The Price Of Revenge

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Chapter 20 - Madness Arise (Pt. 4)

Theodora’s POV

It was just another normal day after that incident at the training grounds, not without some changes though. Margie hasn’t really talked about the training grounds and has been unusually very withdraw to herself.

“What’s wrong with her again? Today we have to meet Mr Gulliver!” Auggie points to me softly a little worried asking when Margie just went to her room after eating her breakfast. “I think is because she hasn’t been in a very good mood. Just be careful of whatever we are talking and we will be all good to go.” I said softly to Auggie before going to my room to have a change of clothes for what’s going to happen later.

When I finished changing my clothes, we all left for Rosé-Chance and Margie was driving. She turned on the song she always loved to listen in the player. “Constant As The Stars Above~ Always Know That You Are Loved~” She sings along with the song.

“And my love shining in you~ will help~ make your dreams come true~ will help~ your dreams~ come true~” She continues singing and it is so calming that I can’t help taking some short naps, not without Henria and Philly been hitting each others’ heads lightly as they also napped.

Lucky us all, this continued till we reached Rosé-Chance. “Réveillez-vous! Réveillez-vous! (Wake up! Wake up!)” Auggie soon wakes the two as we got out of the car. “Is my singing so good that you girls enjoy napping at the back?” Margie giggles asking Henria and Philly when they both got out of the car.

“Good nap it is!” Henria yawns nodding her head. “Let’s hope things will be really smooth.” Philly says stretching her arms as she closes the door being the last one who gets out of the car.

Just as Margie went to lock the car, an oddly familiar man walks up to us and Auggie was quick enough to first shake his hand and greeted.

“Hell0 Mr Gulliver!” Auggie went to greet and shake the tall big guy’s hand. “Hello Miss Auggie W!” The guy smiled shaking Auggie’s hand. “I can’t believe you guys will call me here to meet my Uncle Jason. I have been wondering what he’s been up to for so long but you see I don’t know how to feel talking to a relative I was once close to.” He scratches his head shyly.

“I am very sure and trust me Mr Gulliver that your uncle will be more than happy to see you.” Margie walks up to him saying after locking the car. “You must be Leader M from the way you walk.” Mr Gulliver laughs a little saying to Margie. “I have never seen such a young mademoiselle (miss) walking so gracefully yet confidently." He smiles adding on putting his hand out to Margie.

"Nice to meet you and yes I'm Leader M of Dames de Justice!" Margie introduces herself shaking back Mr Gulliver's hand. "You sure have hands of a man." Margie giggles gently pulls her hand away. "And you have the demure of a woman." Mr Gulliver says back as if they are friends that know each other for a long time.

"I thank you so much coming into this meeting with Mr Orleans-Bourbon." Margie bows her body a little saying. "Not to worry. If you guys haven't contacted me, I probably wouldn't even know a single about how my relatives been doing so I should be the one thanking you girls instead." Mr Gulliver says to us.

"Just take the thanks Leader M, he is serious about thanking us." Philly giggles to Margie in a playful tone. "I also need giving you all a handsome reward after this." He tells us as we walked to the place where Mr Orleans-Bourbon lives in.

"You look oddly familiar to me for some reason." He said to Margie. "How? I don't even know you and this is the first time we ever met." Margie chuckles back in surprise. "I don't know how and let's not keep my Uncle Jason waiting or he can be pretty pissy about it." He laughs saying.

We agreed and left for Rosé-Chance. Little did we know when we arrived, somebody can be heard screaming frantically.


The scream went when we are at the door of the apartment. As I noticed the door is not locked, we immediately went to his room to find his caretaker kneeling down and screaming with Mr Orleans-Bourbon down on his bed throwing up some really scary white foam that even I can't help myself feeling nausea about it.

"Oncle! Oncle! (Uncle! Uncle!)" Mr Gulliver ran in shock to his uncle's side and helps him up in a sitting position. "W-Who is he?!" Ursula asks when she looks up and saw what happened.

"He's Gulliver whom Mr Orleans-Bourbon is looking for many years!" Margie explains to Ursula as Philly and Henria were busy themselves by picking up some groceries in the house that is all over the floor or trying to observe what is going on.

"I don't know what is going on!" Ursula tells us. "Hadn't I came back early after shopping and saw a black mysterious guy on the door...I wouldn't even know somebody has invade themselves in and poison Sir!" She explains to Margie in a frenzy as Philly and Henria were both checking around for any evidences.

"There is definitely a break-in from the window." Philly says taking a picture of the window that has loose screws around the railing. "The powder seems to be either arsenic or cyanide." Auggie says as Mr Gulliver leaves us investigating the scene while he and Ursula takes Mr Orleans-Bourbon to the hospital.

"Arsenic or cyanide in big loads on an old man? Who would do that?" I commented looking around the white powder being at the window, the bedside table and some on the floor. "Shall we dust the scene before calling the cops?" Philly asks us and before any answer can be given, Mr Gulliver soon rushes back.

"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be with Mr Orleans-Bourbon at the hospital?" Margie soon questions him. "I should be at this moment but I need you guys to pass the keys to me so I can call the cops and engage you guys at the same time." He says.

"Wait! Engage us at the same time with the cops?!" Auggie looks at him confused. "Hello! Are you on the right mind there?" She waves her hand in front of his face. After much discussion, we decided to follow Mr Gulliver's idea and headed back first with some of the evidences we have on hand to discuss.

"You have to understand! Yes we have been paid by the old man but we aren't the cops!" Margie explains to Auggie as we are on the way back to the house. "But what if they flipped the statements saying we poisoned the guy after receiving money from him?!" Auggie asks in an anxious tone and before Margie can even answer any of her questions, we were once again being in the middle of god knows where, stopped by cars.

"Hey yo! We also need lunch like y'all!" I hit the bit of the car seat I am sitting on, complaining about the traffic. "It doesn't seems to be bad traffic Theodorie!" Philly says to me that I see carefully, only to realise it isn't bad traffic but a group of men dressing in white jumping out of the cars, surrounding us all.

"Oh no...not again..."

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