.” She says to the man.

“Surely using me against Dames de Justice will wreck everything and glorify yourself, Señorita Despina~ (Miss Despina~)” Henri responded back with a smirk. “But you know at the same time, Margarita and I have a very bad relationship.” He adds on.

“That is why knowing your bad blood with your sister gives not only you but also me a very good advantage doesn’t it?” Despina stopped her ladies before putting on her slippers and walking towards Henri, pulling hard his well-done tie as she was inches near him.

"D-Don't mind me saying but I'm married and you're also married." Henri says looking hesistant and scared by Despina's actions. "Furthermore, your husband is a member of the British nobility. You and I should draw a line when it comes to things like this." He says as Despina gets closer and closer towards him that leaves almost no gap between Despina and himself.

"Come on~" She playfully hits his chest with a wicked smile. "It is no secret in our world that the CEO of Blanca's Mundo is also an adulterer like his mother~" She says. "I mean after all the heir to La Puentes could have been you not Marguerite Delano hadn't her mother leak to your father about your mother committing adultery isn't it?" Despina adds on. "So what do you want me to do then?" Henri asks her as Despina's words stuck to him like a knife stabbed through the pain in his heart.

"Be mine~"

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